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    Is this love 42-46

    Is this love
    Chapter 42
    “Tina – how are you ?”
    “I am fine – how about you ?”
    “Good – shall we wait until Bette shows up before we order ?”
    “Yeah we better “
    Tina sat down and grinned at Helena -having lunch with Bette and Helena was a great way of spending some of her half day. She had been at work since 7:30am and now she was going to waste an hour or so being with her wonderful girlfriend and Helena – the two had a great relationship and it was funny to watch them sparring.
    Helena removed her jacket and sat down
    “I should tell you that your application for a grant was approved yesterday. You should get a letter in the next week or so – there is lots of paperwork for us to do at our end but its in the pipeline so I just wanted to tell you that it is all systems go for your award “
    Tina beamed “Oh wow – thank you Helena – thank you – you have no idea what a difference it will make to us “
    Helena grinned “I have seen how little as $500 has totally changed small organisations . I have taken a special interest in your little place and I have to tell you that while we were all in The Bahamas I had someone go in under cover and see what he thought “
    Tina raised an eyebrow
    “Its just a spot check thing I like to do – don’t worry – the report I got back was very complimentary. It seems to be a fairly well run place with just some money troubles holding it back from helping a much wider community. Well done Tina “
    Tina smiled “Thank you Helena – thank you very much “
    “And it was earned on merit – nothing to do with the fact that you have my best friend twisted around your little finger “
    “Ever thought that she might have my around her little finger “
    Helena laughed “ Fair point – you two okay ?”
    “Great – really good “
    “No closer to announcing your relationship to the folks ?”
    “Yes – we are going to do it when its her parents wedding anniversary “
    “That’s great – you are doing the right thing “
    Tina sighed and nodded her agreement
    “I could see how much it meant to Bette – and I do want to be able to not worry about anyone seeing us or telling my mom “
    Helena nodded “That’s true – its surprising that the two of you haven’t been busted “
    “I know – the closest we have come is that lunchtime when I was with mom and you were with Bette “
    “Ah – the first time you and I met “
    Tina chuckled “A very notable meeting “
    Tina’s phone rang –
    “Hello – hia sweetheart – okay – no we are both here – okay – wow – that’s some shopping list – you want to cancel or shall we wait ? okay – I’ll see you tonight babe – yeah – you too “
    Tina ended the call
    “Bette not able to make it ?”
    “No – she’s got some crazy woman on a spending spree and she’s already spent $10,000 and is thinking about spending more money – Bette’s seeing dollar signs so she’s not likely to be able to make it “
    “At the end of the day that gallery is her livelihood “
    “She’s promised me a slap up meal tonight – I’d be happy with a take away “
    “You should let her spoil you “
    Tina gestured to her phone “ That was spoiling me “
    Helena chuckled “Oh boy that was one hilarious night because she was so miserable without you and she spent the whole time looking at her phone hoping and praying that you would throw her a crumb of comfort and text her “
    “I wish she had – my other phone had died on me and I was sitting at home missing her and imagining what a fantastic time you were all having “
    “Well next year you will be there and you can see for yourself what a truly bad dancer your mother and James both are – and together they were an insult to bad dancers everywhere “
    Tina laughed and picked up the menu
    “I just hope she is going to be okay about us “
    “She might be cross that the two of you have been so smart in keeping your relationship from her but she will get over herself when she sees the two of you together and so obviously happy “
    Tina pulled a wry smile “I hope so – I am just worried that she is now fixated on getting you and I together “
    “Well for once she isn’t going to get what she wants “
    “How well does that go down for Peggy ?”
    “Are you saying your mother is as bad as Peggy ?”
    Tina looked up from the menu
    “No – I can’t imagine being able to talk to my mother like I did with Peggy – she’s a star your mom is “
    Helena smiled “Well I curse her for trying to run my life but I do have to admit that she is a gem in her own way. She’s not the angel that Rosemary Porter is “ Helena looked around for a waiter and one came across in seconds
    “Our friend isn’t going to be able to join us so we’ll place our order now”
    “Very good madam “
    Tina watched Helena with amusement – when the waiter had gone she was still grinning
    “What ?”
    “Its just that I seem to be the only person who just doesn’t have that skill that you have just displayed – my mother is supremely good at it – so is Bette but with her I think its just how devastating stunning she is. I must have missed that lesson “
    Helena laughed “Well – you could be right – you should see my mother in action “
    “You just have to raise an eyebrow and you get your own way I bet “
    “Guilty – you want Bette and I to teach your our dark arts ?“
    “It would be a blast – but its good enough to get my mother and Bette to weave your magic and me to just watch and admire “
    “Its surprising that you have not developed those skills from your mom “
    Tina shook her head “ She’s a terror – I worked for a while as a waitress when I was at college and the customers that I dreaded where the ones who reminded me of my mom. My other mom would frequently walk out when she was being at her most terrorising – that was enough to keep Emma in line “
    Helena smiled “You speak with real love for your other mom- sorry but I don’t remember what she was called – I am sure that you have told me”
    “Kate – “Tina said smiling “ Yeah – I miss her – do you mind me asking you do you still miss your dad ?”
    “Yeah – I miss him – mom does as well but time does heal. It might not feel like that at the moment but it does – you can look back at your memories of them and smile. “
    Tina fiddled with her phone “I don’t always appreciate the fact that Emma must miss her so much “
    “It sounds like your mom is just building walls to protect herself from how much it hurts that she’s lost her wife – has she been on a date since?”
    “No – well I say no – I guess that I wouldn’t know if she had been with anyone or not. I doubt it to be honest – -sometimes I just think that she is in so much pain that she has buried it away and she cannot cope with this pressure “
    “And you ?”
    Tina smiled “I think that I am getting much better – I was in a tail spin that I just couldn’t get out of . I have to say that meeting Bette has changed my life for the better”
    Helena smiled “ My best friend is one in a million – I am really happy that she is so love struck “
    “You think she is love struck “
    Helena snorted “ Love struck ? of course she is love struck and its all down to you and you know damn well that she’s crazy for you “
    Tina smiled “ Yeah – yeah I do know that we are very much in love and its going to stay that way – we are going to make this work “
    Helena and Tina were so deep in conversation that they did not see Emma Kennard looking straight at them. She had popped into one of her favour cafés to get a sandwich on her way back from meeting a client when she spotted her daughter. She had been going to go across and speak to her when she had spotted who she was with. That had made her stop and step out of sight. The two women were laughing and talking – Emma watched with interest. So it seemed that Tina was keeping this relationship to herself- that was obviously why she was picking arguments with her – so she could spend time with her very hot new girlfriend. After a few minutes Emma left the shop deep in thought as to how she was going to disentangle herself from the conspiracy that she was involved in with Rosemary Porter
    Bette tucked into her favourite candy bar and washed it down with a mouthful of coffee. It had been a real pain that she had not been able to have lunch with Helena and Tina but the compensation had been a nice juicy cheque for a number of pieces of art as well as the likelihood that she might be in line to do more business with the wealthy client who had appeared completely out of the blue that morning and had left three hours later the owner of several pieces of art.
    Her intercom buzzed – Bette pressed the button
    “Yes James ?”
    “Your mom is on her way up “
    “Great – thank you “
    Bette quickly moved the photographs that she had been showing James of their weekend away and was still on her desk from the mornings excitement. She put the pictures into her drawer and continued to look at her newspaper as she ate her unhealthy very late lunch.
    The door opened five minutes later and her mother came in
    “Hello Bette – are you busy ?”
    “The excitement was earlier on “
    “Really darling – what did I miss ? “
    Bette reached across her desk and picked the cheque up and handed it to her mother
    “Get a look at that “
    Rosemary took the cheque and looked at it “Oh my Lord Bette – really – this is not a joke ?”
    “No – James verified the account – that cheque will not bounce – I will be paying into the bank personally and then “ Bette stopped – she had been going to say that she would be looking for a gift for her beloved Tina and then she would be going home to shower and change before meeting her girlfriend for an expensive dinner together. Rosemary was still looking at the cheque and didn’t pick up the sudden end to Bette’s statement.
    “I take it that business is booming “ her mother asked handing the cheque back to Bette
    “Yes – there have been a couple of other purchases this week but that is the biggest sale in about 6 weeks. “
    “And how are you going to treat yourself ?”
    I am not going to treat myself – but I am going to spoil Tina Bette thought.
    “I really don’t know – I do know that my parents wedding anniversary is in less than two weeks “
    “Oh nonsense – I don’t want you spoiling us Bette – you should buy yourself something. You treat us very well all year round “
    “Sorry “ Bette said “I do not understand what you are saying “
    Rosemary laughed as she shook her head
    “You are naughty “
    “You can stop my pocket money “ Bette replied dryly
    “Don’t tempt me “
    “I was wondering what you wanted to do for your anniversary “ Bette said about to start in motion events that would lead to her breaking the news to her parents that she was very much in love with Tina Kennard.
    “Nothing special – we don’t want a fuss “
    “What you want is always the same – how about I book us a table at The Clarendon – I have been there a couple of times since it was refurbished and I think you and dad will enjoy it “
    “Its expensive “
    “Mom – how many times do you and I have this conversation – you are my parents and this is your wedding anniversary – would you like to be taken to a very nice restaurant or shall I see if the local greasy burger place does reservations ?”
    “No need for sarcasm Bette – how about I cook for the three of us “
    Bette paused – this was a key moment
    “We did that last year and the year before as I recall- I was wondering if we you would like something slightly different – how would it be if we invited Emma Kennard ?”
    “Well- yes that would be nice. It has been a real joy to see her again. she is just a wonderful person “
    Not what Tina says.
    “I know that you and dad really like her so I thought it might be nice if she was at your anniversary meal “
    Bette watched as her mother obviously fell for the idea
    “You know what Bette – I will talk to your father but I think that is just the most wonderful idea “
    Bette beamed “Excellent “ she paused re-rehearsing her next lines
    “Didn’t you tell me that Emma has a daughter ?”
    “Did I ? well yes – she does have a daughter “ Bette was mildly amused at how her mother was obviously thinking on her feet to her daughter’s suggestion.
    “Have you met her ?”
    “Yes – yes – she’s charming “
    “Well lets invite her – otherwise I will have to listen to all your ancient stories without anyone else. What’s her name ? “
    “Tina “ Rosemary said smiling “ Tina Kennard – I think you will like her “
    “I will be polite to her “ Bette promised her mother. “So will you ask Emma if she can come to dinner with Tina ?”
    Rosemary couldn’t believe her luck – after all the failed efforts to get Bette and Tina together it looked like it would finally happen. It wasn’t perfect that they would meet with their parents in attendance but it was better than nothing which was all they had managed so far
    “That would be wonderful Bette – thank you darling “
    “So – are we eating out or shall I book a caterer to have the meal at my place ? “
    Rosemary pulled a face “I would like to cook for all of you “
    “Mom “ Bette objected “ Your wedding anniversary should not be catered by you “
    “I love cooking and I can really enjoy myself cooking for the five of us “
    “Mom “ Bette objected more because it was what she was expected to say and do. She was actually delighted with how well that little piece of plotting had gone
    “No Bette – you can help me if you want but I want to cook for my family and dear Emma and her daughter – it will be wonderful “
    “In that case you are going to let me provide all the alcohol “
    Rosemary nodded “That would be very sweet of you darling “
    “It’s the least I can do – how about you prepare a menu and I will order the food for you to prepare “
    “I don’t know dear – I like to hand pick all the food I cook “
    Bette shook her head “As you wish mother “
    Rosemary beamed in delighted – this was the opportunity that she hadn’t expected to get and there was no way that she was leaving an detail to chance. She would discuss this with Melvin and then she would call Emma in to discuss the fine points of the whole evening. At last her beloved daughter was going to meet Emma’s lovely daughter – nothing was going to be left to chance…

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    1. Hi allyemmerson,

      A long update does help to pas the time while we are battered with another storm again here in the Netherlands.

      What would help is another long update from you this weekend!

      I still don’t like Emma even though she seems to be more open about her failings. She should talk more to Tina and saying she is proud at her and love her regardles of where she works or who she has a relationship with or whatever, and stop being a ass to Tina.

      It is really good to see the friendship between Bette and Helena, they know each other so well and will always stick up to or for each other. Helena gives Bette really good advice and know how to talk sense in to her. Lovely to see!

      You think i can pursue you to post a few chapters more?, Maybe by taking over your task to being a butler for Rocky, so you can write and update?

    2. Thanks for the great post, Ally. Good to see Sir Rocky is still managing your life. Emma has just let Tina have a life. She needs to a listener nit a pusher. It will be good for Bette and Tina to come out and reveal their relationship. Stay warm and dry from the deluge. Feed up Rocky and write like he tells you.

    3. Sometime people respond to things in a manner that is over the top. Tina getting angry with her mother because she is pushing her toward Helena is understandable. But Tina knows that simply is not going to happen. Not getting the anticipated invitation is a disappointment. Having her mother actually lie to her is a major violation of the mother/daughter relationship. Emma should have just extended the invitation to Tina and allowed her respond as she wished and then carried the message back to Rosemary that she would or would not attend. She should have told her that Bette would be in attendance before she made the invitation. Her lying about this and now that Tina knows she lied will not help to strengthen her relationship with her daughter.

      Emma so not like a lawyer. Most lawyers question everything and never make assumptions. They rely on evidence including spoken representations. When Tina said she was not in a relationship at the moment (even though a lie), she should accept that. She should never think that a lunch where two people are enjoying each others company is any more than a lunch between friends or business associates no matter how much you wish for more. Emma’s propensity to make assumptions and judgments is just over the top especially when it comes to her daughter.

      Bette’s response of Emma’s hurting Tina’s feelings is somewhat over the top as well. I got a feeling that she is going to need a lot more cardboard if she is going to have a long term relationship with Tina. Emma will always be Tina’s mom and she will always say something which will be off-putting to Tina. Even with counseling, Emma may improve, but she will never change her basic tendency to speak first and think second when it comes to Tina.

      Tina will have to get into a mode where she calls Emma on it or she will never change. Emma has to see exactly where she is overstepping the boundaries of being a parent and being controlling. Being willing to listen to Tina and hearing what she is feeling is the first step. Maybe after Tina discloses the relationship with Bette next week will start the process. I hope so.

      Great writing… this book….and who is Rocky?

    4. I love this story. Emma is royally messing up her relationship with Tina and will cause long term hurt if she continues. Part of me wants to excuse her meddling because she is clearly grieving but a bigger part of me wants to shake her and make her see how much she is hurting Tina. Emma should have learned from losing her wife that time is short but sometimes that lesson doesn’t happen like it should. Looking forward to the next chapter and to reading about the shock on Emma’s face when Tina comes out of the Bette closet so to speak. Thank you Ally.

    5. Thanks for posting that many pages.

      Gotta love Helena, she really is a great friend not only to Bette but to Tina as well. Thanks for the Walter Scott quote. “what a tangled web..” simply is timeless and describes to much of human behaviour. It’s time that they reveal their love to their parents. Stop all the plans and secrets and have it out in the open.

      Helena is right. It’s Tina who has to stand up to Emma. But I guess Tina will get there. She getting more and more confident while she and Bette strengthen their relationship.

      As for Emma, I think Rosemary is right – Emma should get help to come to terms with the loss of her wife. Maybe get councelling while being on vacation and out of town.

      Can’t wait for more. It would be such a treat if you’d post a little more this weekend. Do you like cake? I could bake for you ;-)
      Stay safe with the storm going on!

    6. Just back from an interesting few days on the East Anglian Coast opening up my bolt hole to a forecast of Snow here in the Derbyshire peaks so delighted to have a longer post of this delightful story, thank you.

      Love the TiBette relationship here.
      Don’t think Emma’s Profession is anything to do with her bad treatment of Tina! As a retired Lawyer I would say that though wouldn’t I :-).
      I think Emma is not dealing with her grief at losing Kate.

      Looking forward to our journey with you through this story.
      Thank you for posting, PPS

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