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    Legally Bound

    The Kennard-Porter family and close friends gathered at the courthouse promptly at 9:45am on the 17th to witness the adoption.

    Everyone was asked to stand when Judge Nixon entered the courtroom. “Please be seated” the judge said looking into the smiling faces of what represented grand-parents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and guardians to Angelica who was at the center of the day’s proceedings.

    When everyone was seated the judge turned her attention to the folder containing Bette’s petition. She flipped through the pages and found everything in order including Bette’s financials, her work history, and several personal and professional references to her character.

    She’d read through Roberta Collier’s report in advance and highlighted in yellow a few areas that she wanted to clarify. She opened to the first item and addressed Bette. “Ms. Elizabeth Porter, will you please approach the bench.”

    Bette was holding Angie on her lap, so she stood up and handed her to Tina. Bette didn’t know what one wore to an adoption hearing, so she spent most of the night before agonizing over it until Tina suggested that she wear what she was most comfortable in. For Bette that was her signature designer power pants suits, and cufflinked silk shirts. However, Mama B wore outfits that she didn’t mind getting drooled on which consisted mostly of yoga pants and tank tops or jeans with a casual shirt.

    She finally settled on a navy-blue pencil skirt suit set with a white silk tank top. She wore her shoulder length naturally curly hair down and applied light make-up. The double piercing earrings were diamond studs on top and small gold hoops below. She and Tina had decided to wear their matching 18K gold chains with a heart shaped pendant inscribed with the letter A for Angelica. They’d had them made on a whim while browsing jewelry stores for engagement rings.

    “Good morning Ms. Porter.”

    “Good morning your honor.”

    “We are here today to render your petition for the second parent adoption of your daughter Angelica Marie Porter-Kennard.”

    “Yes, your honor.”

    Judge Nixon smiled at the beautiful woman that stood before her. She could see that Bette was nervous, so she immediately put her mind at ease.

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      • Hi SG. The only good thing about the new show is that it will give us a lot of material to fix in FANFIC world. I can’t wait to start writing GenQ stories where Bette and Tina are together raising a well behaved Angie. I really can’t stand how Angie turned out, and I really think Bette would have been a better mother than how she is being portrayed. Not to say a teen wouldn’t be somewhat rebellious but this kid’s lack of control and boundaries scares me. I’ll keep writing as long as you keep reading. Thank you.

    1. This is a good chapter. I always wondered why the original series did not address the discriminatory questions Roberta made to Bette and Tina? That was the thing that I always wondered about the original series. They always posed a question, but the characters seldom got into a discussion about the rightness or wrongness of the situation. They came close when Alice and Tasha discussed the war in Iraq, but never got to the core of the discussion. The same thing happened here. A government employee was being discriminatory against a lesbian woman who wanted to adopt a child which the birth mother was in full support of. Your story demonstrates that sort of behavior has consequences. The original story from The L Word did not.

      Thank you for this story….will there be more or is this your conclusion?

      • Hi Martha. Thank you for reading and commenting. I agree with you on the shows lack of addressing Roberta’s discrimination on the show, but what’s worse we never even heard if the adoption went through. I’m about two chapters from ending this story then I will go back to my previous one.

      • Me too. Reading and writing stories here is a great escape from what they’ve done to Bette and Tina in GenQ. Bad enough they are divorced but blaming it on Tina for falling for someone else lacks creativity. Making Bette a serial cheater ruined it for me.

      • Bibi28. No this is not the end. I think I have two more chapters before I wrap it up, then I will go back to my previous story and finish that one. I will always stay in Tibette world, they are the only reason I watched the show. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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