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    is this love chp 115


    CHAPTER 115

    “So I gather from dinner the other night that you two are back together ?”
    Bette and Helena were looking at the menu at their favourite place to have lunch. It was close enough to Bette’s gallery while also being far enough away from Helena’s office that she was sure she wasn’t about to run into anyone.
    Helena ordered a tuna salad, a large coffee and a pie of apple pie and handed the menu back to the waiter. Bette placed her order and looked over at Helena
    “Well ?”
    Helena smiled “Yeah – its good “
    “The relationship or the sex ?” Bette pressed “Are you back to – we are just having a good time and it will probably all come to an end next week or is this a little more grown up?”
    “You are an inquisitive bitch – you know that Porter ?”
    “Its called caring Helena – try looking it up on Google “
    Helena laughed “I am deeply moved by your concern”
    “Thank you – are you planning to answer the question or not ?”
    “Sorry – what was the question ?”
    “What is the state of play with you and my mother in law ?”
    “Its good “
    “Again with the half ass answer Peabody – are you dragging this out for sport or because you are in a difficult mood ?”
    “I could be doing both “
    “You could “ Bette waited “Its in your nature to be difficult”
    “Me ! Difficult – that’s rich coming from you Ms Pot “
    “Did you call me Ms Kettle ?” Bette replied in an instant
    They both laughed
    “Okay – well – yeah – Emma and I had a good long talk – a proper talk with a discussion about feelings and hopes and dreams and fears “
    “Fuck me “ Bette said “That is serious stuff “
    “Tell me about it – it is not the sort of conversation that I am used to having “
    “You are more used to getting out of the place when that sort of conversation is suggested by the just about to be ex “
    “Exactly “
    “Who started this grown up conversation ?”
    “Well it was both of us really – we had to talk about what had happened with the picture and the way she lost her head and was blaming everyone apart from herself. Then when that was put away we had to both face the fact that being apart had totally sucked – it was bad “
    “I wasn’t to sure how to deal with you – I wanted to help you – -we both did but “
    “I know – I know Bette – usually I hide the hurt behind getting drunk or laid or having a spending spree “
    “Or all three but not at the same time”
    “Yeah – you could be right – but this time – well I needed to figure out how I felt”
    “I was worried when I saw that money grabbing bitch Dylan at your party “
    “You know “ Helena said shaking her head “I am really not too sure how that happened”
    “I presume you invited her “
    “I did – I was just going through my email address book and next thing I had invited her”
    “There was one or two of your less than serious exes there but Dylan – well I was surprised when I saw her – and I was worried too “
    “If I had thought a lot about it I wouldn’t have invited her but I did “
    “Would you have invited her if you two hadn’t fallen out ?”
    “I don’t know – seeing Dylan did help me. You know how I am just pathetically helpless when it comes to her. Regardless of what she has done to me”
    “And how many times you have told me that its over and she can fuck off and you never want to see her again…”
    “You know me too well – – well yes – I say that its over for the last time and we both call her names and you say you never liked her and I agree with you “
    “You usually say she’s crap in bed as well “
    “Yeah – that’s always a lie – anyway.. You know that my self control when it comes to Dylan is less than useless right”
    “I do “
    “Well all she did at that party was piss me off – man she got on my nerves. She was being – well herself but I didn’t fall for it. I just saw her for this money obsessed, nasty piece of work that I know everyone else has seen all these years. She just annoyed me and made me want to pour a drink over her head”
    “Man have I wanted to do that more than once “ Bette admitted
    “I guess she’s lost that hold over me – she cannot hurt me any more because I don’t crave her the way I always have. I was indifferent to her – so maybe it was a good thing that she was there because it certainly helped me see that the hold she had over me wasn’t there any more “
    “Which lead you to letting Emma out of the doghouse ?”
    “It crystallised what I had been thinking about Emma which was that I missed her bad.”
    “What did you miss ?”
    “Not just the sex – I know what I guess we have both said but its more than sex – it wasn’t at the start. At the beginning it was lust and we found to our amazement that we clicked as lovers. She’s got a whole life times worth of experience and she brings it all to bed”
    “Too much “ Bette said smiling
    Helena laughed “Anyway – so as not to gross my best friend out – we talked and we both agreed that it wasn’t just the physical – we get on. We make each other laugh and we have a good time and she’s not an air head and you and I have both dated too many of them “
    “Yes – I have to admit that I was attracted to Tina when I saw her photo on the website but it started to get more than a desire when we started talking about movies and books and art and everything else. Sex is awesome and it’s the cornerstone of any successful long term relationship but you cannot build a future on it “
    “So “ Bette said “ Do I assume that you do see a long term relationship with her?”
    “I know all the reasons why have the odds stacked against us – yes she’s only a few years younger than my mother while I am closer in age to her daughter than to me but – I keep thinking – what if she is the one – what if I am meant to be with her “
    “Did you come to any conclusions ?”
    “Just that I want to see if we can make it work for longer than a few days or weeks. Maybe it isn’t meant to be – but I don’t know and I would hate to push her away from me just because I gave it as much of a shelf life as everyone else “
    Bette nodded “I understand “
    “I know you do and I know that Tina does but you two are still the only ones. We haven’t done very well impressing our mom and dad “
    “And then there was Peggy “
    “I know that she isn’t going to come round by us taking her to dinner and showing her – maybe she will never approve of us”
    “I know she is a stubborn old bag but she does love you Helena “
    “I know – I have had a couple of conversations with her while we were talking about the re-organisation. I told her that I was back with Emma and she just said – do as you want Helena”
    “Well its not exactly a ringing endorsement but its not her usual barbed onslaught on you “
    “I know – have you been talking to her about us ?”
    “Not really – Tina might have – I wonder if its got back to Peggy that you were there for Emma when she went Kate’s grave ? That was a really good and kind thing for you to do and it impressed Tina “
    “I wasn’t trying to impress anyone – I just wanted to be there for her like you wanted to be there for Tina”
    Their meals arrived and they swapped small talk for a few minutes.
    “Why don’t you two take Rosemary and Melvin out – just the four of you. When the six of us got together it didn’t help that I was so angry because of the painting and the of you were not in good form. We have seen the two of you much happier and it showed. It will be less of a performance if its just the 4 of you “
    “I guess its not easy to take Rosemary’s attentions away from her favourite future daughter in law “
    Bette grinned “ We really surprised them last night “
    “Oh yeah ?”
    Bette was looking forward to this “After we had been to see Kate’s grave Tina and I started talking about how we would cope when she was doing her new job and the MBA “
    “it’s a tough learning curve for her – but she should be more than up to it”
    “So we talked about it and we have decided that our relationship is ready for the two of us to live together “
    “WOW – oh that is great “
    Helena jumped up and hugged Bette who beamed
    “How did you keep that from me the other night ?”
    “It wasn’t easy- we wanted to tell my folks first – we will probably tell Emma before we go on holiday on Monday “
    “Bette – you have finally snared the girl of your dreams “”
    “I have and I couldn’t be more thrilled “
    “This is great Bette – I know its what you have wanted for a long time”
    “It is – I know she is the woman for me and it just makes sense for us to share my place”
    “What is she doing with her apartment ?”
    “She is planning to rent it out – it’s a great apartment and she can easily get over a $1,000 a month for it. She is looking for an rental agency – we will probably do it when we get back “
    “Sounds sensible “
    “It is – there are some practicalities to iron out but its what we both want Helena”
    “I am thrilled for both of you “
    “Not a word to Emma”
    “I am not seeing her tonight – she’s got some law firm shindig”
    “So what are you doing ?”
    “I am going to breast cancer fund raiser “
    “Okay -we are going to the movies tonight but we will try and see Emma in the next couple of days “
    “So Bette Porter is going to be sharing her place with a woman – I assume she knows how anal you are “
    “Hey – she said that as well “
    “Be fair Bette – you are “
    “Yes but its better than being as untidy as my beloved is”
    “Is she really bad ?”
    “Not as bad as she was but still annoying “
    “Yeah but you love her “
    “Yes I do and I know that this is the right time for us – can I run something by you “
    “Sure “
    “I have had this idea as a house warming gift for her – not a word – see what you think of this….”

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    1. Oh Peggy….not a good decision. This will drive them closer together. And Tina is not going to like it either and neither will Bette. People are capable of making of making their own decisions and choices. The more Peggy interferes, the more likely Helena will resist her mother’s influence. My bets are that Emma and Helena will slip off and legally marry in order to send a message to Peggy. I see Helena quitting her position and purchasing her own business to occupy her time. And if Helena decides that it is time to have a child while Emma works, what will Peggy do then? Not a good thing….

      Thank you for this chapter….. another surprise, yet you hinted a couple of chapters ago that Peggy was up to something. Peggy needs to take a deep breath and go on holiday for a while.

      I know that Peggy can keep her business relationship with Tina separate from her personal relationship. But I do not know if Tina can. Tina’s life is very interwoven between personal and business, and conflicts will not make her life easy. Dealing with Helena is one thing, but defending her mother is another matter especially if she sees her mother being wronged.

      Give us what you can when you can….

    2. Uh oh. Not a fan of Emma, but….what did Peggy say to Tina about telling her when she is wrong? Does that only apply to business? Please don’t keep us hanging. Love this story. One a personal side note – I have finally gotten used to the dual love story I guess but would love to see more Bette and Tina. And more Melvin and Rosemary. I worry about B and T relationship and not sure why. Bette is so romantic. She has a special gift for Tina and yet it is going to be more drama yet again. I believe Bette fell in love with the Tina that is like Kate. Yet she also has some of Emma’s characteristics. I hope Tina is able to preserve that part of her that Bette fell in love with while working for Peggy. I fear working for Peggy will change Tina, harden her. With Tina’s new job and the MBA when will they have time just for them? Ironically Helena may end up with the life that Bette craves.

    3. Oh oh Peggy, that was so not the move to try to seperate Helena and Emma. If anything it will bring them closer.

      Stay Out of their relationship. They are capabele enough to mess it up by them self.

      Good talk between Bette and Helena, i like that they still make time to sit together and talk of have fun.

      Is it Vacation time?

    4. OMG! Peggy has gone off the rails! I thought earlier Emma held the title “Queen Bitch”….but the Kennard Queendom has been dethroned! The crown now belongs to Queen Peggy! This is getting ugly. pPS

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