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    Is this love chp 61&62


    Chapter 61

    “And what is the event tonight?” James asked as he saw Bette emerging from her office at 4pm with her coat on and carrying her briefcase. Bette gave him one of her less scary looks
    “Remind me again whose gallery this is?”
    “Yours my brave and fearless leader but you have been working hard lately “
    “As opposed to my usual shirking?” Bette was grinning as she looked at her assistant
    “See – I used to be scared of you but now that Tina had de-clawed you “
    “James?” Bette’s grin didn’t diminish “Watch your step buddy “
    James raised an eyebrow “Sorry – you are not in the least tamed
    by Tina “
    “Right answer “
    “So where are you off to tonight?”
    “Peabody Foundation dinner – Peggy and Helena are co-hosting it. Tina and I are going as a couple to a flash event for the first time and our mothers are going to be there “
    “No Melvin?”
    “He’s got a sick note – silly sod sprained his ankle “
    Bette shook her head “Shooting hoops in the car park of the court house downtown with three attorneys who are about 20 years younger than him. Daft devil “
    “Is he okay ?”
    “Yeah sure – he’s just got a bandage and he have to rest it for a few days. I think it’s an excuse so he can watch sport all day without mom badgering him “
    “You think?”
    “I wouldn’t be amazed – put it that way “
    “So, Emma, Rosemary and the two of you – plus the Peabody twins “
    Bette nodded “Yeah – it can only be a hoot “
    “How are things with Emma?”
    “Not seen much of her which probably suits her as much as it does me “
    “Does she know about Tina’s new job?”
    “You know – I don’t think she does “
    “Any reason?”
    “Tina and I have been busy celebrating “
    “For a whole week?”
    “Are you her mother James?”
    “God no – don’t say that “
    “Then don’t say things that I am sure we are going to hear from the old bat “
    “I thought the two of you had reached an understanding?”
    Bette pulled a face “I think the understanding was that if she upset Tina, I would hunt her down until the end of her days to make her pay “
    The look on James’s face left Bette in no doubt that he disapproved
    “James – have I ever mentioned my dad’s spinster aunt Bessie?”
    “She was ancient at 40 and stayed that way until she died age 89. She had this look and my dad used to say that he knew she disapproved of him by the way the hair on her chin quivered when he walked into the room. I give you this piece of ancient Porter family history in way of telling you that you are beginning to remind me of her”
    “That’s just not funny “
    “Remember James – you are on mine and Tina’s side “she held up a finger “No – do not say “I am just saying “- do not do it. I am going to have a long bath with pink bubbles and then I am going to get ready to go out with my darling Tina – do not lecture me James or I will be calling you Bessie James “
    Bette made her escape laughing at the look of utter outrage on her assistant’s face

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    1. Oh my goodness, don’t end this conversation here!!! I want to hear the conversation between Peggy and Emma. I cannot believe that she actually told Helena that she did not trust Bette after knowing that Helena was her best friend. Does she not know that Helena will make a bee-line to Bette and tell her? Emma is projecting her own personality on Bette. Although they may have similar characteristics, they are not the same person. As Helena said Tina will be Bette’s life partner, so Emma will need to accommodate that if she plans on having any kind of relationship with Tina.

      I still cannot understand Emma. All the evidence and all those who know Bette and Tina see this relationship is real, loving and sincere. Yet Emma refuses to budge from her initial thoughts on the situation.

      Oh, didn’t Emma and Helena meet at the library benefit? Wasn’t it there that Emma first purposed that Helena might want to date Tina? Perhaps they both had too much to drink to remember all of that.

      I am really into this story…. I want to know what Peggy has to say to dear sweet Emma. Peggy is the type of person Emma would admire – wealthy, accomplished and of a mature age. Peggy’s opinion would be more valued than any other in her world. And Peggy knows Bette really well.

      Cannot wait for the next chapter…. Thanks for your really good story.

    2. This is such a great story. I love how you write Emma, even though she is beyond frustrating, she is consistent in her thought process and actions. I can feel the pot boiling from here, there is a hot mess brewing and Emma is stirring the pot. She has a lot to lose, Tina will walk away from her with Bette on her arm and not look back if it comes to it. I agree with Martha, can’t wait to see how Peggy handles Emma. PPS!

    3. Amazing chapter!

      Oh Emma, you never stop do you?! Why can you not simply be happy for Tina that she found her life partner in Bette and how she spoke to Helena about her concerns, projecting much Emma. Bette is not the same woman you were in University. Katie must have been a really good woman to put up with her.

      I can’t believe you stopped here, i really want to read about Peggy and Emma’s conversation. Peggy is one hell of a woman and more than a match and believes and support Bette and Tina’s relationship.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

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