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    is this love chp 126

    CHAPTER 126

    Bette was trying to hold Tina up after they had got out of the cab that had dropped them off outside their soon to be shared home. Tina was drunk – very drunk. One bottle of champagne with Peggy was never going to be enough. Peggy was so thrilled at being let off the hook by Tina that she had leapt right into their celebrations and she had picked up the tab for the dinner and more expensively -their drinks as well. Bette was pleased that Tina and Peggy had made their peace – Tina wasn’t going to work for Peggy but she had hinted that when she came out of college she might be handing Peggy her resume and angling for another interview. Peggy would have preferred it if Tina was already under contract to her but she was happy to take what she could get – and she wanted their friendship more than she wanted a new employee.
    “Come on babe – stand up straight “
    “I don’t think I can “
    “Come on – I am trying to get you up the steps and into the house – just stand still while I get the key out “
    Bette let go of Tina and watched anxiously in case the blonde fell over. She swayed a little – well a lot but stayed upright. Bette quickly got her house key out of her bag, picked up Tina’s bag because she had dropped it and grabbing the blonde by the waist she started to steer her up the five steps to the front door.

    It took Bette ten minutes but finally she got her inside and perched the drunk down on the stairs while she locked the door, put their bags on the side table. She looked at Tina who was grinning in an insane way. Bette set the alarm and crossed her arms and looked at her
    “You are drunk Tina Kennard “
    “Am I ?”
    “Yes “
    “Sure about that ?”
    “Given what you and Peggy drank – yes “
    “Are you drunk ?”
    “Not as drunk as you – one of us had be the responsible adult and that was me tonight”
    Tina lent against the stair balustrades and smiled at Bette
    “You are very sexy Bette – do you know that ?”
    “I do know that you think that – you told the head waiter three times that I was the sexiest woman in New York “
    “You are “
    “You are biased “
    “I thought you said I was drunk “
    Typical drunk logic there Bette thought with amusement.
    “Would you like to stand up so we can go to bed ?”
    “Is there anything else to drink ?”
    “Unless its water – you have had enough “
    “Have I ?”
    “Yes “
    “If you say so “ Tina said
    “I do “ Bette said nodding
    “Okay “
    Tina lent further against the balustrade and closed her eyes
    “Oh no – come on you – you cannot sleep on the stairs “
    “Sure I can “
    “No – no you cannot “
    Bette lifted Tina up and turning her round they staggered upstairs holding onto one another. Bette got Tina into their room and let her gently collapse onto the bed.
    Bette sat down on the edge of the bed and touched Tina’s face
    “I love you “
    “That’s nice “
    “My favourite post graduate student “
    “Who is ?”
    “You are “
    “Cool “
    “Are you planning to take your clothes off so you can go to bed “
    “Yeah “
    “Sure ?”
    “On your own ?”
    “Yes “
    Bette wasn’t too sure about that but she got up, stripped down to her bra and pants and headed into the bathroom to remove her make up and clean her teeth. When she emerged Tina had managed to remove her dress and that was all. She was back on the bed still wearing her shoes. Bette smiled and sat down and removed Tina’s high heels. Bette carefully put the shoes and dress away and returned to remove her stockings – it wasn’t easy because Bette had the inevitable reactions when she was touching Tina’s thighs. It was driving her crazy – but she kept going and managed to cast her stockings aside. Bette looked at Tina – half asleep in her bra and pants and her make up. Well the make up would have to stay – Bette couldn’t do anything about that. But she needed to get Tina into bed
    “Babe “
    “Hey Bette “
    “Can you open your eyes “
    “Sure “
    Tina was smiling but still lying with her eyes shut. Bette chuckled and lent forward and kissed her
    “Hello my beloved “
    “Hello “
    “Open your eyes “
    “Sure “

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    1. Wow….Tina knows how to get to Bette. My guesses are that they are going to be late for Thanksgiving Dinner… Oh well. Rosemary and Melvin will forgive them… Nice story.

      Thank you for this chapter.

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