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    is this love -chp 112


    CHAPTER 112

    Tina put the flowers at her mother’s grave and stood with her head bowed. Bette was standing behind her trying to decide what to do for the best. Her instinct was to hold Tina but this was something that she had never done before so was looking for clues as to what to do for the best for her partner. The walk through the cemetery had been nice – the weather was cool and apart from the sound of the birds the silence was comforting. Tina turned round after a few minutes of silent contemplation.
    “Come here you “
    Bette took a couple of steps forward and stood beside Tina
    “This is Bette Porter mom – this is the love of my life. She’s everything to me and I am so happy with her – you would like her – you really would. She’s smart and funny and boy does she keep my other mom on her toes. They have had some runs ins and I love her for that and about another 100 reasons . Hey – who am I kidding – I love her for a 1,000 reasons. She is the one for me mom. “
    Bette felt awkward – this was so out of her comfort zone but what was keeping her there was knowing that Tina needed her. Bette squeezed Tina’s hand.
    “You should tell her about Peggy and the job”
    “Oh yeah – you will love this mom – I got a new job and its huge. I met Peggy Peabody through Bette – she is a family friend – and well – I guess you will be meeting Peggy’s daughter later. I will save the surprise for you until then. I have been doing work for her and she has been thrilled for me. Its been great to have responsibility and because of Bette I have so much more self confidence. I know that was something that mom always tried to install in me but I guess it didn’t really work cos you know I lost all believe in myself after you died. Things have really changed – Peggy believes in me – she really does and more important so does Bette. This beautiful woman who could have any woman in New York has decided for some reason that I don’t always understand – this woman has decided that I am the one for her and life is really good mom. I wish you could see this – I wish you could see how happy I am “
    Tina was crying again – her words stalling because she was trying and failing to control her tears. Bette put her arm around Tina
    “She knows darling – she knows how you are doing ”
    “I hope she does – I hope she knows how well you treat me and how good our life is”
    “She knows “
    They spent another twenty minutes at the grave. Tina had brought a small garden fork and a bag and Bette helped her tidy things up. Bette removed the dead flowers after removing the card which read “To my darling Kate – – I miss you every day – Emma”. So Emma came up here more often than she admitted – well Bette figured out that it was a very private thing and it was no one’s business but Emma’s, Tina finally turned to Bette
    “Lets start heading back eh babe”
    Bette nodded “You sure ?”
    “Yes – thank you for being with me today “
    “I would not have wanted to be anywhere else – you know that “
    “I do – thank you “
    Tina took Bette by the waist and they kissed – the kiss was passionate with Tina taking control and demanding more and more from the kiss. Bette eased away after a few minutes
    “Not sure I would kiss you like that in front of Emma – let alone Kate “
    Tina smiled “You fancy buying a girl a glass of wine and maybe some food ?”
    “I think I can do that “
    Holding hands they walked back through the cemetery. Tina still felt emotional but it was comforting to have Bette by her side and knowing that she was there to support her.
    “Can we sit here for a few minutes ?” Tina asked as they passed a bench
    “Of course”
    They sat down and for a few minutes neither of them spoke. Tina had been doing a lot of thinking about her new job and she did have some concerns.
    “”I am worried that this job is going to put our relationship under stress “
    “How so ?” Bette asked – she had her concerns but she wasn’t too sure if Tina’s concerns would be the same as hers
    “Because of how much time its going to take up – I went to NYU the other day in my lunchtime to talk to a guy I was at college with. He is a admissions tutor and I wanted to talk to him about the MBA. He brought me a load of literature – I would like you to look at them when we get back”
    “Of course “
    “The course is tough Bette – I don’t doubt that I can do it – I know that I can. But what worries me is papers and reports are bound to get in the way of our time. That concerns me – the last thing that I want is to risk what you and I share “
    “I know it will be hard “
    “It will “
    “Any solutions ?” Bette asked
    Tina took Bette’s hand “I figured out that it might be a lot easier to see you if – well “ she paused. They had not really discussed this at length and she knew that they would have to but there was only one solution in her eyes.
    “Can I move in with you ?”
    Bette grinned “ Of course – oh God – when you told me about that job it was one of the first things that I thought – that we should start seriously talking about moving in together “
    “You sure ?”
    “Tina – you know how I feel about you – you know that we have a great relationship – do you really think that I don’t want you to live with me ?”
    “We would have to figure things out – you know – practical stuff – but – I think it’s the best thing for both of us”
    Bette lent forward and kissed Tina on the lips – the kiss was hot and loving. Bette ended the kiss and touched Tina’s face “I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. It makes sense for us to live together “
    “It doesn’t concern you that it hasn’t been a year yet ?”
    “Not really – does it concern you ?”
    Tina smiled “You and I have always just made sense Bette. Tearing your clothes off after less than 30 minutes of our first date made sense because.” Tina’s tears started again “ Because you are different. Every other woman I have dated – I didn’t know why I screwed things up or did the things that I did but meeting you – meeting you – I started to figure things out. I wasn’t meant to be with those women – I was meant to be with you. One of the hardest things to get my head around with you was that all my pre-conceptions had to be forgotten. You re-wrote all my fears and misconceptions. I love you for who you are Bette and I love who I am when I am with you. Living with you would make me very happy and I hope that it will make you just as happy “
    “You know that you make me happy “ Bette said
    “I want to pay my way “
    “You don’t have to “
    “Yes I do “ Tina said “I am going to be earning a fantastic salary and I will probably let out my apartment so that will be several hundred dollars a month. I want to help pay towards your mortgage and my share of the bills “
    “Why don’t we talk about the practicalities later – I just want to revel in the fact that you are going to live with me “
    “Are you sure its what you want Bette ?”
    “Yes – how can think for a second that it isn’t babe ?”
    Tina smiled “I have never lived with a woman before “
    “Me neither “ Bette admitted
    “I think we will be okay – I mean – we get on well don’t we ?”
    “We get on fantastically well “ Bette agreed
    “I don’t annoy you too much do I ?”
    “I think you have got much better then you used to be “
    “What does that mean ?”
    “Well – you do think that the floor is an acceptable storage location” Bette said as tactfully as she could
    “And you are anal Porter “
    “I know that – I know that I go over the top but – well – we can come up with some compromises”
    Tina kissed Bette “I will stop using the floor as a wardrobe “
    “How about we move the chest of drawers into the second bedroom and bring that big wardrobe in for you “
    “I was going to ask if I could use the second bedroom as dressing room “
    “No “ Bette said “ You and I are equals and there is no reason for you to feel that you have to get dressed in the other room. I have got too many clothes in my wardrobes that I never use – lets have a sort out and I can either put the clothes I don’t use in the spare room or give some clothes to a women’s refuge”
    “See “ Tina smiled “ We can compromise “
    “Yes we can “ Bette kissed Tina again.
    “I eh – have a lot of movies – can I bring them all with me ?”
    “Of course “ Bette grinned “ That front room of mine needs some units – we can either put all our books in there or all our movies and stuff “
    “Its not going to be something that we can do in a weekend “ Tina said “Though the MBA doesn’t start until January “
    Bette kissed Tina “I think after we have had some food – we will go and get an extra set of keys cut and you can come and go as you want. Its something that I have been going to do for a few weeks I just haven’t “
    Tina grinned “ Wow – we really are going to live together “
    “We are – it will solve questions about what we are going to do at Thanksgiving and Christmas”
    “How do you think your mom and dad will take it ?” Tina asked smiling
    “I think they will be ecstatic “ Bette said honestly “They adore you. I think they had almost given up on me ever finding someone to be with – they love you to pieces “
    “I know that you and Emma have had some run ins – but she does respect that – she knows what you have done for me in terms of confidence and support. She might show it the same way that Rosemary will but in her own way she will be delighted”
    “Talk of the devil – if that’s not the wrong thing to say in a cemetery “
    Bette indicated down the gravel path that lead to the entrance of the cemetery. Coming up the path was Emma and Helena. Emma was wearing a business suit and carrying a huge bunch of white lilies. Helena was with her – she was looking sober in a long black cotton coat.
    “I am glad that Helena is with her “ Bette said
    “So am I – whose idea was it ? Yours or Helena’s ?”
    “We talked at the party and I said that we were going together. I think Helena wanted to ask but didn’t know if it was something that Emma wanted”
    “Well lets see how they are doing “
    Helena and Emma reached the bench where Bette and Tina were sitting in a couple of minutes. Tina got up
    “Hello mom “
    “Hello sweetie “
    Tina and Emma embraced. Bette nodded at Helena who smiled.
    “How are you mom ?” Tina asked
    “I am okay – are you okay with Helena being with me ?”
    “Of course – I am with my girlfriend and you are with yours”
    “Thank you “
    “I told mom all about Bette and my new job “
    “Good – she would be as proud of you as I am “
    “Thanks – I had a good cry this morning. I played Bette the music that we had at her funeral”
    “I wanted to do that this morning – I might do it tonight”
    “It helped – I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and Bette was there for me”
    Emma looked at Bette and smiled “Thank you Bette “
    “Tina knows that I love her and that I always want to be there for her “
    “Good “
    “And how are you two doing ?” Tina asked raising an eyebrow at Helena
    “We are fine “
    “We just haven’t seen you two since the party “ Tina said innocently
    “I could say the same thing to you “ Emma retorted smiling
    “I wasn’t in the dog house “ Tina came back with
    “No – I gather you two had to sneak off for some relief “
    Tina laughed “You win mother – I am glad that the two of you have patched up your differences”
    “We have “ Helena said “We know what we want from our relationship and we have done a lot of talking “
    “Is that what you two young people are calling it “ Bette said cheekily
    “Behave Bette “ Emma replied.
    Bette smiled – Emma and Helena did look secure. If it had been intimidating for her to join Tina at the graveside of her mother – then it must have been doubly difficult for Helena. It was a very grown up thing to do and Helena didn’t often do grown up things in relationships.
    “Are we still on for tonight ” Helena suggested
    “We are – I am looking forward to seeing you both – we can talk “ Tina said “ We are going to have some lunch – take care “
    Tina hugged her mother again and then she grabbed Helena
    “Take care of her “
    “I will I promise “ Helena replied
    Bette and Tina watched as Emma and Helena walked away.
    “This is a big thing for both of them “ Bette said
    Tina looked at her
    “I can see that it’s a big thing for mom but Helena ?”
    “Helena has a history of running a mile if there is any demands made on her to do something that demonstrates her commitment. I would say that going to lay flowers at the grave of her lover’s wife is a big move for Helena. When I suggested it to her I did it partly to see how she would react. If she had freaked or made an excuse as to why she couldn’t – well – it would have said that she hadn’t learnt anything from the time they were apart. Doing this is a serious way for Helena to show Emma how she feels about her “
    “You really think that ?”
    Bette nodded “Yes – I think it’s a good step. Helena is taking their relationship seriously “
    “Good – I hope that she is “
    “She is – I wouldn’t say that she is ready to take the step that we are – but they are making progress “
    “I need that glass of wine “ Tina said
    “You have a deal “ Bette replied taking Tina’s hand and they walked out of the cemetery and ready to discuss how they were going to live together. Bette had already thought of a welcoming gift for the blonde that would knock her socks off.


    1. Bought a tear to my eye although these days I find that not a rare thing.

      Thank you for this post and for this Story. I love this couple.

      Stay safe, stay aware! Stay away from the virus and stay writing.

    2. Oh, this is great. Tina and Bette have agreed to live together. This is fantastic. I think they are ready. I know that Bette is over the moon. Tina is happy but there is so much changing in her life that she wants this for security reasons. She has reasons to fear the lack of time of being with Bette. And there needs to be a much time between the two of them as possible. They need a project together… having a house together could very much be the vehicle to bring them even closer together. I wonder if Bette might consider getting an MBA at the same time?

      Thank you for this story… this Bette and Tina….love this chapter…

    3. Beautiful chapter!

      They are so ready for the next step, moving in.

      It will be a challenging job to ensure that they have time together. But both also recognize that this is temporary until Tina has finished her MBA. And they are both very committed to each other and their relationship. I have faith in them.

      Thanks for the update!

    4. Great chapter, Love how Bette is supporting Tina and taking things at her pace. I love this story and am in awe at how quickly you are able to post such enjoyable chapters so quickly. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks

    5. Very moving chapter. You are right, Bette is still awesome. The way she was staying in the background at the cemetary, reacting to Tina’s needs even if she felt uncomfortable speaks of her love for Tina. Tina’s words to her mom brought tears to my eyes. It’s very obvious that she had a special bond with Kate.

      T + B moving in together? Wonderful! This is going to be fun. Toilet lid up or down? Squeeze toothpaste in the middle or roll it up from the end? Use the tea cup from the day before or a clean one?

      Thanks for sharing, pps.
      Take care

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