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    is this love 34-36

    Is this love

    Chapter 34

    Emma Kennard was flicking through her Filofax and trying to weigh up when she might fit in a couple of days off. She had lots of leave still to take – the problem was always finding time when she could leave the office to its own devices and take time on her own. That said she found time off not to be the fun times that they once had. When Kate had been alive days off had been gold to her – they would make the most of their time by taking in movies or plays – eating in different restaurants and always going for walks in Central Park. Days off now tended to be made up of household chores and padding alone around her huge apartment.
    “Emma “
    Emma looked up and smiled at Rosemary – she just loved seeing her friend. Rosemary was always so full of positive energy and Emma enjoyed time with her more than she cared to admit.
    “Rosemary – hello – what would you like to eat – I’ll buy “
    “Just a salad – Bette is taking us out tonight – now what sort do I want? “Rosemary took the menu and started to read it
    “Where is Bette taking you?”
    “A Thai restaurant that is managed by a friend of hers “
    “Sounds nice “
    “You okay?” Rosemary asked “You still recovering from last week?”
    Emma chuckled “That was an evening and a half – are library benefits always such a riot?”
    “They have been known to get a little out of hand – Helena has inherited Peggy’s skills of making all events go with a swing “
    “I was ill all of the next day”
    Rosemary laughed “Bette didn’t make it into work at all – neither did James “
    “That makes me feel slightly better “Emma admitted
    “We raised a lot of money – thank you for everything you did “
    “My pleasure – I don’t remember having as much fun “
    “I will make sure you are the first name on my list for the next one “Rosemary chuckled
    “How is Melvin doing – it’s a long time since I have seen him as drunk as he was “
    “I think we were all drunk Emma – he’s fine. He is threatening to take me to a basketball game at the weekend “
    “You not a fan?”
    “He got two tickets and he was going to take Bette “
    “Is it not Bette’s thing?”
    “Bette is going away for a long weekend with Helena “
    “” Anywhere nice?”
    “The Bahamas – it’s just for a long weekend “
    “Lovely – it must be nice to have a millionaire best friend “
    Rosemary glanced up from her reading of the menu
    “Says the woman who is in the top five wealthiest lawyers in New York “
    “Who told you that?”
    “Someone who work in the Prosecutors office with Melvin recognized you – would you care to comment on that piece of gossip?”
    “I am worth every dime I earn “Emma replied smiling
    “I didn’t question your merits Emma “Rosemary retorted
    Emma chuckled “I do well “
    “So, you don’t need a millionaire best friend “
    “I wouldn’t have said that Bette needed one either “
    “Bette and Helena would be friends regardless of their finances. Helena didn’t have it easy at University because she was so wealthy and prone to expecting her own way just because of her name. I think Bette is one of the few people who will just laugh at Helena when she is being over the top. I know that Peggy has said that Bette is an excellent influence on Helena”
    “Did they ever date one another?”
    Rosemary smiled “it’s the most obvious thing to assume about them – but no – they are more like sisters. They are close “
    “Has a woman never come between them?”
    “No – I know that Bette would never let it happen. I know that Bette feels deeply that she is an only child – she was a loner at school and Helena was really the first friend that she became close to”
    Emma nodded “I don’t know how Tina feels about being an only child “
    “You never wanted another child?”
    “We did and Kate tried for a few years to get pregnant – in the end we decided that it was just not meant to be – what about you and Melvin?”
    “Like you – it was just one of those things “
    Rosemary went to order lunch and came back and sat down
    “What’s wrong Emma?”
    “Me? Nothing “
    “I assume that you are a better actress in court than you are with me “
    Emma smiled as she fiddled with her pen
    “I guess I am just missing Kate – I had a better relationship with Tina when Kate was around to stop me saying dumb things “
    Rosemary raised one eyebrow
    “It can’t be easy for you “
    “It’s harder on Tina – I really hurt her last week “
    “How so?”
    “I was feeling like hell after the benefit night. What I should have done was stay home and sleep – I ended up going to see Tina before work”
    “It was a shame she couldn’t have been at the benefit – it would have been the most perfect time for her and Bette to meet – what happened?”
    “I get so cross with her – do you never get cross with Bette?”
    “Occasionally she can be as stubborn as her father and I know that like him she doesn’t always look after herself the way that she should but she’s an adult now – I just wait around to pick the pieces up when her health becomes a problem. What happened with Tina?”
    “I was tired and grumpy and she was just lazing around her apartment in her robe not making the slightest attempt to make a start to her day “
    “What time was it?”
    “Around 9:30 “
    “Was she late for work?”
    “She only works three days a week or three and a half – I forget “
    Rosemary frowned “So Tina was still in her robe at 9:30 on a morning when she didn’t have to be at work “
    “Exactly “
    “And why is that a problem?”
    Emma sighed “See – that is what Kate would have said if I had told her that “
    “It annoyed me “
    “She has so much potential “Emma sighed “I wouldn’t mind if she wasn’t capable or if she wasn’t as smart as she is – what I find unforgivable is talent and skills being wasted because she is too damn lazy “
    “You think she is lazy ?”
    “I know she is “
    “You said she was pulling herself round “
    “She is – but she needs to apply herself – she needs to get a better job for a start “
    “Aren’t you being harsh on her – she is a delightful girl. I would be delighted if Bette and Tina got together “
    Emma managed to rein in her true frustrations at Tina. In truth she knew that she had badly messed up their last meeting – she wanted to get Rosemary’s advice on how to repair her relationship with her daughter. But in the back of her mind was her desire to get Bette and Tina together – she didn’t think Rosemary would want to hear about too more of Tina’s flaws.
    “So how did you hurt her?”
    “I just said some things that she didn’t like “
    “Have you spoken to her since?”
    “No and she is supposed to be going to a fashion show with me on Friday “
    “So, it’s been a week since you spoke to your daughter?”
    Emma nodded
    “Is this typical? “
    “Us not speaking for a week? – yes, that is unusual – she usually rings me or texts me or comes over “
    “You could go over and see her “
    “I don’t think she’s going to want to see me “
    “What did you say – if you don’t mind me asking?”
    “I said I was glad that her mother wasn’t around to see her lazing around or words to that effect “
    “Emma!! “she admonished “I am not surprised she is hurt “
    Emma rubbed her face “When Kate was alive Tina was so confident and in control and she had a great job “
    “It’s not all about what your job is “
    “Easy for you to say when your daughter owns one of the most successful galleries in New York”
    Rosemary frowned – she didn’t like this side to Emma’s personality – a trait that had been evident at college had only grown over time.
    “I don’t think it’s possible for me to be prouder of Bette – yes I love that she has made a success of her gallery but we are proud of our little girl because she is so loving and kind and a very good person” Rosemary said coolly
    Emma didn’t reply – what could she say to Rosemary in her own defense? She knew she had hurt Tina but she didn’t know how to make amends to her daughter. She was also ashamed of the fact that she was beginning to think that maybe Tina would be better off with Helena if that was possible. Well at least Helena and Tina knew one another and it seemed that if they did get together it wouldn’t be stepping on Bette’s toes.

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    1. Hi allyemmerson,

      Thank you so much for another chapter of This great story!!!!

      We are also being battered by Ciara and nothing is more relaxing than reading and lounging on the couch!

      So i wouldn’t mind another update today!

      Glad that Peggy seems to like Tina. And hooray for Tina to tell Emma off, i really don’t like her. She should support Tina instead to put her down and trying to fix her up to a rich woman,

      I am looking forward to the next chapter!

      Thank you again for this chapter!

    2. This is a really good chapter. Tina finally stood up to her mother. She is communicating with Bette better. Bette needs to allow Tina to continue her thoughts about her mother and their coming out. She also needs to tell Tina that she wants to tell her parents that they are together. Bette is being very patient, but at some point she is going to feel that she is being dishonest with them and Tina needs to realize that. At some point she needs to simply tell Emma what is going on and for her to bug-off trying to control and influence her life. If her mother continues, then she should consider a more arms length relationship with her mother.

      Emma’s sudden pursuit of Helena as a potential date for Tina is really perplexing. It is not only controlling, its desperation. It seems to me that Emma should fix her own problems of being alone rather than trying to fix Tina’s life.

      Maybe Bette, Tina and Helena can fix Peggy up with Emma? Not a good match but at least it would keep Emma busy for a while and it might be entertaining.

      I really enjoy this chapter. I hope to see more in the near future……

    3. I like this story too! Lovely chapter and nice to see Tina get spoiled by the rich life. Hopefully she will get the confidence to out herself and tell Emma about her and Bette. Love that Bette is so patient. I dont know how you get these chapters out so quickly, takes me forever. Thank you PSS

    4. Thanks for this second post of the weekend! Nice distraction while waiting for the storm to hit the region. Gonna be a rough night.

      I’m with Bibi and was cheering for Tina when she gave Emma a good telling-off. Good for her! I’m sure Emma wasn’t prepared for storm Tina.

      Chill out time at the beach. I hope B + T get to talk some. Tina needs to consider Bette’s wish to tell her parents. Tina could give Emma as much as “I have a new girlfriend who I love very much. If you behave yourself and stop managing my life, I’ll tell you what she does for a living. And if you are being nice, I might tell you her name.”

      Looking forward to the next parts.

    5. At the risk of repeating myself I really love this story.

      Storm Ciara has been messing about with my Internet connection today but calmed a bit now and things seemed to have settled a bit.

      Always loved Peggy in the Show and like her addition in the story.

      Thanks for the post, more please

    6. Great chapter and I think I know who will give Tina advice about how to handle her mom and show her the way to tell her mom that she is in love with Bette and for her mom to keep her options to her self after
      Love the tease with Helena.. love me some Peggy… thank you

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