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    Is this love 32&33

    Is this love
    Chapter 32

    Bette took a deep breathe – there – she had said what was in her heart. She looked at Tina – anxious to know how the blonde would react to her declaration that had come from her heart. Tina stared at Bette and as she watched her Tina’s eyes filled with tears and she started to cry.
    “That’s not the reaction I was looking for “ Bette said trying to smile while feeling anxious about Tina’s feelings.
    “Bette “ Tina managed to say as she tried to rub her eyes
    “Bette – oh God – really ? “
    “Of course “ Bette said “I love you – I cannot help how I feel – I am utterly crazy about you. I love you and I want the whole world to know “
    Tina covered her face with her hands while she cried for a few seconds. Then she looked at Bette
    “You do know that I love you don’t you ?”
    “I do now you have said it “
    “God – I suck at this – Bette – I love you – I just cannot believe that someone as sexy and loving and just fantastic would feel things for me. I am just blown away by being with you. I love you and I want you very much “
    Bette grinned “I did need to hear you say that “
    Tina shook her head “I wanted to tell you so much but I was so scared to – I just didn’t know if you “ she tried to dry her eyes – Bette pulled a tissue from the box on the coffee table and handed it to Tina
    “Thanks “ Tina took a few minutes to dry her eyes and blow her nose. Finally she looked at Bette and kissed her on the lips
    “Just for the record Bette – I love you “
    Bette smiled “Just so we are both clear – I love you too “
    Tina touched Bette’s face and explored the curves and soft skin. Bette smelt so good to her- fresh and clean. Tina sighed
    “Gee – we’re in love “
    “We are – how does that feel ?”
    “Great – you ?”
    “Wonderful – Tina “ Bette swallowed “I didn’t set out for this to happen but I am so happy that this has. I just started to try and find out why my mother was obviously setting me up. How were either of them to know just how wonderful a fit you and I are “
    Tina nodded “I know – that first night in The Paramount – I saw you as soon as you walked in because you were the sexiest woman in the place and my eyes were just drawn to you. You are just “ Tina tried to find a word that would adequately describe how she felt about Bette “You are just fantastic “
    Bette smiled and kissed Tina on the lips – she was definitely weighing up the possibilities of taking the day off. Why would she want to be fully clothed in her gallery when the alternative was being naked with Tina. The whole emotion of both of them finally admitting the depth and reality of their feelings had distracted Bette from the fact that Tina was sitting right next to her and she was naked except for one open shirt. Bette just couldn’t let that pass without seriously ravishing her lover. Bette stood up and looked down at Tina. What was it about her ? She was such a mixture of innocence and raw desire – it was a contradiction that fascinated Bette. It made her all the more lovable in her eyes – lovable as well as utterly desirable.
    “Are you coming with me ?”
    “Where are you going ?”

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    1. What is going on with Emma!!! Helena cannot even remember a fashion show and Emma demands that Tina attend. Well now Tina has another engagement. But she will probably think that Tina has gone for a weekend with Helena and will know nothing about Bette. If Tina plays it right, Emma will be thrilled but still in the dark. She might back off as well to wait and see how things develop with Helena.. I would recommend that Tina inform her mother that she will not be talking nor accepting any social engagements with her mother or that her mother suggest for a period of time. She needs a time out – give her one.

      I am so glad that Bette and Tina have declared their love for each other….. They are absolutely smitten.

      I love this story……I love this author. I think I have read everything on this website of hers. There are a couple of unfinished stories which I would love to see finished (The L Wing, New York Minute), but I’ll take with whatever this author gives…

      Keep them coming. I love it.

    2. Such a sweet story Ally thank you. One of your best. Tina’s mom quite possibly said one of the cruelest things to her, hope she eats crow when they reveal that they have been dating all along. Let us know when that happens so I can pop some popcorn and enjoy the show. Looking forward to this story evolving….

    3. Thank you for this sweet entertainment supply for a cold Saturday.

      This story warms my heart. T + B are simply cute. But I’d like to strangle Emma.
      The Caribbean getaway will be a welcome break from all the mother induced stress for Tina and time to enjoy being in love for our favourite couple,

      Enjoy your weekend, pps

    4. Happy Saturday too allyemmerson!

      I love this story!

      What a total bitch is Emma, sure she would love Tina but she isn’t showing that at all. Willy bitch, how can she treat Tina like that and what she said to her and using Tina’s other mother, so unforgivable!

      I love your Helena! She is wonderful as best friend and so supportive of Bette and Tina and their relationship!

      Is there a possibility i can come too to the Bahamas? I need sun, sea and sand!

      Is there a chance you will update soon, maybe tomorrow?

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