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    Past and Present Clashing

    Tina came out of the bathroom to find her gorgeous wife laying on her stomach on the king-sized bed. She had thrown off the bedsheets to cool off her sweat drenched body and was dozing slightly. The blonde stopped in her tracks at the doorway admiring the flawless brown skin, firm buttocks and muscular yet feminine back of the only woman she’d ever loved and wanted to spend eternity with.

    Tina climbed onto the bed and lay prone on Bette’s body. Feeling her wife’s weight Bette smiled as Tina settled into a comfortable position lining up their torso’s and kissing Bette’s cheek with a softly whispered, “I love you” before resting her head on Bette’s.

    “I love you too; more than you’ll ever know” Bette responded with a shaky voice. It was then that Tina noticed the wetness on Bette’s cheeks wasn’t just perspiration.

    “Baby are you crying. What’s wrong?” Tina asked in a soft tone.

    “Nothing’s wrong Tee. I’m fine.”

    Knowing full well that something caused the tears Tina wasn’t settling for Bette’s response. It was one of those red flags that Tina had learned to recognize. In the past she would not have probed, thinking it better to give Bette her space. She would tell herself, that Bette would talk when she was ready but not anymore.

    “Talk to me baby, what’s going on.” Tina gently coaxed.

    Bette and Tina always boasted a special connection that allowed them to communicate in subtle ways that didn’t always need words, but like everything else that contributed to their breakup, miscommunication was amongst the worst. They could no longer take it for granted that reading each other’s signals was instinctual. Using their words and fully understanding what was being said was paramount. When they got back together as a couple the first commitment, they made was to not fall into old habits of assuming what the other was feeling or thinking. It was a lesson well learned and they wouldn’t make the same mistakes again.


    While Tina was in the bathroom Bette lay in the bed coming down from the euphoria of hours of intense lovemaking with the love of her life. The woman that had given her the greatest gift of motherhood. Her heart swelled when she thought of the little angel that in a few days would be legally recognized as her daughter. Her dream of having a family of her own had finally materialized. She was so grateful, but still believed herself undeserving of such happiness. Bette’s fear of being self-destructive combined with her insecure feelings of being on probation weighed heavily on her mind. Even though Tina had wanted her back, she could still leave again if Bette fucked up and this time it would be for good. If it came down to it Tina could win a custody battle and take Angie with her.

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    1. Nice chapter….I think they still need to do a bit more talking. They both felt in the past, they were being rejected sexually by each other. They need to explore the roots of this and how it brought them to the actions they took. That is going to be a painful discussion. Bette seems surprised that Tina thought that she was not sexually attractive to Bette. In these type situations, its never a single event but a string of events which when put together appears to look like rejection. If they do not explore this together, then they are bound to repeat their old habits and there will be trouble in the future. They have made a good start at this process and the more of these type of conversations they have without judgement and without malice, the stronger their relationship will become. They will bond on a higher and more stable level than they are now. They are well on their way to a strong and stable relationship.

      I love the fact that Melvin has come to accept Tina and Angie as members of his family. I love the fact that Bette wants to include him in wedding. Now if they could see a change in Tina’s family, they could live happily ever after!

      Thanks for this story….. perhaps another chapter soon? It seems close to being finished.

    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      Always be curious – even before miscarriage, when Bette starting asking herself if she fallen out of love with Tina – if it was just fear of having baby or not? And isn’t it to trigger her affair with Candace?

    3. Hi BAT2012,

      I am so glad to see a new chapter from you!

      It is good to see that both are committed not to make the same mistakes and are actually talking and opening up about their fears (Bette) and Tina explaining she didn’t feel desired anymore by Bette.

      If they keep talking i see a great future for them as a couple and as family with Angelica!

      Thanks for your update!

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