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    Just the way you are


    Chapter One

    Tina Kennard got out of the shower and wrapped the bath towel around her body – it didn’t quiet meet at the ends. She struggled until one end was tucked under the other so it was tied around her body. She glanced at the scales in the corner and took a nervous step towards them. As she moved her knee throbbed and she winched as she moved – it wasn’t getting any easier despite her doctor reassuring her that it was just a little minor problem. She bent down to pull the scales out and the towel lost its battle to stay together and dropped at her feet. Muttering something about towels shrinking in the washing she stepped onto the scales. She closed her eyes – it took her a few seconds to summon up the courage to open them again and look at the scales.
    80k or put in a language she understood about 11 and a half stone. God – that was the heaviest she had ever been. She hadn’t weighed that much when she had been pregnant with her son Matthew. But she had put on weight when she had been pregnant and it had been a hellish birth that had meant she had been having health problems ever since. All the same – that was no excuse for being worrying close to 12 stone. She had let herself go in the nine months since she had become a mother for the first time. She couldn’t remember the last time she went to the gym – well that wasn’t true. She had gone about 3 months ago but had felt so fat and had become so frustrated at her inability to do anything close to the levels she had managed on the bike and the treadmill pre Matthew that she had not gone back again. She made plans to go but always her schedule managed to put excuses her way. She felt frumpy and she hated that. For better or for worse her job was making movies and in movies the slimmer you were the more screen time you got – fat people were usually baddies. God – what a sick business she worked in.

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    1. Oh god, when i got a notification that you posted i was so happy! But i didn’t look earlier then now and to see that you posted 164 pages at once, oh boy, fantastic! But i have to read it another day.

      The reason i didn’t immediately looked because i was reading one of your other stories, The L Wing. It took me a few days but wow what a great story.

      So i agree with leonora, i would love to read more about Bette as POTUS for the last 13 months she has in the White House.

      You are defiantly a brilliant writer, thank you for sharing it with us!

    2. Wow, what an Easter Present 164 glorious pages from ally :)

      Thanks, I also, as usual, would love more of The L Wing :) I will, of course accept any of your great stories though.

      Happy Easter Ally :)

    3. Phew, i just finished reading and wow, it was fantastic. But i am waiting for Bette’s answer to Tina’s question.
      Do you think that you are willing to write one more chapter?

      AllyEmmerson, thank you so much for posting this story again!

    4. Great way to read this story, cause it flowed so brillantly! Thanks MsEm.
      I will tell you I have gone cross-eyed and sleepless. ALL worth it! So glad you thought to send this our way !!!

    5. Hello,
      Thanks for the amazing re post! I love this Bette! So, when will she give her answer to Tina! Please write one more chapter for her answer. I loved it before and loved it even more this time around. It took me a few days to read but that’s just fine. I’m on vacation and didn’t have anything else to do but read this at night. PPS

    6. Thanks for re-posting the story. Love it!
      I haven’t read it before so I was happy get some loooooong reading. 164 pages!
      I like alt-stories. Bette as a personal trainer… great idea.

    7. God allyemmerson !!!!
      It was a happiness without size, which I devoured well
      digress these 164 chapters, a pity that there were only 164 chapters because
      I could stand to read more about 200 chapters…lol !!!
      I loved, loved this story.
      Thank you for this fantastic trip, which was this story.
      Simply perfect!!!
      You deserve the entire universe!

    8. Ally!! :-) so happy to see your posting! Hope all are fine with you and Rocky! I enjoy every single page you wrote, love them so much! Your writing hooked me since the first time I knew this site! Time flies… Anyway.. Thanks so much!! I do hope to see more writing from you! Please take care!!

    9. I love this Bette….hopefully she said yes as to the marriage proposal… .And Hopefully, Tina will get back to her exercise and reasonable eating habits soon. Great story. Peggy to the rescue!

      Great Story….

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