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    L-topia Part 3

    The work day has completed for many as dusk approaches. The Planet is not far away from closing up its cafe for the day. The number of customers is beginning to shorten and soon it will be time for cleaning, checking the register and shutting everything down for the evening.

    Gathered at one of the few remaining tables still occupied are a group of friends at the end of their respective days. Bette, Tina, Alice, and Lisa are there as Marina manages the Planet staff and Shane arrives, having had her last appointment for the day.

    Shane “’Sup guys.”

    Lisa “Hey Shane!”

    Shane “Hey Lis.”

    Alice “So where’s your roommate?”

    Shane “I think all the driving finally caught up to her and she crashed in her room.”

    Shane takes her seat next to Alice.

    Bette “How is she?”

    Shane shrugs.

    Shane “Seems okay. A little fish out of water.”

    Tina “I wanted to meet her earlier, but like Shane said she was already conked out.”

    Bette “I can imagine driving all the way here from the Midwest taking a toll.”

    Shane “Hey Al, Dana make it in okay?”

    Alice “Yeah I got a text from her once the plane landed.”

    As Alice talks, her eyes look over to the door where a group of women enter. It causes the others to look as well.

    Tina “Kit’s here.”

    Bette looks over the group of women with Kit.

    Bette “Yes, all seven of her.”

    Kit Porter enters the Planet with the splendor of a rock star complete with sunglasses and entourage. There is a woman to each of her sides and three ahead of them acting as a buffer while another woman walks behind the other six, providing a rear shield that constantly looks around as she walks. She steps ahead of her shielding trio.

    Kit “Ladies, what is happening?”

    Bette takes a sip of her drink while keeping her eyes locked on her older sister who has just entered the Planet.

    Bette “We only have so many chairs, Kit.”

    Kit “Don’t worry, they’re going to another table.”

    Kit folds her arms upward and snaps her fingers twice. That provides the signal for her 6 woman entourage to disperse. The three up front, Marcy, Marnie, and Marti lead the way with Kerry and Lori following. Finally appearing from the rear of the group is a young woman named Lacey who is noticeable with her black leather jacket and short blonde hair. Walking by the table, her right palm extends out slightly, slapping the right side of Shane’s head as she says “Bitch,” and continues on to the table with the rest of her crew. Bette and Tina find the moment amusing and Lisa appears confused while Alice looks on at Lacey before turning back to Shane.

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      • I do plan on addressing the entourage deal a little later on. From an editorial standpoint, there were some minor characters from the Pilot episode I wanted to do something with and that instantly came to mind so I just ran with it.

        And yes. Yes you did. :-)

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