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    is this love – chp 113


    CHAPTER 113

    “So if we put that – in one of the other rooms – we can bring that in and still have some room for maybe a tall set of drawers for you “ Bette was drawing on a napkin in the restaurant where they were having lunch. Tina was still probably thinking about her mom so Bette had gone into planning mode and had drawn plans of the two main bedrooms and was outlining how they could arrange things so they could share a bedroom.
    Tina was onto her second glass of wine and starting to feel a lot better. She knew that Bette wanted them to live together – today had just seemed like the right time to bring the subject up. There was still the whole business about a family to talk about but Tina was softening on that one. She was beginning to see that her out right refusal might have had more to do with never having had a relationship in which it was a possibility. It was certainly true that Bette would be a great mom. The only thing that Tina could see would hold them back was her new career – it might become an academic matter because neither were about to put their careers on hold for at least the next five or more years. Tina smiled at Bette – the brunette was happy – that was obvious
    “I just gave you the keys to the candy store didn’t I ?” Tina said
    Bette blushed and nodded “I cannot deny that this is something that means one hell of a lot to me “
    “It means a lot to me too “ Tina said “it’s the logical next step for us really “
    Bette nodded and kissed Tina on the lips “ You will not regret it”
    “Neither will you” Tina replied “You are even more off the market than you were “
    “That makes me happy “ Bette said “Is there anything else that I can do for you – anything else we need to think about ?”
    “Bills and who does what and boundaries “ Tina said ticking them off on her fingers
    “Sounds a lot “ Bette said folding away her napkin
    “Not really – and we do need to sit down and talk about things without there being any bad feeling. I know you are very independent and you like to pay your own way but – you have to let me pay my share of the mortgage . I have savings from my mom, I will have the money from my apartment when I lease it out and – well – you know what that remuneration package is. I know what you are going to say – that the gallery is doing well and everything but -this has to be a relationship of equals babe. I will not be “ the little woman “
    “I – I never said that or thought it “
    Tina sighed “I am sorry – that came out harsher than I meant it to. Too many gay couples end up doing the old fashioned heterosexual thing. I saw it with my moms – Emma was the boss and wasn’t above letting Kate know it when she wanted to get her own way”
    “I am not Emma “ Bette said hurt at what Tina had said
    “Oh fuck – I know you are not and I never said that you were. What I am trying to say – and granted I am making an arse of it is that we are both well off and up to now we have been independent women living alone and making all the decisions ourselves. There is still going to be an element of that but when we start sharing a home it becomes our gas bill and our electricity bill. it’s the little things that we will fall out over – as insane as it is – that’s where a relationship starts to crumble. When what you or I – put up with as a cute habit turns into “ if she does that one more time I am going to scream’ – I don’t want that for us. Lets get all of this out in the open now and talk things through and agree how we are going to do this. This is exciting and its scary Bette and I wouldn’t do this with any other woman but you – you are my soul mate – except you are my soul mate who has to have all her deodorant bottles in the right order. I am your soul mate and as you said early – I use the floor as an extension of my wardrobe. You iron everything including your running socks. There are so many areas where you and I are different. “ Tina touched Bette’s face and kissed her “I love you and there is no woman on this earth who I would rather spend my life with – but – we are different”
    Bette nodded “Yeah – I know what you mean “
    “I am not comparing you to Emma – you are so much more easy going and sensitive “
    Bette smiled “I know I am being silly “
    “No – no you are not – but – well my mom told me that one of the reasons she thought you and I had no chance was finding out from Rosemary what a dreamer and idealist you are. I think she imagined that this alpha gallery owner was pragmatic and not given to flights of fancy like me who she has been telling since I was 12 that I was a giddy day dreamer who spent too many hours watching movies “
    Bette smiled at the description “Your mother was badly fooled by the outer image “
    “She was “
    “But to be fair – that was the image that I had been trying to cultivate for years – my defence shield if you like “
    “Which I made short work of “
    “I think when I met you my defence shield was down for vital maintenance “ Bette smiled
    Tina chuckled and squeezed Bette’s hand under the table and moved closer to her
    “I just want us to have the best possible chance of making this stage in our relationship work. We do need to be practical – we are doing this for practical reasons – like keeping our relationship strong. I know that I love you so much Bette so far we have had the best times. But to make it work on a long term permanent basis – well its going to take work and compromise as well as friendship and respect and love “
    Bette nodded “I know that I am being silly”
    “No – no you are not but you have to be realistic. We are going to stumble now and again and have rows and all that but – we have the most amazing chance to make living together to be as wonderful as our relationship has been up to now . I love you Bette “
    “I love you too “
    Tina drank her wine and picked the menu up “You want any cake ?”
    Bette shrugged “I don’t mind – you want some ?”
    “We could share a slice”
    “Okay “
    “See “ Tina grinned “Compromise “
    Tina turned round and signalled for the waiter and placed an order for a slice of lemon cake and two forks. She looked at Bette
    “I want this to work “ she said softly “And that’s is going to mean both of us compromising – not just you. I am going to have to be a lot tidier “
    “And I have to be less anal “
    “No one is expecting either of us to change 70% of what we do. But if we both give way just a little bit we will reach a comfort zone and that will work “
    Bette nodded “ You are going to have more disposable income than me you know “
    Tina had guessed as much but hadn’t said anything
    “You and I don’t lead that wildly extravagant a life “ Tina said “ We eat out a couple of times a week and we go to the movies. I already have a movie pass where I go free – how about you get one too ?”
    Bette nodded “It makes sense”
    “I like that there are two cinemas close to your house “
    Bette held up her hand “Our house “
    Tina smiled “Our house “
    Bette sighed “Do you have a lawyer – it makes sense to put some of what we agree about the house in a contract”
    Tina kissed Bette – that had taken Bette a lot to say and it was proof that Bette was committed to their relationship working “I love you so much Porter “ Tina whispered.
    “Can we not tell your mom any of this ?”
    “Oh good god absolutely – its no one’s business but ours – thank you Bette”
    “I want you to feel secure “
    “I do feel secure with you – I don’t want to sponge off you – I want to pay my way and that does mean that I have to pay my share of the mortgage which will mean you will have extra cash”
    Bette smiled “That’s not occurred to me “
    “Good – and you have to tell me when I am being a slob “
    “And you have to tell me when I am being an anal freak “
    “You are just tidy and well organised “ Tina said
    “That’s not what you say when I pick your clothes off the floor “
    “Well stop picking them up – I will do it myself – you could throw them at me “
    Bette grinned and kissed Tina “We are going to be just fine honey “
    “I know that “

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    1. I love this story and this Bette and Tina. Bette is so very sweet. They really fit. But. Am I wrong or is Tina just a tad too obsessed with laying out the rules of them living together? I know she is both happy and nervous about it. Hope she can relax and enjoy this next chapter in their relationship.

    2. They are great together!

      I like the way how Tina rewarded Bette for her support! And how Bette give up total control to Tina.

      It will take a few changes on both parts to make their relationship a succes when living together. But they are both committed to make their relationship work and they are open for talking through things. Sure, they will have disagreements and fights, but who doesn’t have that when they are in a relationship.

      It is positive that Tina is now more open to the idea of children in the future but she is right, for the next few years they will be to career focussed, but it is progress and Bette will be delighted if Tina brings up that issue and say it is a possibility in the future. Bette will be a great mother and Tina as well.

      Awesome chapter!

      Thank you!

    3. I think this Bette and Tina are perfect for each other. Tina is a bit more aggressive than some and Bette is a little more of a worry wort. But neither are excessive about it either and they fits very well together.

      I do love this story. I am liking that these two are moving into together and look forward to seeing how they handle day to day life. I am wondering just how much time Tina’s job will take. Great compensation packages usually demand a great deal of time and dedication. And time dedicated to the job can get in the way of a good relationship.

      Thanks for this chapter……

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