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    L-topia Part 4

    Lacey Haraway is a focused kind of individual. Whatever it is she is working on, attention goes to it and she sees it through. Creating a new banner for Kit’s online fan page has her attention. The right photos, the right kind of blending, the right graphics, background, everything has to be exact and she will not stop until she gets the banner exactly as it’s pictured in her mind. On her computer, she types in code and occasionally clicks with a mouse to get each detail to her liking. Interrupting her at her apartment as she works is a knock on the door.

    Lacey has a mirror to the right of her monitor, helping her to see the door behind her without need of turning around. She is expecting Lori to drop by. Switching her eyes from the monitor to the mirror, she yells, “Yeah!” as her invite. The door opens and Lacey sees someone who is not Lori while still working.

    Lisa “Hey, Lace.”

    Lacey “Oh. Thought you were Lori.”

    Lisa “Oh, you’re expecting her?”

    Lacey “Yeah, I am. What’s up?”

    Lisa closes the door behind her and walks past the living room recliner towards the corner of the room where Lacey is, her back still to her, her hands busy.

    Lisa “I just wanted to see if you were okay.”

    Lacey “Sure. Just busy, why?”

    Lisa “Seeing you pop Shane in the head at the Planet made me think you weren’t okay.”

    Lacey “She deserved it.”

    As Lacey keeps her eyes on the monitor, Lisa feels concern for her friend. Grabbing a nearby ottoman, Lisa places it near Lacey’s work desk and uses it as a seat. Lacey glances briefly to her right to see Lisa sitting down.

    Lisa “I’m sure she did, but you normally don’t just hit people.”

    Lacey “Don’t worry, you’ll wanna hit her, too. Has she ghosted you yet?”

    Lisa “Ghosted?”

    Lacey “Not answering, not returning messages. That’s what she did with me.”

    Lisa “Um… I’ve seen her at the Planet.”

    Lacey “You didn’t answer the question.”

    Lacey finds herself at a good stopping point and saves her progress before turning her attention to Lisa.

    Lacey “Have you called her? Sent a text? Did she return any of ’em?”

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