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    (The Shocking Reveal Part 1)

    They arrived at the station and hurried out the car. Kit was so in a rush that she forgot to take the car keys out of the ignition. They walked inside and rushed over to the front desk were the police officer who arrived with the deputy hours ago to take Angelica,  just so happen to be standing.

    Police Officer: Mrs. Porter-Kennard, what can I do for you? Is everything okay?

    Kit: No it’s not. The little girl you took from them today, I think I know who she is.

    Police Officer: And you are?

    Kit: Kit Porter.

    Police Officer: The singer?

    Kit: No the gynecologist, where is Angelica?

    Police Officer: Oh wow, my wife is such a huge fan of yours.

    Kit: I’m flattered.

    Kit said sarcastically.

    Police Officer: Wait I’m confused, what is your relationship to the Kennards?

    Bette: She’s my sister.

    Police Officer: Your sister? Wow didn’t see that coming.

    Bette: What is that supposed to mean?

    Bette had a annoyed look on her.

    Police Officer: Oh no offense, I just thought you were…

    Deputy: How can we help you ladies?

    The deputy could hear the commotion from afar and knew he needed to chime in quickly.

    Kit: Deputy my name is Kit Porter, this is my sister and her wife which I’m sure you already know, you guys took a child from them today whose parents were involved in that accident.

    Deputy: Yes.

    Kit: Well unfortunately I am here to identify the girl and maybe her parents as well. I just need to see her.

    Deputy: What is your relationship to the family?

    Kit: I rather not say until I see her.

    Deputy: I’m going to need more information then that.

    Tina: Can we just see Angelica please?

    Deputy: I’m sorry but I don’t think that will be possible.

    Bette: Why is that?

    Deputy: Well until we can establish the relationship between Ms. Kit Porter and the girl, I can’t just let you see her without proper documentation.

    Tina: What the fuck. You know who we are, you were just at our cabin a few hours ago.

    Deputy: And I also know that you found the little girl, she’s not genetically related to any of you so there is no reason for us to keep you guys involved.

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    1. Oh my, what a revelation, didn’t see that coming, no wonder she passed out. Poor soul. Can hardly wait to read the next chapter to see what Bette and Tina have to say. What a story, so I guess the guy really was her biological father. Mercy!

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