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    Is this love chp 63&64

    IS THIS LOVE – Chapter 63

    “Who is that Helena is dancing with?” Rosemary asked
    Rosemary was sitting between Emma and Peggy as the band started to play another tune and they watched as Tina spun round Bette as they danced. The three women were alone at the top table – Peggy having bullied everyone else to get up and dance. Helena was dancing with an elderly gentleman who could believe his luck.
    Peggy laughed “That’s old Will – he’s my financial lawyer – been working for me for longer than either of us can remember – he was a friend of my late husband. He watched Helena grow up so I think he’s well aware that she is just being polite “
    “She was saying earlier how her role at these events seems to make sure everyone else is having a good time “Emma said – she was keenly watching Bette and Tina who were by far the most beautiful couple in the whole room.
    “It is – she’s a very good daughter “Peggy admitted “There have been problems with her – she’s done some crazy things but – she’s reached an age when I am just supremely proud of the young woman that she is “
    “I think we are all proud of our little girls “Rosemary looked at Emma – she was aware of the under-current between Emma and Bette and she knew exactly what it was about. She just couldn’t understand why her old college friend was so apathetic towards what was a great relationship between their two daughters “I know that I could never have dreamed of how well Bette has turned out – Emma?”
    Emma looked at Rosemary “Yes – very proud “
    Rosemary exchanged looks with Peggy – could that have been less enthusiastic?
    “I have to credit Bette with how Helena has turned out – she was very messed up when she went to university and it was a truly fantastic day when her life crossed Bette’s. Bette is a very good influence on her “
    “They are good for each other “Rosemary said
    “You make them all sound so perfect “Emma said looking at Rosemary “I am sure that they are not that perfect “
    Peggy laughed “I just said that Helena has had some problems – and boy when they were at college, they were wild – I remember getting up after a party at my Malibu place and they were asleep on top of a grand piano”
    “That’s not bad “Emma replied
    “The grand piano – which I think cost me about $30,000 was in the ocean and they were asleep on top of it – the damn thing was ruined “
    “Who put it in the ocean?” Emma asked
    “That would be Bette”
    “The two of them have got up to a lot of mischief “Rosemary grinned “Do you remember what they were like when they graduated?”
    Peggy laughed “Oh yes – they were drunk for about a week “
    “There is a photograph somewhere of Helena serving Bette breakfast in bed and she is pouring champagne on Bette’s cornflakes “
    “That sounds disgusting “Emma laughed – that at least showed a wild side of Bette that she hadn’t been witness to so far
    “When they get together, they can seriously let their hair down. When Bette finally signed the documents to become the owner of her gallery, they drank a bar dry of champagne “
    “My daughter has expensive tastes “Peggy chuckled – signaling to a passing waiter that she would like another bottle of champagne delivered to their table. He nodded his acquiescence and disappeared off to find what had been ordered
    “My daughter had never got drunk on champagne before she met your daughter “Rosemary accused Peggy laughing good naturedly
    “Well darling – what do you expect – she is a Peabody – she is my daughter and she knows how to have a good time “
    Emma finished the last of her champagne and looked at the two women
    “Tell me something – just between the three of us -have you ever wished that they weren’t lesbians?”
    “That’s an odd question given your sexuality Emma “Rosemary said

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    1. Sorry to read you have to work monday. I hope you enjoyed your week off.

      I loved all the extra chapters!

      Ok, Emma did show her vulnerable side a bit, but still i found her negative towards Bette and their relationship. Emma shouldn’t compare herself with Bette. Yes, they were both players but that doesn’t mean they are the same.
      Emma loved the attention she got and Bette should have liked it too but Bette is, was, looking for a woman she could have a serious relationship with and build a family, a woman she found in Tina. Emma seems to judge Bette through how she was herself and through the gossip she heard. She should give Bette a fair chance and see with her own eyes how Bette is and how in love she is with Tina.

      I really hope that Tina and Emma can build a more loving relationship and Emma made a start by opening up to Tina about her feelings and relationship with Katie but i am still unsure about her.

      Fantastic chapter!!! Thank you for the frequent updates this week!

    2. I have three words for this chapter – Emma Emma Emma. And I am shaking my head sadly as I am saying them. Oy vey. She will regret meddling in their relationship. I love this story, looking forward to more…. Thanks

    3. Ok I’m all caught up now. And Finally looks like Emma let her guard down long enough for someone to get close like Tina. A talk that maybe should have happened a long while back. And yeah she needs to get laid. Lol love the last few chapters thank you. Love peggy and Helena.

    4. I like your Emma now. And i even share her opinion about this Tibette – they are too sweet, and that is not very believable. I would be skeptic about relationship like that too – because on practice relationship like that not lasting long

    5. Thanks for another part, thanks for spoiling us with so many parts this past week.

      I’m carefully optimistic about Emma. There seems to be hope for her relationship with her daughter. But you never know with E. Kennard. She might emphasize the player part of Bette to Tina and sow seeds of doubt in her daughter. Or Peggy and Rosi do find a great date for Emma and she’ll be too distracted to meddle in Tina’s life.


    6. I love the banter between Peggy and Rosemary….they are terrific together. Maybe they will find someone for Emma.

      Emma is or was the stero-typical player. Bette was not. I agree with Bibi28. Bette was always looking for the right woman. And she found what she thought was the right one and had her heart broken several times. How many times did Emma have her heart broken before she found Kate? Bette is not Emma, nor is she Rosemary. She is a unique kind and given woman who loves Tina. It is obvious to Helena, Peggy and to her parents.

      Hopefully, Emma has emptied her sole here for Tina and now she can put her doubts on the shelf and get on with life. Tina and Bette need to work their life out by themselves. If they need help or advise, they will ask.

      It looks like Emma does not remember what Bette told her: I will not allow anyone to hurt Tina….anyone. Someone who is looking for a fling does not say something like that ever….

      Great chapter – great to see Rosemary and Peggy together and their conversation…. Love the piano story as well.

      Love to read more…..Thank you for this….very entertaining…

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