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    is this love 29-31

    Is this love ?
    Chapter 29
    Tina was just applying eye shadow to her lids when someone knocked firmly at her front door. Puzzled as to who it might be she hurried through to the door and opened it – she cursed immediately
    “Hello mom “
    “Tina – well –you look very nice “
    “Thank you “
    Tina knew she looked very nice – she was on her way to Bette’s to have dinner with Bette and Helena so she really was determined to look her best.
    “Well are you going to invite me in ?”
    “Of course – sorry – I am just getting ready to go out “
    Tina stood aside as her mother swept into her apartment – this was going to be fun. Emma stopped as she entered the living room – it was utterly spotless. She looked around the room and couldn’t see a single item on the floor, tossed in a corner or similarly out of place. She turned and looked at her daughter
    “This is unusual “
    “What is ?”
    “Your apartment not to look like an Oxfam drop off point “

    “Mother – its my place and what I do in here is my business. That said – it was getting out of hand so I have been tidying it up a little “

    “A little ?” Emma’s voice dripped with sarcasm “I was just remarking the other day that I had not seen a city refuge collector for some days – I can see that they were all diverted to this apartment “
    Tina sighed – she just didn’t have time for her mother’s well known opinions on her shortcomings
    “Thanks “ Tina replied dryly “If you want to do a more detailed inspection I will be in my bedroom finishing putting on my make-up “
    Tina walked back into her room and picked up eye shadow box and got on with what she was doing. She
    wondered why her mother had shown up – they had only spoken once since Tina had walked out of the department store so this was probably the dressing down that her mother liked to subject her to when she stepped out of line. There were times when Tina thought her mother forgot that she was a 26 year old woman –not a child.
    As Tina was selecting between two shades of lipstick her mother came into Tina’s bedroom – like the rest of the apartment it was spotlessly clean with not even Tina’s usual pile of clothes on the chair near the door
    “I must say that I don’t think this apartment was this tidy when you bought it “
    “Thanks – I hope you approve “

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    1. Thank you ….Thank you. And thank goodness Bette finally said it. And don’t worry Bette, Tina loves you too and she will say it! Common Tina – woman up and tell Bette what is in your heart. Time to move to the next level of your relationship – publicly announcing to the world that you are a couple! Oh yea, and that little thing about telling the parents? Enough already. Just have Rosemary & Melvin put on a Sunday brunch and invite Emma, then Bette and Tina show up -surprise!! Everyone will be blown away….

      Thanks for this chapter….. great writing….and a very good story. Love it lots.

    2. Still laughing at Tina’s observation that Emma will be convinced that her daughter hooked up with Helena because of the phone. Unless Emma was too distracted or drunk to notice who bought it at the auction ;-)

      There it is, the l word. I loved Bette’s inner pep talk and build-up to finally say it. Let’s see if that gives Tina more confidence to be open about her girlfriend. And hopefully she’ll stop trying to repay Bette for gifts with sex.

      Looking forward to the next parts.

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