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    Melvin, Bette, Tina and Kit

    After leaving the boutique Tina begged off Helena’s suggestion that Tina spend the night at her Malibu mansion. Instead she wanted to be dropped off at the center, where she had some work to finish up after which she just wanted to go to her own place for a quiet evening at home. When Helena questioned if she was still upset about her inviting Bette to the ceremony Tina said no. She wasn’t upset, she just didn’t like being caught off guard. She was fine with Bette attending, but in truth was curious why Bette had agreed to it.


    The following morning, Tina called Bette at around 8 am to see if they could meet for brunch. “Tee, I’d love to but I was just on my way out the door. My dad’s in town. I’m picking him up at the hotel. We’re meeting Kit at the Planet for breakfast. Afterwards we plan some sightseeing, then a matinee at Disney Hall.”

    “I didn’t know he was in town. You didn’t mention anything.” Tina said. Not that it mattered. It just reminded her that she was no longer privy to everything going on in Bette’s life.
    Bette was getting into her car while on the phone with Tina. She asked her to hold for a minute while she switched to the car speaker phone. Once she got settled in and started the car she continued the conversation.

    “I didn’t know he was coming. He just showed up out of the blue a couple of days ago. I took him to the CAC yesterday, and we supposed to have lunch with Allyn Barnes but he got upset with her and decided not to go. Later he wanted to have dinner at the hotel with Kit and Benjamin.”

    In all the years Tina had known Kit, she’d been estranged from Melvin. “Really?”

    “He was pretty adamant that he wanted to see her. When I told him that her boyfriend was in town, he invited him too. Surprisingly Kit accepted, so I guess they both decided it was time to make up.”

    “How did it go?” Tina asked genuinely interested. Considering Melvin never even gave her the time of day Bette had to admire Tina for not holding a grudge and engaging in this conversation knowing what she must be thinking.

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    1. Hey BAT2012, i didn’t comment on the previous chapters, but i still read and enjoy this story.

      I look forward how you are gonna try to change Melvin. I believe he really loves Bette, but is one big emotional handicapt man and very set in his opinions and views.

      It is good to see Bette and Tina are able to support each other and hopefully they will find a way back to a healthy,strong and loving relationship.

      Bette is right about Helena “fucking ” Peabody and i look forward to the moment Bette will kick her ass. Bette deals with her in a way that i admire.

      Thanks for the update!

    2. Aww, Melvin just ruined my morning by being his usual overly grumpy a**hole self, just mean and hateful. I can hardly wait to see how you can make a positive change in Melvin, that will be a bloody miracle. Bette was very right in what she said to Kit, about melvin liking benjamin or the idea of him before even meeting him; that he wouldn’t think anything was wrong with her being with a married man because of his own ideas about the subject. Thanks for posting.

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