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    is this love= chp 117

    Bette reached home and let herself in. The first thing she did was to look at the alarm panel beside the front door. It was disabled – that meant that either there was a very smart burglar in the house or Tina was home. Bette put her bag on the stairs and wandered into the living room. Tina was lying on the sofa staring at the ceiling. Bette took off her jacket and hung it up. She sat down in a chair facing the sofa and waited. After a few minutes Tina looked across at her. Bette raised an eyebrow and smiled
    “Bad day at Black Rock ?”
    Tina nodded “How do you know ?”
    “Where is your phone ?”
    “Probably in my jacket”
    Bette nodded “I had a visit from Helena and “
    “HELENA – if you are her to fucking well defend that slut”
    “Steady on “
    “Do not try and make out that what she did was okay”
    “She didn’t do anything”
    “She told you ? And you believed her ?”
    “Will you listen to me for a couple of minutes before you explode ?”
    “What ?”

    “Your mom figured out what was going on. Helena was at a charity bash – they were texting one another all night – they were both getting chatted up at roughly the same time. You heard Emma confronting Peggy – if you had hung around you would have found out that Helena was outside and she joined in the argument. They didn’t cheat on one another – ring your mom – she knows that Helena didn’t do anything”
    “Are you sure?”
    “Come on Tina – you know that I am on your side. They were both set up by Peggy. Neither cheated on the other – what Peggy did has backfired because everyone is going to hate her for this – she has just screwed up on a scale that she cannot have envisaged”
    Tina swung herself round on the sofa and looked at Bette
    “I cannot believe that Peggy would stoop so low “
    “I wish I could say that I was shocked and surprised but Peggy does have a record of interfering. I am sure I have told you already that she did buy one lover off when Helena was in college”
    “So mom can expect to get a offer she cannot refuse ?”
    “In those days Helena’s lovers could be got rid of relatively cheaply. “
    Tina rubbed her face and after a few minutes she looked up at Bette
    “I cannot work for her Bette “
    “You don’t have to make a decision yet “
    “I have – how can I work for her when she would do that to her daughter and to my mom ?”
    “You have one day before you finish for our holiday – chill out tomorrow – we will go away and we have three weeks to make any decisions “
    “My mind is made up “
    “In that case you can make Peggy suffer for 3 weeks – you weren’t going to start working for her full time for another week after we get back anyway – plenty of time “
    Bette knew from experience that the best way to deal with Tina was to give her as much time as she needed to calm down. This was raw for Tina and she had been sitting chewing all of this over for over an hour and she was upset.
    Bette got up “I am hungry – you want a sandwich ?”
    “Okay “
    Bette got up and wandered off into the kitchen and pottered around for a few minutes looking in the fridge for possible sandwich filling and something to drink. She was eating a raw piece of mushroom when Tina came through.
    “Okay ?”
    “Not really “ Tina said
    Bette closed the fridge door “Anything I can do ?”
    “You know the answer to that “ Tina came across and Bette hugged her. Tina held onto Bette as tightly as she could
    “Bette “
    “I know sweetheart – it utterly fucking sucks”
    “I couldn’t believe it”
    “I imagine it wasn’t a conversation that any of them wanted you to hear”
    “I really thought that I had got everything going my way at last”
    “You still have me even if you don’t want to take the job”
    Tina looked at Bette “I wish I hadn’t resigned the job at the book store “
    “I mean it – lets just let the dust settle and go on holiday. Have you left anything in your office?”
    “A few things”

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    1. Great….Great dialogue between all of them. Peggy is getting just what she deserves.

      How do you straighten this mess up Peggy? I think Tina is pretty pissed!! Bette is doing the right thing by asking her to leave town before she resigns. A cooling off period is appropriate. If she still as angry, then a resignation can be handed in any time.

      Perfect Chapter…. Thank you… Love this story…

    2. Not sure how I feel about this story right now. From a readers viewpoint I’m thinking if this kind of drama continues it will eventually destroy what Bette and Tina are working so hard to build. Tina needs to spend more time with Melvin and Rosemary – normal people. Between Emma and the painting and now Peggy stirring the pot to the extent where Tina probably has no job – it is just too much. How can Tina truly enjoy being away when she has lost so much? She can’t. It’s incredibly unfair to her. Tina needs to talk to Peggy before she goes away. Maybe a little honesty from Peggy is in order. Otherwise it will be a miserable vacation. Bette can’t hand hold Tina through life. Helena can’t fix it for her. Emma can’t fix it. Peggy is the only one and even she can’t fix it but she can explain herself. Right now Tina is at less than zero having quit the bookstore job. Bette should realize that Tina needs this before they go away. Need to untangle these characters. Please.

      • Billy,
        Tina is still a very young woman just beginning her professional life with an Ivy League education and some inheritance so she would not starve but would cover her basic needs in life (food, shelter & clothing) until she finds something she wants to do. And if that runs out, Emma may want to “loan” her money to tide her over. Tina is talented, smart, nice looking and industrious. Sure this incident will knock her on her butt for a short period of time. But it will not keep her from being who she wants to be. She has a multitude of options. She lives in New York City which is home to 20 million jobs. Surely there are a few that Tina could snag which would be to her liking. Or, she might decide to go do her masters program and pay for it out of her inheritance if she believes that will benefit her in the future. The job at the bookstore and with the Foundation fell into her lap with very little effort from Tina. Wonder what would happen if she actually went out and searched for the job she wanted using all her friends and contacts or even hiring a headhunter?

        This would be a severe disappointment, but I do not see Tina wallowing in her misfortune for any long period of time. It is not this job who defines who Tina is. Its Tina and her relationships who define who Tina is. It is one of those things that happens in life. And if it does affect her relationship with Bette, it will be because she allowed it to.

        I find Tina’s ethics to be wonderful. There are not many people who would give up a salary and benefits with a prestigious organization as a top executive in New York City at the age of 27 over unethical behavior of their boss. Most would find a way to rationalize the behavior and look the other way and take the job.

        My question now is: Will Tina think lesser of Bette if Bette continues her art dealer relationship with Peggy? I think that would effect the relationship as I am sure Peggy is a large percentage of Bette’s revenue. And Bette’s assets are in her apartment and her gallery.

        In the end, Tina has a lot going for her. She certainly does not have less than zero. She has a temporary setback on her career path, that can be overcome in a short period of time. In the meantime, she is not hurting financially. She still has her friends and Bette and her mom. And if the job was that meaningful, then she has the option of not resigning.

        • Thanks Martha. Well said. You are very insightful. I was thinking more from a self esteem, psychological standpoint than financial. Tina is definitely Kate’s daughter; she is honorable and feels things deeply; she is vulnerable. That’s why I think speaking to Peggy before she goes away with Bette would be beneficial. I do not see Tina turning this off when they go away. Do you? The loss of Kate was so huge for Tina. She is still a little lost. Emma speaking her displeasure at Tina’s choices and seeming lack of motivation did not help in her mourning Kate. Sure Tina has money and will not starve. Yes she is still young. And she is bright and has a good education. She could have joined the law firm. To me it is so much more than financial. Maybe she will shake it off and I am entirely wrong. Hope she does. But if the situation with Peggy is not resolved beyond Tina not taking the job and Helena quitting I stand behind it leaching into Bette and Tinas relationship and Bette’s livelihood. Bette has already spoken to Peggy and hopefully that relationship is not severed. Bette loves Peggy. Peggy loves Bette and listens to her. Maybe a little honesty from Peggy can set this right. Maybe sharing how much she wants grandchildren can help. Love this story so much just not this turn of events.

          • While on vacation, they will discuss Peggy from time to time during. some part of the first few days, But after a few days, they will completely avoid the topic. They will have said all that can be said. Bette is more of the obsessive or worrier than Tina. Tina will move on to topics on the future. Bette & Tina will after a few days act as if the outside world does not exist. This is the nature of a dreamer. They may make some decisions with respect to their future on this trip or they may just do a lot of what ifs to determine the other’s thoughts and attitudes toward things. Within a couple of days, they will be so into each other that New York will seem like a distant planet.

            My thoughts are that Bette and Tina will have a preliminary plan of how to get Tina a job before they are served their last drink this afternoon.

    3. Got to feel for all of them. Peggy has let them all down in a terrible way. Everyone will be affected by what Peggy has done. Yes, I can see that it could have long term problems for Tibette as Bette does rely heavily on Peggy’s contacts & influence for her business. But she can still run a lucrative business without Peggy’s help if needed.

      Tina is so hurt & disappointed. Her sense of morality & protecting her mother is obvious. Glad that Bette explained to her that Helena did not accept the temptation & stood by Emma.

      Looking forward to how Peggy tries to apologize for this.

      Thanks for writing. Love your stories.

    4. Looking forward to how Peggy tries to get out of acting so badly.

      Love how Bette stands up to her and calls a spade a spade.

      Tina will be made the stronger by this and she should go on holiday and let Peggy stew.

      Looking forward to your next post of Drama, your Majesty!
      Stay safe

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