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    Julia vs. Bette and Tina

    Tina’s Journal Entry #13
    I don’t even know how I feel or what to feel
    at this point. That was brutal.  

    Bette’s Journal Entry #14
    I have pushed down these emotions for months and they
    are gnawing at me. I feel them bubbling up inside of me
    constantly. It’s killing me. The look in Tina’s eyes. I never
    want to be the cause of that look ever again. She hurt me.
    And now I’m hurting her. Fuck me! How do we get beyond
    this? Can we get beyond this? I want to. I really want to. 

    Tina’s Journal Entry #14
    She called me Tee… 

    Bette’s Journal Entry #15
    I called her Tee… 

    Julia noticed Bette and Tina were sitting on opposite ends of the couch. She also noticed their body language and the looks on their faces. 

    “Shall we get started?” Julia asked.

    Neither of them spoke. Julia waited. Tina stole a glance. Bette kept looking forward. Stoic. Tina rolled her eyes. Julia made note of both of their demeanors. 

    “Did you do your homework?” Julia pressed. 


    “Okay,” Julia sighed. “We can sit here for the next 45 minutes in silence or you can tell me why you both are in such moods.” 


    Tina looked at Bette. Bette did not look at Tina. Tina threw up her hands and rolled her eyes. 

    “We did the homework,” Bette said flatly. 

    “Good. From your deportment, it suggests the homework did not go well.”

    “The homework was great actually,” Tina stole another glance at Bette.

    Bette did not flinch. She continued looking forward. Julia surveyed both of them.

    “If the homework was great as you put it, what is going on between the two of you right now.”

    Tina cleared her throat.

    “It was the conversation after the homework.”

    Julia understood. 

    “Okay. I see.”

    Julia looked between the two of them again. They both were in a state of unrest.

    “Well…before we get to the conversation after the homework, let’s discuss the actual homework first. Okay?”

    They both nodded.

    “Did you abide by the no verbally speaking for two days?”

    “Yes,” they said simultaneously. 

    “How was that experience?”

    “Torture,” Tina said.

    “Why was it torturous?”

    Bette cut her eyes towards Tina. 

    “Because I couldn’t talk to the one person I love talking to the most.”

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      • AGREE!! Love the progression of how Julia guided them allowing MUCH
        SILENCE with occasional “staredowns” from Bette.

        Bette FINALLY allowed the “helplessness” of loosing a child to be flushed with TEARS . . .

        and WITH TEARS mixed with Tina’s.

        HOW did U come up with:

        “You’re not an asshole. You just have asshole tendencies”.
        Bette lifted her left eyebrow.

        “Well you do. And so do I”. Said Tina quickly. “We are just two assholish people”.

        Shitt! Shytt!!! those are lines for the ages. I’ll nver 4get!!!!!

    1. Such a heart wrenching story and chapter.

      I love Julia as their therapist, she knows how to handle both Tina and Bette, to let them talk, to examine and explain their feelings.

      And to soften the emotional and heartbreaking feelings you add their inner thoughts which makes me smile for a moment.

      You are a fabulous writer, thank you for this amazing story!

    2. This may be my favorite chapter of this story. The ending – it’s just perfect and emotional, it made my cry (in a good way). You’re an excellent writer, this story is so well-written. I always look forward to the next chapter.

    3. I agree with Sassy Grand… this was a very emotional chapter. Sometimes, inorder to heal an emotional trauma, you need to re-live it and just share that pain with someone who can feel it with you. I see that both Tina and Bette simply repressed their hurt and fears to the point it caused problems. Problems in their decision making… problems with how they related to each other… and problems in their communication with each other. Now that some of this has been brought to the other’s attention, perhaps they can now forgive each other and move on to the relationship they desire. Now that they are both aware of what the other was thinking, perhaps there is a more definitive path to their happiness.

      Thanks for the chapter….

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