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    Is this love chp 51&52


    Chapter 51

    Bette was lying on her sofa – drinking on top of a headache was always a mistake but at least she had excused herself from the offer of an all night bender with Helena who after downing many cocktails with Bette had announced she was off to a club to see what was on offer. All that Bette wanted was her own home and ideally to see the blonde who had so taken over her life. She was hoping that Tina had experienced a better day than she had. She was just considering going for a shower and changing out of her business suit when the door bell rang. She slowly eased off the sofa and padded through to the front door. Tina was standing at the bottom of the steps that led to the front door
    “Hey “
    “I thought you were out “
    “I was just lying on the sofa “
    Tina looked up at Bette and smiled shyly
    “You coming in ?” Bette asked
    “If its okay “
    Bette guessed that something had happened – Tina was not usually this diffident.
    “I would like you to come in and cheer me up “ Bette said turning the tables on Tina for once. Tina looked concerned and hurried up the stairs and stood at the top looking at Bette
    “You do looked like you have had a bad day “
    “So do you “
    “The day was fine – my mother wasn’t “
    Oh no – the infamous Emma – suddenly it was all about freaking Emma and that really made Bette both cross and depressed at the same time
    “Come on in – have you eaten ?” Bette walked into the house
    “I am not hungry “
    “Is this the not hungry where you demolish pizza and ice cream ?”
    Tina stepped in and closed the door and dropped the latch – she didn’t want to be leaving before morning. Bette went into the kitchen
    “I am not hungry “ Tina replied. By now Bette had opened the giant freezer and was looking inside
    “Chocolate ice-cream with nuts and chocolate chips “ she offered
    “You twisted my arm “
    “I thought I might “ Bette smiled and handed the tub to Tina who took a spoon from a drawer
    “What about you ?”
    Bette opened the fridge part of the fridge and took out an ice cool six pack of beer
    “I’ll just have a couple of beers – come on through – I think we need to talk “

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    1. Wonderful chapter!

      Together they can take Emma! The most important is not to let it intefere their relationship, they found each other and are right for each other. The only ones who can break up their relationship are Bette and Tina.

      Enjoy your weeks flexi leave and i look forward to more updates this week!

    2. I think Bette and Tina are making the right approach. Take things as the come and do not anticipate trouble. I think Emma is going to get off the kick now that Tina has told her that she either get on board or they are history as in a normal mother/daughter relationship.

      Maybe they both need to take a run and clear their minds. Forget about Emma for a while.

      Love this story….there still a lot of relationship to build. There is still a relationship for Tina to build with Melvin and Rosemary. Tina needs to decide if she wants to get into another profession and what that would be. There’s Christmas coming. Oh and another trip to the Bahamas during the winter holidays might be nice. So many possibilities….

      Ally… I love your stories… and this one is really has me hook, line and sinker!! Can’t wait for the next episode.

    3. It’s great that Tina and Bette talk about everything. It takes trust and courage to confess your insecurities and fears. After all the “outside” advice Bette got from family and friends I was relieved that she talked to Tina about her.. well.. her urge to confront Emma about Tina.
      I loved how Tina knows exactly that Bette is barely holding back. But where Helena, Rosemary and James were simply criticising her protective instinct and warning her about talking to Emma, Tina tells her that it’s sweet of her but she needs to stand up to her mother on her own.

      Great idea to try a more positive approach by simply showing how good they are for each other and how serious and how much in love they are.

      Thanks for posting, Ally. I’m so looking forward for more :-)
      Happy Sunday!

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