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    Post-Party/Pre-Stir Fry

    Tina opened one eye and surveyed her surroundings. Her head pounded from the tequila shots the night before and her throat was desert dry. The early dawn provided just enough light in the living room to see the glass of water on the tray setting atop the large fabric-covered ottoman that doubled as a coffee table.

    She bolted upright when her mind registered exactly where she was lying. The swift movement only increased the intensity of her throbbing hangover and she grabbed her head with both hands as a result. Steadying herself for a moment, Tina reached for the glass and downed the contents in one large gulp.

    Her hair and clothes were still damp from the late-night dip in the pool that used to be hers. Tina tried to piece together the end of the night that resulted in her winding up on her ex’s couch, but it all seemed to be a blur. The one memory that kept haunting her from last night was Bette’s assertion that she was in love with Jodi.

    The irony that the proclamation was the reason she had spent the night on Bette’s couch was not lost on Tina. After hearing that, yes, Bette was in love with Jodi, Tina felt like the wind had been knocked out of her and she sought refuge back inside Jenny’s house with the rest of her friends. She consciously made the decision to drink the pain away with everyone else she loved for the remainder of the night to ward off the immense loneliness that had consumed her ever since she had pushed Bette into the arms of the woman who had practically carried her to her old couch the night before.

    Thoughts of Bette and Jodi in the master bedroom at this hour further served to torment Tina’s psyche before she formulated a plan to stealthily place the glass in the sink then sneak out of the house undetected. She stood up just as she heard the familiar squeak of the bedroom door open. Tina froze and realized she had two choices; hit the couch and pretend to still be asleep, or continue into the kitchen according to her original plan.

    But her feet were rooted in the spot where she stood. Adrenaline pumping, she held her breath as she heard a few shuffles of dragging feet cross the threshold into the hallway. The shuffles got significantly quieter followed by the closing of another door Tina could not see. Once she heard the familiar sound of the shower water being turned on, she released the long breath she had been holding for what felt like an eternity.

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    1. Very nice story; it has been a very long time since I read a new post of the events in TLW, thanks for bringing it back, I wish you would write more frequently. Is there any possibility for you to continue ‘Playing By Heart’? that is also a great story, pity that it is unfinished. Thank you si much for posting I really enjoyed this one.

    2. A very nice story. Thanks for the reminder of a great series and some wonderful scenes.

      Can I add a plea for you to continue with “Playing by Heart” Please. Even if this is not possible please post again soon.

    3. Great story! It is great to read about Tina’s thoughts and how she came to the conclusions that Bette is not in love with Jodi and how they still fail at communication.

      And most important that she decided to go after Bette.

      Like the others i would like to see a update from “Playing by Heart ”

      I really appreciate this short stories, thank you for posting them!

    4. Happy to read this post and as others have said, would really like to see more of “Playing by Heart” thank you. Hope they will start talking to each other more and not “at” one another. And if Bette would just admit to herseld how she really feels about Tina then the rest will fall into place as it should. Thanks for the post.

    5. Hey ladies! Rather than reply to each of your comments, I figured I would just leave a general comment thanking you all for reading this one and for your resounding encouragement to finish Playing By Heart.

      Would you be mad if I told you I have three more chapters written and they have been waiting in the vault until I was done with the entire story? Yes, I have been holding out on you, but I have been updating and revising the original story to reflect up-to-date technology and fix some grammatical and mechanical errors. It’s taken me over a year to do this, like I said in my author’s note above, writing and proofing is difficult with three jobs to keep me busy and very little time for a social life (let alone a love life, but that’s not important right now).

      I’m taking a page from some of the other older writers and am going to re-post the entire story in one book that way you can easily find it all in one place.

      I appreciate all the encouragement and the demand is overwhelming. I’m very touched that the story means so much to you. Although there is a bit of pressure to make sure it’s a worthwhile ending. Hopefully it won’t disappoint.

      Hugs and kisses to you all,

    6. “she truly did want Bette to be happy; that it’s what you do when you love someone – you let them go, even if it’s at the expense of your own happiness”
      Certainly one of the most painful yet true thing…
      At least, we all know that Tina will be able to break this curse and get her beloved Bette again.
      An other painful yet true thing : fanfictions can really be a solace for those who will never have this kind of chance in their lives…

      Reading your note, here, from two years ago, I’m truly grateful to be there right now, discovering your stories so many years after I thought I lost the old site forever…
      Life is such a rainbow of mixed emotions, it’s quite fascinating.

      • So you found some of my old stories, eh? Thanks for giving them a read! It’s always nice to see new readers dust off these old posts and bring them back to my attention. Hope you enjoyed this one!!

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