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    new york minute

    It was after 6pm by the time Bette got back to her apartment. For the first time in several months she hadn’t made an attempt to contact Tina. She was still trying to decide why the day before had so shaken her up – Kit’s illness had obviously upset her but she had been unhappy before the news about her step sister had come through. So she had stared at her phone and dealt with all her clients without the comfort of having Tina around via text or phone calls. She knew that she buried herself in her work when she was troubled- it had always been that way in the past and it was something she couldn’t seem to shake.
    The apartment was quiet which was unusual enough for Bette to get a flutter of panic that Tina and Angie had left her it was going to be at least the rest of the decade before she wasn’t haunted by the fear of losing her girls. Walking into the main room Bette saw Sheba curled up on Bette’s favourite chair – another indication of how her life had changed so much in 13 months – being lower in the pecking order in her own apartment than the damn cat.
    Tina was in the kitchen peeling potatoes – the radio was play Christmas songs and the blonde was singing quietly along
    “Hey there “Bette said softly
    Tina looked round and gave Bette a sheepish smile “Hey there “
    “The apartment is not this peaceful when we are all asleep “
    “The number one noise maker is in her room in the huff undergoing some down time “
    “Dare I ask why?”
    “Being cheeky to her teacher and then when I spoke to her about it – I got a load of cheek in response “
    “Bad ?”
    “Bad enough “
    “So is she in her room indefinitely?”
    “Until its tidy “
    “So it is an indefinite sentence then “Bette nodded
    Tina grinned “She is hoping the High Court Judge B Porter is going to give her a release “
    “I am not getting involved unless you want me to speak to her “
    Tina shook her head “Let her stew a bit longer – she needs to calm down “
    “She was very hyper this morning I have to say “
    “Perfect storm – Christmas, the wedding her birthday and of course being allowed to get a new cat and pick it out herself “
    “I suppose so “
    “And my parents are not helping by winding her up with all these stories about Christmases down on the old farm”
    “And did you have memorable Christmases down on the old farm?”
    “Memorably bad – my two grandmother’s despised one another which made things hell on earth. It could make the Corleone’s look happy and understanding “
    “Sounds like the Chicago Porters – always full of delightful issues because of my father’s infidelity. I was hoping for something calmer and more positive this year – like last year “
    Tina smiled “Last year was probably my favourite ever Christmas – my two favourite girls and lots of snow. It was special “
    “And I got a daughter “Bette referred to Tina giving her a copy of Angie’s birth certificate that included Bette’s name as the second parent.
    “And you got the daughter you always had – if you want to give her back I wouldn’t blame you”
    “Given how cheeky I have been in my time I think I will hold onto her for a little while longer”
    There was a pause –Tina was still peeling potatoes
    “Why are you doing that?” Bette finally asked
    “Making mash for a shepherd’s pie tomorrow “
    “Right sorry – I just wondered if you and Angie had eaten “
    “We have – your meal is in the oven keeping hot – you can have it whenever you want “
    “Oh – oh – okay “
    Tina regarded cooking for her family as one of her favourite roles – so the dismissive comment took her by surprise – she gave Bette a look – what the hell had that meant?
    Bette knew she had put her foot in it by the look on the blonde’s face. But for once she didn’t want to get into an explanation and/or apology situation.
    “I will just go and get a shower and get changed. Is prisoner 654321 allowed a visitor?”
    “Only if you do not give her a cake with a file in it “
    “I wouldn’t dream of it “
    Bette went through to their bedroom and took time undressing, taking a shower and drying herself before putting on a pair of light blue pyjamas and her black robe. Refreshed she went through to see how Angie was getting on tidying her room.
    Half an hour later she walked back into the living room. Tina was flicking through a film magazine. Bette flopped onto the sofa causing Tina to look up
    “What is she doing?”
    “She did appeal her sentence “
    Tina raised an eyebrow – if she was keeping the analogy going Bette was a known soft judge.
    “I told her that I agreed with you and I was disappointed that she was rude to her teacher and you. She doesn’t get that from either of us “
    Tina’s face gave away her surprise
    “Do you?”
    “If you tell me she is being cheeky that is good enough for me. I don’t need a file of evidence “
    “Thank you “
    Bette closed her eyes – she was tired and the last thing she wanted was a tense evening umpiring between Angie and Tina. Especially when things weren’t at their best with her and Tina.
    “You look like you had a bad day “Tina said after a long silence
    “I had lunch with Peggy –who even though she is a friend also wants her own way. Then when I got back it was one demanding client after another – even James lost it “
    “Anyone I know?”
    “The Christmas regulars – the type I only see before Christmas “
    “And how was Peggy?”
    “Fine form many stories about Helena which made me laugh “
    “She told me a few – sounds like Helena is just spinning out of control “

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    1. I am very happy to see taken up this story. Thank You allyemmerson. Please, do not also forget The L Wings (not for ending but for more and more chapters :)) ), one of the best fanfics all time :)

    2. Oh no, you didn’t just ended this amazing story! :-(

      what a beautiful journey you took them and us and i am sad it ended. Is there a chance you are gonna give us a sequel? There are so more things to tell.

      Good job to ban Alice and Jenny immediately when Bette became the owner of the Planet.

      Ally Emmerson, i want to thank you for sharing your talent as writer and i hope you will come back with more incredible stories and maybe finish your other stories like the L Wing.

    3. The End ! Really ???????? Just when I was thinking about how many pages you used to give us on the L-Wing….and enjoying the 23 today… Maybe the planets are right – the alignment…the new Moon… New beginnings and ends……”proof of miracles and of the truly amazing human spirit ”
      Thanks AllyEm, for everything.
      (Nicholas is a *wink wink* good name for a cat brought into the home at Xmas! :)

    4. Thank you so much for hours of enjoyment reading this story as well as the other wonderful stories. I hope your writing block is long gone and you continue to write such marvelous stories of Bette and Tina. Loved it, thanks

      • I greatly concur with your sentiments. Just need to add how much I adored Angelica. Ally you are such an amazing artist, I say this because your words always paints a picture for me. Thanks for sharing your talent.

    5. Sorry to see this story end but thank you for coming back to complete it. I would certainly welcome a sequel..
      I check back daily looking for the continuation of The L Wing. Hopefully soon.

      Thanks for all your stories.

    6. Thank you so much for this and your other great stories.
      So happy to have had the wonderful 23 pages to read but so sad that it’s ‘The End’.
      Perhaps an Epilogue?
      Perhaps a Sequel?
      Perhaps more L Wing?
      Perhaps just, at the risk of sounding like Oliver Twist, more?

      Sincerely Thanks Absolutely Loved it :)

    7. Thank you for finishing this part of the story. Seems as if the story could handle a sequel if you’re so inclined. I was reading “Running on Sunshine” and it is quite excellent. Maybe write more for that story?

    8. My God! my heart was just in pieces. my favorite story ends …: – ((((
      I loved every minute of it and I thank you, Ally that you wrote this fabulous story.
      can we expect an epilogue?
      the last sentence was heaven for me, every story should have this, (they only deserve it).

    9. Thank you Allyemmerson!
      What a great way to start the new year with the
      conclusion of NEW YORK MINUTE.
      I love your stories.
      Would it be possible to repost IS THIS LOVE?
      I can’t find it on this site, and it is my all time
      favorite story.
      Thanks again.

    10. This story will leave longing.
      Sad that comes to an end.
      I raise my glass of wine and I’m doing a
      big greeting to you, thank you for giving us
      a fascinating story, engaging, a beautiful story! and
      Best of all, you complete this story, a
      great toast to you. !!
      The whole constellation of the universe.
      I await your return.

    11. I was fearful when I saw 23 pages that this was the end. Your stories have delighted and entertained me for years. I , like many would love to read a sequel but am happy with what we have had the great pleasure to read.
      There are two more stories I would love to see. I will continue to look daily for anything you write. Happy new year.

    12. Thanks Ally!! Appreciate this so much! Thanks for spare time writing and share with us! Hope you and Rocky are doing fine! :) looking forward to your next installment whenever you are ready ;-)

    13. It has taken me several days to read this book and its many chapters. I want to say that I love your Bette and Tina. I am thrilled to read a story in which these two women mature in their relationship and in their lives. I love how you have them teach each other how to communicate and how essential it is for their relationship. I am also impressed on how you present the aspect that the group was far to involved with each other’s lives to be healthy. Alice simply had no boundaries. I think Shane did and maybe even Dana did. Jenny was just crazy and Alice took no responsibility for her own actions and decisions. The biggest surprise was Kit. I guess that is what happens when you allow addictions to control your life.

      This was a wonderful story and well written. I have really enjoyed it from front to back. I believe that Tina still has a bit more maturing to do but in time with Bette’s help she will get there. New York is truly a wonderful place for this family. Thank You for sharing this….I look forward to reading your other writings in the near future.

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