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    is this love chp 115


    Chapter 114

    “How do you think they are getting on – have you heard from Helena ?”
    Tina and Bette were sitting in a cab going across town to the restaurant where they were eating with Helena and Emma. Tina would have happily stayed at home with Bette but she was feeling guilty about not going to the cemetery with her mother and the arrangement seemed the best way to catch up with her mom without excluding their respected partners.
    “They seemed fine today – I really was pleased that Helena was with your mom”
    “Yeah – you are right that it does look that they are sorting themselves out – I hope they can make it work”
    “Speaking of which – are we telling them ?”
    Tina smiled “About us ?”
    “Yeah ?”
    Tina rubbed Bette’s hand “Do you mind if we don’t “
    “Okay – can I ask why ?”
    Tina smiled “I would really like to tell your mom and dad first. They have always been so kind to me and they could not have done more to welcome me to the family – I would like to tell them first”
    Bette kissed Tina “Thank you “
    “It feels right that they know before anyone else. I just love them both so much and they have been fantastic”
    “They love you as well you know “
    Tina nodded “They treat me like I was already a part of the family “
    “Well now you are and you are right – they are going to be very happy at the news”
    “As long as they don’t expect grandchildren “ Tina chuckled
    Bette looked at her “That’s something we have to talk about “
    “Yes – it is – but “
    “I know “ Bette said “You are about to embark on something that is going to take up so much of your time – we don’t have the time to get a goldfish let alone discuss how we feel about having a family “
    “You know that I have soften in how I feel – I know that I was way over the top when we first talked about it and I hurt you. Since then – well – you know that I can see it happening “
    “But just not yet “ Bette raised an eyebrow
    “No “
    “That’s fine – we do have to talk about it but its way too soon in our relationship and I kind of want to have you to myself for a few years “
    “Thanks Bette – I know that I utterly messed this subject up the first time”
    “I sprung it on you “ Bette replied “I think we have both matured a little and we don’t have to do everything in a rush – we have forever “
    Tina kissed Bette again “Yes we do – and for now we are going to have to concentrate on learning how to live together and worrying about how all my stuff will fit into your place and all the practical things” Tina rubbed Bette’s face
    “I might – well – let me rephrase that – I did go at that conversation earlier like a bull in a china shop. I am sorry if you thought I was bossing you around “
    “You were a little “ Bette said
    “You need to tell me when I am being my mother”
    “Do you expect me to tell you are being Emma like and live ?”
    “Are you saying I would be unreasonable ?”
    “I am saying that if you were wound up to the point where you were being your mother – then – I would say that you are not in a place where you would welcome me pointing that out to you – fair point ?”
    “Yeah – but do tell me when I have calmed down “
    “I think – to be fair to you that you do know when you have over stepped the line”
    “True – we will work things out – we love one another too much to let stuff like that hurt what we have “
    The cab pulled up outside the Waldorf Astoria and Tina jumped out and paid the driver while Bette was still getting out. Tina raised an eyebrow at Bette
    “Something the matter ?”
    “No “
    “Porter ?”
    “Am I to expect that smooth behaviour more often now that you are a highly paid executive ?”
    “Is that a problem ?”
    “No – just checking “
    Tina flung her arms around Bette and kissed her “One of THE best things about my new job is that I will be able to spoil the woman I love – I am so looking forward to that”
    Bette could have reminded Tina about her speech about them being equals but the blonde was on such a high that she didn’t have the heart to bring her down even the smallest amount.
    “Just as well Helena is picking up the tab for this one “
    “Lets get inside – I am really looking forward to seeing how they are getting on”

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    1. Very nice chapter….. good to see all of them progressing and getting on with their lives. Kate was obviously a very special person, but now Emma and Tina have a new very special person. This is a nice evening for all of them.

      Thanks for this chapter….. they are getting closer to that discussion on having children. I can see Tina coming around to wanting children just as much as Bette does. But Tina is only 27 years old. She still has so much of her life to experience before she and Bette assume the responsibilities of children. I believe that Bette will be fine with waiting as well since she is still in the career building and relationship building mode. When the time is right, they will know it.

      Great story…. thanks for your many chapters.

    2. So glad they are moving in together. Hopefully, they will adhere to their promise to each other to make time for themselves away from their busy careers. Tina will become very consumed with work to prove herself worthy of this new position

      Happy too that Tina took care of her woman! Nice twist to the alpha Bette

      Thanks for your post – keep them coming on!!!

    3. Great chapter!

      It was a good day for all of them and it was very sweet they each honored Kate during the toast.

      And Tina is so right in wanting to tell Rosemary and Melvin first that they are moving in together.

      A well deserverd vacation before they will be both busy with there carrieres. They need to make time together when they are both swamped with work and the MBA course Tina will do.

      Positive that Tina changed her mind about children and they both agree that it is still a few years ahead before they will think about adding to the family.

      Love this story!

      Thank you and have a great weekend!

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