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    Is this love 59&60


    Chapter 59

    Bette flicked an invisible piece of fluff from her jacket and took a sip of her orange juice.
    “Hey “
    Bette turned and beamed to see Tina looking utterly elegant. She was wearing a blue dress, high heels and her long blonde hair was hanging in curls around her shoulders. Bette raised an eyebrow
    “Wow – you do scrub up well “
    “Thanks “ Tina took in Bette’s expensive white trouser suit and understated but obviously expensive pearls around her neck “You look great “
    Bette smiled “We do look a very beautiful couple “
    Tina kissed Bette on the lips “ You taste as good as you look “
    “You want a drink ?”
    “Cyanide “
    “Its not going to be that bad and you have said that you are going to give Emma another chance”
    Tina pulled a face “Yeah – I know – but why the hell did she pick The Carlyle – its got to be one of the most expensive restaurants in New York and that is saying something “
    “Its full of history – I googled it earlier on – there was a picture of JFK coming out of it in the early 60’s. Probably after screwing Marilyn Monroe or doing a dodgy deal. That place is just steeped in history”
    “I have never been there “
    “I was taken there about three years ago by a film producer who wanted me to do a movie”
    “What ! “
    “It was a ploy to get me into bed “
    “Did it work ?”
    “No – not my type – she didn’t like David Cassidy for a start “
    Tina snorted and took hold of Bette’s hand “I could forgive you for just about anything babe”
    “Thanks “ Bette kissed Tina’s cheek “I am sure your mom just wants to treat us “
    “Yeah by showing how much money she has “
    “So -let her – she’s paying for it “
    “Yeah and when we had dinner with your parents it was at their place “
    Bette smiled “Remember – you want to give her a chance – if she wants to waste a few hundred dollars to show off to her daughter’s girlfriend let her – we will get a great meal and some excellent alcohol out of it. it’s the most fantastic place Ti – there is a bar named after Ludwig Bemelmans – he was a an artist who painted the most stunning murals on the walls. It makes you feel like you are back in the 1930’s “
    “The food won’t be as good as it was cooked by your mom “
    “Naturally “ Bette finished her orange juice “If you don’t want a drink we should get a cab”
    “I don’t want a drink “ Tina’s eyes flashed at Bette “ Unless its your juice “
    Bette blushed “Tina – that’s bad talk “
    Tina laughed “I don’t care – I love you and I want you “
    “Later I swear “
    “You mighty not get any say in it – that is a great outfit babe “
    Bette collected her bag and took hold of Tina’ hand
    “Lets get out of here before you get both of us into trouble “

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    1. What a terrific chapter….I’m not sure what Bette will do if she hurts Tina. I’m not sure I want to find out. What was the big deal by trying to impress Bette with her money? Is she trying to indicate that Tina is somewhat accustomed to being really well cared for and Bette better measure up? Or is she saying I’m wonderful, look I can spend hundreds of dollars on a dinner? She is so obvious in that she thinks money impresses most. Bette is very well situated for her age (30 yrs old) and I think that if push comes to shove, she could support Tina comfortably even if Tina did not work. And what difference does it make how much money Emma has? Its Emma’s money not Tina’s. Emma is just weird. My experience is that the more one shows off and talks about money, the less likely they are to be speaking the truth. They may have some money, but they probably have more debt than anybody you know.

      Oh, I love the David Cassidy references. Really makes me laugh. Particularly liked that Bette turned down a date because she was not a David Cassidy fan!!!! So funny.

      Emma just needs to back off. Have them over for Saturday brunch and leave it alone. Accept that Bette is a part of Tina’s life until notified otherwise. Keep your opinions to yourself.

      Great…great chapter…..thank you so much. Love this story….

    2. Emma might think she is queen of the pride but a new empress is watching her every move. Even with all her money Emma has the insecurity of a ragamuffin. Power is her game. Tina adopted the sentiment of her Mom. i hope the happy couple can hang on past the honeymoon stage. i know they well have issues ,children ,but I think they be ok. Rosemary will make sure of that. The job offer was perfect. You have really spoiled us with all these chapters. Write to your hearts content. PPS

    3. Great chapter!

      Emma, she doesn’t impress me, throwing her money to let see she is rich? And her comment about that she is for 80% responsible the firm is succesful, very arrogant to say something like that. I am sure she made the firm a succes with help of Katie but she couldn’t have done it without her partners. She can be proud without being arrogant.
      She doesn’t want to hurt Tina but continue to do it. Bette was really cool in how she made it very clear to Emma that she will not allow anyone to hurt Tina. Well done 👏👏👏

      I love Rosemary, wish i had a mother like her, proud and so supportive of Bette and now helping Tina to get a new job. She is awesome!

      Bette and Tina will have ups and downs in their relationship but i have faith that they will overcome any downs, but please, no Candyass!!!

    4. AE, I keep trying to catch up before commenting but I still fall behind! Rosemary Porter is the kind of mom we all wish we could have. Emma—not so much. I see folks don’t like Emma much, but I find her sympathetic. I am so impressed that you can make her so unlikeable but still make her sympathetic. She counted on Tina’s other mother to soften her rough edges and she is at a loss without her. Taking people to places like Bemelmans/the Carlyle is how she always impresses people and also gifts them a great evening. I don’t think she knows any better–her late wife would have clued her in that it was a bad choice for B&T dinner but there is no one to set Emma right. I think she is learning–you are doing a fantastic job of showing how hard that process can be. I suspect it is going to be two steps forward and one (or two?) steps back, Oh please oh please let Emma be happy (or — realistically–successfully fake happiness) for Tina’s new part time job.

      Bibi28–I know Emma’s world quite well. I can’t remember how big her firm is but if it is under 50 lawyers and is a litigation firm, one partner could easily be responsible for 80% of the profits. That partner doesn’t do 80% of the work–the partner who brings in the clients has the power and gets the credit for the work the related teams of lawyers produce. A famous description of law firms is that the lawyers are in three categories: finders (like Emma) who bring in the clients and manage the big picture issues for the clients, minders (day to day managers of matters for the clients) and grinders (usually junior, lawyers who :grind out” the work. And HUGE KUDOS to Emma and Kate for being out a quarter century ago as New York city BigLaw lawyers. It is hard today to imagine how hard that would have been and what good lawyers they must have been to be out and so successful.

      Spu (hoping for 100s of chapters that end with a reformed Emma, perhaps, ready to love again)(not that I would dare to tell the great AE what to write)

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