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    is this love 47-49

    Chapter 47
    Tina was reluctant to end the kiss but as their lips naturally eased apart she knew that they were strong enough as a couple to withstand anything and everything that happened as a consequence of their relationship now becoming parental knowledge.
    Bette put her arm around Tina’s waist and looked at their parents who were all speechless.
    “So as you three can guess – Tina and I are now a couple – in a roundabout way your interference worked so we just want to thank all three of you but we still claim victory because you have all been so oblivious to what has been happening under your noses for so long “
    Rosemary was the first to react – she jumped up and hurried to the two women
    “Oh God – oh this is just fantastic – oh Bette – Tina – I am so happy for both of you – let me hug you both “
    Rosemary hugged Bette and then took hold of Tina and gave her a bear hug
    “This is just the best – how long have the two of you been together ? we want to know all about it. I just cannot believe how wonderful this is – thank you for telling us on our anniversary – it’s the best present I could have dreamed of”
    “Thanks mom – Tina and I have been seeing each other for three months and it going better than either of us could have imagined “ Bette looked at Tina and lent across and kissed her on the cheek “ Its really special – dad ?”
    Melvin got up and walked across “I have long thought that you would show yourself to be smarter than both of us – you have out done yourself – I am delighted “
    Tina looked at her mother who still looked shocked
    “Mom ? please say that you are happy for us. Bette is the most fantastic girlfriend and she’s been so supportive of me – she’s the best thing that has happened to me in years. I love her very much and I know that she loves me too. Its only been 3 months as Bette says but – well we both think that what we have is special “
    “I am delighted for you both “ Emma said smiling. She noticeably didn’t get up like Bette’s parents – she stayed holding her wine glass while she observed what was going on. Bette noticed her demeanour and brought forward the “ chat “ she was planning to have with Emma – it was never too soon to put a line in the sand between the two strong, alpha women.
    “We want to hear all about it don’t we Emma ?”
    “Oh yes “ Emma said “ All about it “
    “But we also need to eat “ Melvin pointed out “Lets go and serve dinner – I will help you out darling as you are shaking so much you might spill the gravy and that would never do – come on “
    “Would you like me to help ?” Bette asked
    “You look happy glued to Tina “
    “I am sure Tina can spare me “
    “You better believe it – I have heard all about your cooking Rosemary and I am dying to try it “
    Bette kissed Tina on the lips before following her parents out of the sitting room.
    Tina looked at her mother – she was angry as well as embarrassed about her mother’s reaction which was in such stark contrast to Bette’s parents.

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    1. I am not only interested that the Story is not even half way through yet, I am DELIGHTED!!!

      Looking forward to regular posts, we’ve been promised Snow for tomorrow here in the Derbyshire Peaks so may not be moving far!

    2. Like Sassy, i am Delighted too this story isn’t half way!

      Great chapters and i am very happy to see that Tina stands up to Emma!

      And i mentioned it before, i like this Helena, she really is a best friend to Bette and i do understand Bette’s need to protect Tina and her need to talk with Emma, but she must listen to Helena and let Tina handle her mother.

      Looking forward to the next chapters!

    3. This chapter is really good. I understand that Bette wants to put on her armor and mount her horse and charge after Emma. But she needs to listen to her mom, James and Helena. Support Tina in her efforts to sort things out with Emma. Tina is becoming more self confident and will make thing right with her mother as long as she knows that Bette is supporting her. Being the supportive partner is what Tina needs and wants. If Bette interferes or goes too far, Tina will think Bette thinks she is too weak to fight her own battles. Bette needs to take her clues from Tina and not proceed without Tina’s approval. Tina appreciates a knight in shinning armor, but this battle is one in which Tina has to lead.

      Rosemary may have stumbled on the real secret of Emma’s behavior. Emma does not think that Tina is good enough for Bette.

      Now that Tina has called her mother out on the lie about the Potter dinner, I await Emma’s response. Will she confess her true reasons for not inviting Tina to the dinner after Rosemary had specifically requested her to do so? Its time for Emma to be truthful with her daughter and stop hiding her underlying motivations. Tina has drawn the line in the sand. Either Emma get on board and support Tina’s relationship with Bette or there will be little or no relationship with her mother. That is a strong statement. It shows just how determined Tina is not to let Emma interfere with her relationship. I shows Tina has gained a lot of self-confidence in herself and her belief in this relationship as being the one she wants for the rest of her life. This should actually impress Emma and make her see that her behavior has not been conducive to a good mother/daughter relationship. Its time for Emma to humble herself and realize that she has made a terrible mistake by not treating Tina as the adult she is and respecting her life choices of work, clothing, how she drinks her beer and who she associates with is no longer in her control.

      I love…love this story. I cannot wait for the chapter…but I guess I will….Thank you.

    4. Love this story! And so excited to hear it is not even to the half way point. Just wondering how Emma is going to create a mess for our lovebirds. She may be a courtroom wizard but a disaster as a mother!

    5. This story keeps getting better and better. By Bette providing support, love and perspective, Tina has grown exponentially in terms of self confidence and discovering her self worth. I would rip the throat out of someone who threatens or treats any of my family or friends. However some battles need to won at home before you win the war.
      Great chapter. Your mind is gold.

    6. Just half way great I love it.. and I think I saw chapter 50 on one of the pages.. lol. I’m glad all is out but we are still in the dark as to how Mother dearest is going to go. Happy or wicked.. not sure why at this point she would be wicked.. her Daughter has found someone and happy . That leave what kind of drama are you going to through at our couple if we are only half way.. lol thank you be watching for next post

    7. I love this story. So glad we are not even half way done because that means there is more, much more to come. I think Emma has more drama to add to the mix and I hope Bette puts her in her place. Love Tina becoming more confidant. Lets get her a big girl job… and I say that with tongue in cheek as I sit typing on my non profit laptop in my low paying social worker job, lol


    8. Interested would be an understatement! Every chapter is such a treat and pleasure to read. I just like your writing and way how you develop a story and the characters. And I definitely love your Tina and Bette. So I’m looking forward to many more chapters :-)
      As for these chapters: I’m with BK, it’s great to see Tina becoming more confident. I’m confident that she’ll find a way to handle Emma and improve her relationship with her mother. Without Bette stepping in.

      Looking forward to the next posting.

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