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    is this love chp 107

    Chapter 107

    “I just cannot believe that you have been snared “ Bette was talking to her friend Phyllis who was a senior administrator at NYU. Bette held out her hands
    “I have been and I couldn’t be happier -she’s something special “
    “She must be to have landed the legend “
    “I am no longer a legend – I am spoken for and that is what I want”
    “She seems lovely “ Phyllis was smiling
    “God she is”
    “Is that her mother she is talking to over there ?”
    “Yes – that’s the infamous Emma “
    “Infamous ?”
    “Have you heard of Kennard, Truman and Black ?”
    “I do – my daughter is going for an interview for an internship in three weeks”
    “In that case I would advise you to make nice with her mother”
    “Does she work there ?”
    Bette grinned “Tina’s surname is Kennard Phyllis”
    “Holy fuck – you are kidding me – that’s Emma Kennard ! “
    “That is indeed Emma Kennard with her daughter Tina who is my darling girlfriend”
    “Well fuck me sideways – I thought she was a real recluse and a dragon as well”
    Bette wondered how Phyllis would react if and when she found out that Emma was Helena’s lover – that would seriously shake her.
    “She is not a recluse “
    “And the dragon ?” Phyllis teased Bette
    “She’s not been easy to win round but she can see that I love Tina and that we are very serious about one another. She’s okay – you know she’s gay right ?”
    “Is she ?”
    “Yes – her partner died three years ago”
    “Mmm – I think I might go and introduce myself “
    I am about to tell her to behave herself when I see Tina looking at me and gesturing to the door. Helena has just walked in – she looks gorgeous – as you would expect of someone arriving at their own 30th birthday party. She is wearing a white cocktail dress that shows off how fit and hot she is – high heels make her taller than her usual 5ft 8in height. Peggy is the first to go and greet her – I hope they can make their peace – they do adore one another and Peggy is proud of how Helena has turned her life around – even if the whole business with Emma is a divide between them. Tina comes across as Phyllis is heading towards Emma. I wonder how much sense Emma is going to make when she is probably on tenterhooks to see what sort of reception she is going to get from the birthday girl.
    “Hey “
    Tina takes hold of my hand
    “It was nice of you to hold out the olive branch to my mother “
    “It was the least I could do – I think you are right in your analysis of her – she is not that good at dealing with situations where she is out of her depth”
    “Do you think Helena is going to forgive her ?”
    “I don’t know -she was very certain that she wanted to know that Emma had made full apologies to everyone involved in the painting argument. “
    “And what will you tell her when she asks you ?”

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    1. The green monster? Surely not really….just a bit out of sorts because the other did not behave as they wanted them to. But make up sex in the ladies lounge is a bit daring. Young love – so adventurous and so daring. I was waiting for the line to form at the door.

      So Bette believes Emma? That’s a surprise. Oh well, lets see how this goes. Actions speak louder than words. And Helena is going to let Emma out of the dog house. That is not a surprise. But another outburst and Emma will be toast. Let’s see if she really wants a relationship with Helena and on terms which are not of her own making.

      Great chapter…. love this story…

    2. Great chapter! Tina being annoyed with Bette but most of all with the woman who want to bed her. She should be secure and have trust in Bette. Bette did nothing wrong but their make up session in the bathroom was worth it!

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