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    “You made it,” Tina smiled at Liz.

    “I wouldn’t have missed this for the world.”

    “Please behave.”

    Liz made a face.

    “Whatever do you mean?”

    Tina laughed.

    “Bette and I are working on…”

    Tina threw up her hands and shook her head.

    “We are trying to figure us out.”

    “Tina, I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize you and Bette getting back together. I’ve been the one trying to help.”


    Liz smiled. She put her hands on Tina’s shoulders and nodded.

    “Thank you.”

    “Oh, I invited Abby. I figured since she’s your new assistant, she needs to see first-hand what she will be dealing with. Hope that’s okay.”

    “Yes. That’s fine but what’s that supposed to mean?”

    Liz shrugged and giggled. Tina shook her head.

    “Let’s get this over with.”

    Tina took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

    “Bette’s in the kitchen.”

    Liz nodded.

    Bette felt Tina before she said anything. It was nice having that feeling back. Tina always gave her butterflies. She smiled to herself and licked her lips. 


    Bette looked over her shoulder. Her face went blank.

    “Hi, Bette,” Liz said.

    Bette took a deep breath.

    “Hello,” she said cooly. 

    Bette looked at Tina and rolled her eyes. Tina gave Bette a look begging her not to make a scene. Bette rolled her eyes again and nodded. Tina gave Bette her famous “be nice” look. Bette had seen that look many times in the past.

    “Tee, do we have to go to this thing?”

    “Yes, Baby. I have to make an appearance.”

    “Isn’t Henry the homophobic coccydynia?”

    “The what?”

    “The pain in the ass.”

    ”Why can’t you just say pain in the ass?”

    ”Because I like the way coccydynia sounds,” Bette shrugged.

    Tina shook her head and rolled her eyes. That was one of the things Tina adored about Bette. She was so fucking smart. Intelligent, beautiful, sexy, funny. Bette was the whole package and she was all hers.

    “Yep. That’s him. The coccydynia. We don’t have to stay long. But I do have to show up. You don’t have to come but I really want you to.”


    Tina rewarded Bette with a peck on the lips. Bette pulled her back in for a longer kiss before Tina wiggled out of her arms. She knew what would happen if they continued kissing. 

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    1. Wow !
      Great chapter!
      It’s hard hearing the truth, but it needs to be said, to come through this.
      I just hope they don’t sit on either end of the couch for too long!
      I’m waiting for them to move closer to each other and I’m waiting for the next chapter
      Thank you

    2. Oh my… I was unable to comment earlier and…this story of yours is…ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!
      I’m hooked, totally and insanely.

      If I have to highlight one thing it would be the dialogues: a-ma-zing! And the involvement of others from the group…so so so fucking cute :)

      Thank you!

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