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    Is this love – chapyet 46

    Chapter 46
    “So today is the big day “Helena said as she looked at Bette as they met for breakfast on the morning of Rosemary and Melvin’s anniversary
    “It certainly is “
    “So where is Ms Kennard – I expected to see her with you “
    “She’s gone into work early – the news is due to break about the award of the grant and she’s ready for a lot of activity”
    “Well to be fair to her it was an excellently put together proposal – did you write it ?”
    “I tweaked parts of it but about 90% of it was what she wrote herself before I saw it “
    “Really ?”
    “Yes “
    “Wow – I am impressed – the woman is smart “
    “She is – she went to Yale remember “
    “We won’t hold that against her as Harvard babes – don’t shot me but it seems a waste of a very expensive education to be working where she is with that obvious amount of brain floating around “
    “It’s her call – what means the most to me is that she is happy “
    “And is she?”
    “I think the centre was great when she was so fragile and insecure and it helped her rebuild her confidence but maybe she is thinking that it’s time to look to do other things “
    “Well if that application is anything to go by, she will be snapped up. She should talk to Peggy and I – we might be able to find her a niche “
    “I gather that Peggy made roughly that offer when we were away “
    “And Tina doesn’t think that the two of us have been together long enough “
    Helena shrugged “She would be getting the job on merit and not because she makes you grin like the Cheshire Cat after a night on drugs. She is smart, articulate and very agreeable on the eye “
    Bette smiled “I know all these things – just give her a few months Helena and maybe she might feel worthy of doing something better. I don’t doubt her but she’s got a few scars still “
    “Not helped by her mother?”
    “Her mother and I are going to have a discussion very soon about the way she treats Tina “
    “Bette!! “
    “I know what you said and you were right but once it all comes out; I would just like to make a marker in the sand that I don’t like Tina to be constantly put down the way that Emma does “
    Helena thought that given how protective Bette was that this was the least Emma could expect – maybe she did need to see that the way she treated Tina was not helping her daughter.
    “Are you anxious about tonight?”
    “No “Bette replied honestly “I am looking forward to having Tina by my side and telling my parents and Emma Kennard just how much I feel for her “
    “How long has it been for the two of you ?”
    “I checked – 3 months “
    “Wow – that’s some secret you have kept – you looking forward to it being out in the open ?”
    “Yes “Bette said nodding “It was a good laugh at first but I have always found it a strain to not tell my mom. I know how much she wants me to be in a good relationship and she obviously likes Tina “
    “It’s hard not to like her – she’s very sweet. When the three of us were staying with my mother – who incidentally would be very happy if we joined her whenever we can for another longer stay with her. Anyway – my mother – in her mother type way remarked that Rosemary would just fall utterly in love with Tina “
    “She will –I think dad will like her as well”
    “Dad’s just not going to know what’s hit him “
    “I think he will like her don’t you ?”
    “I think it’s all going to be fine – are you sure that your mom’s cooking won’t stretch to 6 – I would love to be there to see the look on Emma’s face when you two come as lovers – you got the words sorted out ?”
    “Tina asked me that this morning “
    Bette shrugged “Got a few ideas but I think that I will just go with what my heart says “
    “I love Tina – yah boo sucks to you Emma might not be that politically smart “
    Bette laughed “I will word it differently to that “
    “But that’s the drift ?”
    “The first part certainly – the rest – well I will just go with the flow”
    “Well I am going to do my best to call round and see your folks with a gift and card for them “
    “That’s very sweet “
    “Well I have a very soft spot for your parents. Can you remember me coming to stay with you one vacation from college? “
    “You mean the moment when mom asked you to peel some potatoes as we were helping with dinner?” Bette chuckled
    “Well that was a novelty – no – I just loved staying with you and your folks. It was nice to have your dad around so easy going and funny”
    “Yeah “ Bette said knowing that when she met Helena she was as raw about her father’s death as Tina was still about her mother’s “I have wondered that maybe getting to know my folks will help Tina –she’s not got the greatest relationship with her mom and it would be great if my parents could be there for her “
    “Your mother will adopt her for sure – especially when it dawns on Rosemary that her little girl is so utterly in love with Tina “
    Bette blushed which was rare
    “I hope so – I just want this to be right for everyone “
    Bette’s confidence that she wasn’t nervous about the dinner was being put to the test as she helped her mother prepare the evening. Rosemary had been off work all day and Bette had arrived just after 3pm to spend time with her and see what needed to be done. As the day had worn on Bette’s nerves had become tested. Logically she knew that there was no reason why the whole evening would not be a massive success. But their relationship hadn’t started with anything that approached normality – the subterfuge on all sides had been weird to say the least and that had made Bette wary. Did Emma think that Tina was seeing Helena? well the evidence did suggest that she had gone off the Bette and Tina combination – would Emma risk a scene by asking Tina about Helena. Bette knew 100% that Helena wasn’t interested in Tina and even more certain that Tina was not interested in Helena. Bette was pretty certain that Tina was as committed to their relationship as she knew that she was.
    As Bette was helping herself to a piece of beef from the joint that was cooling in the kitchen the doorbell rang. Bette knew it was Emma – she walked to the door and opened it. Emma looked amazingly like Tina Bette reflected. She looked great for a woman in her early 50’s. She was wearing a light blue dress that really suited her colouring – with high heels and black tights she looked very good.
    “Emma – hello – thank you so much for coming “
    “I wouldn’t miss it for the world “
    “Is your – eh daughter not with you?”
    Emma frowned “She just rang to say that she is running late “
    Bette stifled a smile – it was their final joke on their parents. If Emma was mad with Tina, they were about to put her tardiness right out of her mind.
    “I am sure she will be on her way over “Bette said as her mobile beeped in her pocket. She eased the phone out as she showed Emma into the apartment.
    “Just seen mom going into the building – will walk around for a while – see you soon – I love you “
    Bette managed to keep her face impassive and applied herself to being the perfect daughter.
    “Emma! “Melvin looked very dignified in a smart grey suit. They greeted one another with a hug
    “I will just tell mom you are here then I will get changed – jeans are not really appropriate “
    Bette excused herself and went into the kitchen
    “Mom – Emma is here “
    “Is her daughter with her ?”
    “No “Bette didn’t add anything to that remark “Is there anything you need doing because I would like to get changed “
    “Of course darling – thank you for all your help “
    “It’s a pleasure mom “
    Bette kissed her mother on the brow and headed to her old bedroom where she had put her change of clothes. She removed her jeans and shirt and slipped on new black trousers, a silver-grey blouse and black waistcoat. She brushed her hair out and touched up her make up before putting on smart black boots that made her taller than her usual 5ft 8in height. She was just putting the back in an earring when her mobile rang again.
    “Hey there “
    “Hey – where are you?”
    “Wandering around “
    “You okay ?”
    “Sure – your mom is here and looking like she’s chewed a wasp when she told me that you were running late “
    Tina laughed “That’s soon going to be the least of her worries “
    “I know “
    “How much longer do you want me to wait ?”
    “Can you wait ten-fifteen more minutes?”
    “Sure – tell you what – I could do with a coffee to calm my nerves “
    “Fair enough “
    “I will buy a newspaper and have a coffee—if I keep wandering around the streets, I am going to get some interesting offers “
    “Hey – you only get offers from me “
    “I only want offers from you “
    “Tina “
    “Yeah babe “
    “I love you very much “
    “I love you too “
    “You better go – what’s on the menu for tonight – I am really hungry “
    “Roast beef and even better – rhubarb and blackcurrant crumble and custard for desert – the wine is first class – I made sure of that and some good quality coffee as well “
    “Sounds great “
    “It will be – see you soon honey “
    “You too “
    Bette put the phone into her pocket and carried on getting changed. When she was happy with how she looked she walked through to the sitting room where the three unsuspecting parents were sitting around chatting.
    “Oh Bette – would you like a glass of wine ?”
    “Love one “Bette said “It’s okay dad – I will get it myself “
    Bette helped herself to a glass of wine and sat down taking in what was the calm before the storm.
    “Dinner will be in about ten minutes if that’s okay Emma “
    “Wonderful Rosemary – is there nothing I can do “

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    1. Yeah, another chapter!!! You made my day!

      Finally they are out and i loved how they did it!

      I am a little greedy but i want to read how Emma respond to their outing!

      Can i pursue you to add one more chapter on this stormy day?

    2. Wonderful…Wonderful… now give us the reactions of Emma, Rosemary and Melvin!!!! They should be breathless at least….

      Nice way to tell their parents….love this..

      Cannot wait for the reactions….

    3. Thank you so much for a second post, Ally.

      What a kiss! That was a fantastic way to end the conspiracy. I love the way of Bette’s presentation. So funny that Melvin immediately played along.
      When they got the details of Tina’s and Bette’s first encounter at the restaurant, Rosemary (or even Emma) could point out that the parents did the matchmaking after all. By working against their parents’ plan B + T did meet and even fell in love.

      I just hope that Emma would finally get off Tina’s back and be happy that her daughter found love.

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