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    is this love = chp 118


    CHAPTER 118

    Bette took her sunglasses off and looked across at the panoramic view that she was gradually getting used to seeing every morning. They were staying at the Four Seasons on Nevis and it was the most beautiful place with the nicest view Bette could imagine. From the terrace where she was sitting she could see most of the hotel and behind it was Nevis Peak which they had been to the day before. Nevis was one of the smallest islands in the West Indies which suited them both down to the ground. They did have plans to spend some time on at least one other island but for now they were happy on this small island that was only 7 miles long and 5 miles wide.
    Tina emerged from their room and sat down beside Bette. Bette took hold of Tina’s hand and smiled at her
    “You okay ?”
    “Yeah “
    “There is nothing we can do while we are here “ Bette said after a few minutes.
    The whole mess about Peggy hiring two escorts to “ test “ Helena and Emma was still impacting them. Tina was determined that she couldn’t work with Peggy again – that had been her early stance and that hadn’t really changed. Before they had left for their holiday both Helena and Emma had told Tina that she should ignore what had happened and she should certainly accept the job offer. That had annoyed Bette, it wasn’t up to anyone to tell Tina what to do and now Tina was confused and it was hanging over them here on their holiday.
    “I know – I just don’t want to go back and be unemployed “
    “You will not be unemployed – you will find something – I have faith in you and I know that you have faith in yourself now more than you ever have in the past”
    Tina sighed “Why is everything we do tainted by my mother and Helena ? – you remember us going up to Maine ? It was just after that bloody argument about the painting “
    “We have to be able to block them out”
    “You are fed up with talking about it “
    Bette looked at Tina “I want you to myself – you and I are embarking on the next stage of our relationship . I am going to give it everything that I can to make us happy”
    “And you think that I am not ?”
    “No – of course not. I know that you are committed to what is happening between us”
    Tina wasn’t sure that she believed Bette. She was worried sick about her professional future and although Bette was being patient there was a limit to how much she was prepared to debate while they should be chilling out and really having a good holiday.
    “What are you planning today ?” Tina asked
    “What do you want to do ?” Bette replied
    “I know we talked about this when we were on the plane coming over here but I would like to spend a little bit of time on my own. My head is all over the place and its not fair on you “
    “I don’t mind “
    “I mind that I cannot really enjoy this beautiful island and my even more beautiful lover because this is working round and round in my head”
    “So what are you thinking of doing ?”
    “Just going for a walk – maybe getting a hire car and driving for a while and seeing if I can get this out of my head “
    Tina had expected a sulk or some protesting from Bette but after a few seconds the brunette nodded “Okay – please take care “
    Tina nodded “I will – what are you going to do ?”

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    1. Well, the timing is a bit off from my prediction, but I think the general trajectory matches. With a decision as to the general plan, our two lovebirds can concentrate on each other. This sounds like a wonderful vacation spot. They deserve some alone time. Its an excellent plan – getting her MBA.

      Thanks for this new chapter…

    2. Sweet chapter.

      Seems like Tina has made up her mind about Peggy – as in not working for her.

      Sounds like the masters programs will be good for Tina & allow her to determine her own career course.

      Glad they were able to reconnect & love each other.

      Thanks so much.

    3. Kinda glad Tina is not working for Peggy. She and Bette were becoming too enmeshed in all that, Bette’s BF, Peggy dating Emma… all of those relationships swirling around her place of employment does not bode well and already shows that she had to spend a day away from Bette on their vacation to get her head right. Plus I kinda like the idea of Tina accomplishing the Masters degree on her own, using her own money and dedicating her time to her relationship and her career. What a great direction to take.

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