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    Is this love chap 11-13

    Chapter 11
    Tina had been surprised to get the phone call from her mother inviting her to dinner at The Paramount. They had only spoken a couple of times she Emma had taken her to task over not going to the theatre. But her mother had been gracious and Tina was glad to accept the olive branch that the dinner invitation represented. Tina was aware that her own behaviour was not as good as it should have been so she was determined to make the dinner go well. So she had taken time and trouble to dress up smartly and arrive early.
    As soon as she had walked in the bar she had spotted the brunette – it would have been impossible for her to miss her. Without a doubt the brunette was the hottest person in this very high class establishment. Tina tried not to make it obvious that she was checking her out as she bought herself a glass of wine but she was very drawn to her. Tina took in the expensive cashmere sweater and the long legs that showed off high heel black boots. By taking a seat at the other end of the room Tina was able to casually look around the room – her eyes always drawn again to the brunette who was sitting alone. Tina had just glanced at her watch when she felt that someone was close. Her heart skipped a couple of beats when she looked up to see the brunette standing over her.
    Holy hell – Tina thought – this woman is smoking hot !
    “Hello “ The voice was deep and rich
    “Hello “ Tina replied wondering why the sexiest woman in the room was so close to her and looking at her with obvious interest. Tina had been a lesbian her whole life – she had never needed to experiment with men – she just was what she was. So her gay-dar was pretty highly tuned and boy was it telling her that this woman was gay !
    “You don’t know me but my mother is Rosemary Porter and your mom is Emma Kennard and they are trying to set us up as a couple – my name is Bette “
    Tina looked at the brunette and took in her words
    “Sorry ?”

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    1. Thanks for posting! I love the shenanigans that Tina and Bette are plotting. Let’s get their moms a little more desperate that their plans seems to fail a few more times. ;-)
      It’s great that T + B both decided to get to know the other one before thinking about a real date.

      Looking forward to your next chapter.

    2. Amazing story!

      Love how they are planning to scheme up to their mothers!

      It is good to see that they take the time to know each other, they are already interested in each other and are willing to take the time and not jump immediately in a (sexual) relationship.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    3. This is fun to see these two play their mothers. And even if everything goes wrong, well they will still have an interest in each other. Let the games begin….

      Great chapters…. Thanks for this posting. Look forward to more..

      PS. – They should have a real date before their “near miss” planned for next Tuesday.

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