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    Invincible Playlist


    The wind whipped through the architectural monuments that stood proudly overlooking the city. The great heights at which I soared only gave me a bird’s eye view of their variously structured rooftops. In between each building, the narrow depths of manmade corridors ended in rows of vehicles that were caught in traffic and moving at a snail’s pace and, from this perspective, appeared just as small. The unmistakable smell of the gridlock below, mixed with the fouler stenches of the East and Hudson Rivers, carried through the cold and unforgiving breeze that tangled the locks of my hair as I continued to float over the city that I called home.

    As I stretched out my arms before me, I closed my eyes and felt the icy gusts of wind sting my cheeks. When I opened them, the orange and red-hued shrubbery of Central Park greeted me in the morning light. With each blink of my eyes, I was suspended above a different area of the park: the Pond, the Carousel, Sheep Meadow, then finally, Strawberry Fields just adjacent to the Lake.

    The Dakota, my apartment building, became the focal point of my destination as it sat nestled between W. 72nd and W. 73rd Streets along Central Park West in front of Strawberry Fields. The bluish-colored trim along the central windows of the top floor and the triangular gables of the rooftop stuck out in stark contrast against the autumn colors of the park the building faced. The closer I flew towards the building, the faster I traveled.

    Hushed whispers swirled in the wind, and were inaudible to me as I strained to decipher what may have been a foreign language. I could hear the words repeated, but couldn’t quite figure them out. Then, the whisper became louder, more distinct.

    “Abre los ojos.” It whispered.

    “Open your eyes.” The disembodied voice repeated in English and more assertive than the whisper I’d been hearing. “Open your eyes.”




    And then I wake up.

    The early morning light filters through the open windows as my arm hangs off the side of my plush king-sized bed.  I often have the same vivid dream of flying high above the city like some comic book hero my father’s company used to publish. It always ends the same way; with me awakening tucked firmly under a downy, warm duvet and one arm exposed to the chilly dawn air as my iPod alarm plays Snow Patrol’s “Open Your Eyes.”  This morning is no different.

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    1. Enjoyed your story even tho i know nothing of vanilla sky.This epihany that BETTE finally has regarding her company and the warning from a trusted friend makes for an enjoyable read.TINA appears to be the alter ego of BETTE the uncanny ability to read her and is spot on in that drawing.BETTE has some life altering/style changes to make so let’s see what happens becuz for a one off you left a lot unanswered yet it was thought provoking in a good way.

      • Thanks for your comment, Dunn! Perhaps not having seen the film makes for a better read, although I know what you mean by all the unanswered questions. Even though this is a one-off, I have not completely ruled out possibly coming back to it in the future for a follow-up. There’s no plan to do that right now, but it is always an option. I appreciate you taking the time to read it and offering your feedback!

      • Perhaps I prefer my readers not to have seen the movie. It’s definitely a weird one. But I thought these scenes of a hopeful budding relationship worked with Bette and Tina in those roles. Glad you liked it!

    2. Not seen Vanilla Sky but don’t feel it detracted from finding this story fascinating. I really enjoyed the read and hope that you do consider it as a base for more as this budding relationship between my favourite couple certainly has potential.


      • Don’t think I’ve ever had anyone comment that my stories were ‘fascinating’ so thank you for the compliment Sassy! A follow-up isn’t completely off the table, but just not actively in the works at present. Appreciate you taking the time to read.

    3. Waittttttt! No way!!! I love Vanilla Sky and the older one Abre los ojos! What can I say I can’t resist a naked Penelope Cruz (>ω< )!!!

      It wasn't THAT weird to me tbh, I freakin cracked up and cried my eyes out when Penelope said to Tom "I'll see you in another life when we're both cats."

      Ahhh old movie, good times! Didn't think I'd see the gay version of the story. Nicely done!

      • Hahahaha! I suppose the best reason to watch those films would be a naked Penelope. She’s not really my cup of tea, I’m more of a Salma Hayek fan, but she was great in these films. Like I said, I have a love/hate relationship with it. Thanks for reading, hope I did the story justice since you seem to be the only one who has seen the movie so far.


    4. yeeeeeeeeessssss….. you know how long I have agonised about seeing this piece come up…. I miss you my friend. I feel we have resumed our game of tag… you posted… I posted too! guees it’s your turn again ;0) xx

    5. Brilliant, as always, Mell. I have missed your amazing storytelling. I hope you will give us more, if not this story, something else. Oh wait!! Don’t you have something else you’re working on? Like just a chapter or two left? OMG, you do…. Yay!!
      Look forward to whatever you write.

      Salma Hayek? Nice.

      • Yes, Salma Hayek. I can’t quite put my finger on it (but I can definitely put my finger in it :p), but I have a thing for slightly older women. Just something about them I can’t get enough of. And thank you for your very kind words, even though they aren’t very subtle. I’ll try to write something or two somethings when I can.

    6. GREAT!!! I know and a like Vanilla Sky (with Tom Cruz and Penelope Cruz) . Vanilla Sky is a Hollywood remake of another great movie – the spanish movie “Abre Los Ojos” (with Penelope Cruz and Eduardo Noriega) And I like so much your story , Invincible with Bette and Tina :))) THANK YOU!!!

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