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    is this love chp 116

    CHAPTER 116

    Emma looked at Peggy in disbelief and sadness – she had known that Peggy would do anything to split them up but this was one of the worst things that she could have imagined.
    “Peggy – I really thought better of you – I didn’t think that you would really stoop so low as to set Helena and I up with escorts – how much did it cost you ?”
    “It was money well spent – my daughter is clearly not as committed to you as you would like to have deceived yourself that she was”
    “I think that you are wrong on that one mother”
    Peggy’s jaw dropped when Helena walked into the room looking very much in control and calm
    “What is this ?”
    “This is you going too far “
    “I am doing this for the right reasons “
    “No – no you are not – you are doing it out of spite and malice. Well guess what mom – it failed and it backfired. It may amaze you to know that Emma and I talk – we have conversations – we ring each other on and off during the day -she sends me a text before she goes into court and I wish her luck on her day. So when some young woman started to come onto her – she texted me. Which was why about 15 minutes later and some woman came onto me at the breast cancer benefit I immediately told her. It was Emma who figured out that we were both being played – so when Emma was looking up her brunette this morning I was actually in the offices of a top escort agency seeing if I could find me a cute blonde – and there she was – Shannon was very nice mom but not my type”
    “You knew – both of you ?”
    “Yes – we both knew that you were trying to split us up “
    Helena was starting to hate this conversation – she had been angry the night before and that had given way to tears as the lovers had meet up after their respective nights out. Now face to face with her mother who had been behind this horrible trick was too much too soon for Helena
    “I don’t want to be near you mother – I don’t know if Emma is the one for me but all I do know is that she would never pull a stunt like this “
    “Oh yeah – and what was it when she tried to get Tina with Bette and then she suddenly decided that Helena was the best bet ?”
    “Leave Tina out of this “
    Peggy held her hand to her mouth “Shit “
    “What ?”
    Peggy walked over to the room where she had left Tina. She opened the door and the files were all over the floor but Tina was missing. Peggy slammed the door
    “Fuck “
    “What ?”
    “Tina must have over heard some of our conversation – she was in there working her way through some files”
    Emma put her hands to her face “No “
    “She must have heard what had gone on “
    “This is all your fault Peggy – she adores you – she is so happy about this job that you have given her and now you have fucked her up as well. I don’t care what you do to me Peggy but you are some piece of shit to hurt Helena and Tina in one.”
    Peggy did a quick calculation and picked up her phone
    “Jack – get me security – I want to know if Tina Kennard has left the building “
    Peggy waited a few minutes and then put the phone down
    “She left about five minutes ago”
    “So how much did she hear ?” Helena demanded “Shit mother – if she left after you told Emma that you knew I had slept with the escort she is going to be after my blood – well done mom – you really are on a roll at the moment – who are you going to hurt now ? You really don’t think through the consequences of your actions do you – you have hurt me and Emma and now Tina – this is going to drag Bette, Rosemary and Melvin into this – you really are something else mom. Right now I don’t trust myself with you – I am taking some unpaid time away from work – you have pulled some shit in your time – but this “ Helena shook her head doing her best not to cry -”This is too far – even for a Peabody “

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    1. Oh oh, you are the drama Queen of this site.

      What a terrible thing Peggy has done and now Tina is missing, not knowing the whole story. This is a utter mess and drags our couple in it.

      I am not a fan of Emma and Helena in a relationship, but Peggy has gone to far. She should have stay out of it and let it run its course. Now she has lost her child and maybe Tina working for her. She lost the respect for now from Bette and maybe her parents when they hear what she has done.

      Most important, where is Tina?!!! Go find her Bette!

      Great chapter!

    2. Waking up to this on a Sunday morning is only okay if there is another post SOON. Where did Tina go? She turned off her phone. This messes up everything. Tina really adored Peggy. And vice versa. No way Tina is going to want to go forward with the job. And she was so happy and excited. Not anymore. Maybe Helena can talk to her. I guess the birthday truce was a one off. Peggy will have to do an awful lot of explaining and apologizing and that just doesn’t seem like her style. On the other hand she loves and respects Bette and when she realizes she may have lost her and by proxy the respect of Melvin and Rosemary she may very well finally do some heartfelt apologizing. I love Peggy. Such a phenomenal character. But she obviously can be a handful. Admit I did not see this coming. Emma and Helena not a great pairing in my opinion. BUT…. not cool. Does Peggy Peabody do guilt? We will see. AND where is Tina? AND why didn’t she go to Bette? Such a journey. Please update soon.

    3. My bet is that Tina is either at her apartment or Bette’s apartment. I need to read back, had Bette and Tina completed the moving of Tina to Bette? I didn’t think they had but planned it to be completed before leaving Monday on vacation. She is somewhere just trying to think this through.

      There is nothing like giving someone enough rope that they will hang themselves with with it as a trap. But then to lie to someone about doing it or the results of the trap is beneath immoral. Peggy was warned by Tina herself to let this work itself out. But Peggy could not exhibit any kind of patience whatsoever and has been caught by the person she really did not want to be caught with – Tina!! Upsetting Helena or Emma did not mean as much as upsetting Tina and who in return will upset Bette. Oh what complicated webs weave when we practice to deceive.

      Both Emma and Helena conducted themselves as adults in both their conversations with Peggy and with Bette. They were never irrational. They never threatened. They merely allow the plot to unfold and Peggy to see that she had been trapped in her own trap and her losses may be far greater than she ever anticipated…

      And Bette is right – how Tina handles this once the all the facts are known are up to Tina. It’s Tina’s employment and her future which lies in the balance. The question becomes – can she overlook this behavior from her boss which was unethical and clearly directed to besmirch the character of Emma and Helena?

      This chapter is very impressive. The author has brought the most unsympathetic couple to the most unabashed victims of parental objection I believe I have ever seen.. The same couple has gone from giggly teenagers to mature responsible women who are conducting themselves in a responsible relationship. An amazing chapter. Honors for best drama for the month ……

      Thank you for this….. wonderful story….

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