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    (Kit finds out what happened)

    Kit hung up the phone after speaking to Bette and immediately headed to Big Bear. It took her only half the time as she kept thinking of all the worse scenarios. She silently prayed to God that whatever Bette needed to tell her had nothing to with the news broadcast she had just saw on TV. When she arrived, Bette was sitting on the porch looking into space. Her face was pale, her hair was a messed, she looked like a woman who had just been through a terrible disaster. Kit sat down next to her baby sister, she put her hand over Bette’s and looked into her eyes.

    Kit: Baby girl what’s going on, where is Tina?

    Bette: I don’t know where to begin Kit.

    Bette said softly while still staring into space. Kit’s nerves were a wreck, she began thinking now that maybe something had happened to Tina and that’s the reason for the suffering look on her sister’s face. Kit loved Tina, if something bad had happened to her, she was afraid of how her own reaction would be.

    Kit: What happened?

    Bette didn’t respond.

    Kit: Just start from the beginning Bette, you’re scaring me.

    Kit said nervously. Bette took a deep breath.

    Bette: First off, Tina lost the baby.

    Kit: Oh my God Bette, I’m so sorry. Is she okay?

    Bette: No she’s not.

    Bette scrunched her face as she swallowed, feeling the sore lump in her throat.

    Kit: What do you mean, where is Tina?

    Bette: She’s here but not doing well at all.

    As much as it hurt Kit to know that Tina miscarriage, she was a little bit relieved knowing that what she saw on the news had nothing to do with Tina and Bette. Once she heard the name Big Bear, she automatically assumed the worse, but thank god that fear was over.

    Kit: Look baby girl, you guys will get through this, I’m sure of it. You are strong, Tina’s strong, it just gonna take some time.

    Bette: Kit?

    Kit: Bette listen to me, I know you feel like the world is coming down on you but you still have each other, with love you can get through anything.

    Bette: Kit please.

    Kit was trying her best to console her young sister, she had always been Bette’s rock, anytime Bette needed her, she was there.

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    1. Oh my goodness gracious, I suppose that Kit knows that there are no relatives for Angelica to live with since she knows Angie and her parents. What a horrible thing to have seen happen and especially for Angie to see her parents killed and being too young to comprehend what was actually happening. I had to go back to find all of the previous chapters to read the story up to ch. 8, and to find out why Kit collapsed. Now I understand. Can hardly wait for the next chapter to see what happens next. Great storytelling, thanks for posting.

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