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    is this love 39-41

    Is this love

    Chapter 39

    Tina pulled herself out of the pool and looked at Peggy who was sitting reading. Tina walked across and sat down. Peggy glanced up and spoke to Tina
    “I have never seen Bette so out of her depth “
    Tina smiled – it was the smile of someone who is fully aware of her powers
    “I do have an effect on her “
    “Does she have the same effect on you ?”
    “Yes – she is utterly stunning Peggy. How could I not just melt when I see her. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I could not believe my luck when she asked me out – there was no way in hell I was going to say no “
    “Bette – underneath her New York sophistication and gallery owner style she is essentially very old fashioned and may I tell you in case you do not know that she is very easily hurt. I think that you are fairly perceptive but Bette has been hurt a LOT and all her friends are protective of her. She “ Peggy searched for the words “ she is more sensitive than she pretends”
    “I have no intention of hurting her “ Tina said firmly “ I love her – all I want to do is to take care of her. I know I am not rich or glamorous like most of the other women that she has been with but I do know that Bette loves me and I will do everything to make her as happy as she makes me. I am not the unfaithful type – I believe in monogamy and I know that Bette does too “
    “Not all of Bette’s previous lovers have held that opinion “
    Tina fixed Peggy with a very cool stare “ I am none of Bette’s exes. She has done me the honour of being my girlfriend and I promise you that I do not intend to mess this up. I still cannot believe how lucky I am. I am not going to hurt Bette “
    Peggy admired Tina’s spirit in fighting her corner in the way that she had. Tina grinned as she stood up
    “If you will excuse me Peggy I think that Bette’s back needs scrubbing “
    With a wink Tina headed back towards their room leaving Peggy to revise upwards her view of the blonde.

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    1. Thank you so much for this chapter allyemmerson!

      Love how they connect and spend time to get to know each other more. This vacation was just what they needed.

      Looking forward to the anniversary of Bette’s parents and where they will finally come out as a couple.

    2. I am happy to say that I did as instructed in your Author’s Notes, Ally and ‘Enjoyed’!

      I love this couple and am looking forward to the Anniversary Party.

      Thank you for sharing your talent,

    3. Humm soon then. Unless there one of the parents put a monkey wrench in things.. way I see it plans never go as planned. But sweet talk in bed is nice but could have done with a little touching.. lol..just seems if you are that close you would be at each other more.. sorry I’m a horndog.

    4. Love that these two are communicating more and really getting to know one another. Glad to see that they have both agreed to end this hiding from their parents and when to do it. I think that just a simple dinner where Melvin, Rosemary and Emma are in a restaurant awaiting Bette and her date would be sufficient. Bette and Tina arrive a little late hand in hand grinning from ear to ear would be just enough to start the conversation. It would not matter whether Tina has an invitation or not – In fact, she can tell Emma that she has a date for the night and those plans are none of Emma’s business. Bette can say she is bringing her new girlfriend with her to dinner and she can tell all about herself when she meets them. This does not have to be very complicated. They just have to be careful not to be discovered before their great reveal. That will be the most difficult part.

      I like that Tina is beginning to be somewhat more self assured. I want to see Tina believe that she is Bette’s equal – different in personality, likes and dislikes but just as confident in her own talents and abilities as Bette is. I would like to see both of them being a bit more confident in the relationship. They are having great fun in the here and now, but its when they start planning for the future that will show they are confident that there is a future for this relationship.

      Love this story… the characters and the plot line. Love that Bette is so full of energy and that they both seem to be basically happy people.

      Cannot wait for more….

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