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    is this love chp 127-128


    CHAPTER 127

    Tina just adored spending time with Melvin and Rosemary . They had , without exception, been utterly supportive about her and Bette. It was a whole new dynamic for her to be surrounded by a heterosexual couple – other than her grandparents she didn’t have much experience of that type of relationship. Thanksgiving was always going to be a day that they spent at Melvin and Peggy’s apartment – it simply had never been any other option. As she stood in the kitchen watching Rosemary lifting the most enormous turkey from the oven she reflected that she would be more than happy if this Thanksgiving meal became a regular event for her and Bette. Rosemary rested the tin containing the turkey on the kitchen unit and after removing her oven gloves she looked at Tina
    “Have you spoken to your mother ?”
    “Yes – she rang just before we set off over here”
    “How is she ?”
    “Sitting on a beach with Helena – they are drinking cocktails”
    “Where did you say they were ?”
    “Barbados “
    “Mom says its wonderful “
    “How are they doing ?”
    “Great “ Tina said with a smile “Holidays are something that my mother rarely takes – at least Helena talked her into going away “
    “We have been invited to dinner at Helena’s apartment next week “
    Tina smiled “Do you know what that is ?”
    Rosemary shook her head
    “Its mom and Helena coming out “
    “I think most of New York know that Helena and Emma are gay “
    “Coming on in terms of being open about their relationship”
    Rosemary raised an eyebrow “That makes it sound serious “
    “It is “ Tina said “Then falling out over that damn painting and the mess over Peggy setting them up made them both think and what they both decided was that they want to be more open”
    “Will you and Bette be there ?”
    “No – my mother’s logic is that my presence would just make it more of a freak show.”
    “Odd comment “
    “I can see what she means – even if she didn’t express it very well. If their relationship has any chance – then they need to be more open – they have reached where they are now with barely 10 people knowing they are a couple”
    “it’s a brave move “ Rosemary lifted the lid of a pan and looked at the potatoes
    “it’s the right thing for them to do”
    “Is emma worried that she will be laughed at ?”
    “Yeah “
    Rosemary threw the tea towel that had been on her shoulder onto the kitchen unit and sighed
    “She might be and she has to be strong enough to rise above it. Your mother has always been a proud woman “
    “She’s not doing anything wrong. Helena and her are equals – at least she‘s never seduced any interns like her co-partners“
    “I hope it goes well “
    “Can you imagine anyone without a death wish telling my mother to her face that she’s a cougar ?”
    Rosemary shook her head
    “No darling – come on – lets go and have a drink – the turkey needs to rest for a while and the potatoes will be a little longer “

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    1. Your writing of Rosemary and Melvin and their relationship explains why Bette is like she is – just adorable.
      Thank you for this story, sorry it’s coming to an end.

      Started my day off really well
      Stay safe

    2. Beautiful story!

      Rosemary and Melvin are fantastic parents and so loving with Tina. I see for the future a lot of great dinners and holidays with the four of them.

      Glad that there are a few more chapters left but sad it is coming to the end.

    3. This was a fantastic Thanksgiving celebration for the Porter Family – with the addition of Tina, and having Bette at the pinnacle of happiness, who could ask for more. Good food, good drink, story telling, traditions old and new!

      Funny to me that when Tina is the sexual aggressor, she always gets her way but when Bette is, not always. Bette sometimes get postponed to a later time. But that is just who they are. I find them both just adorable.

      Lovely chapters…. Thankyou

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