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    A month after the adoption became finalized Bette and Tina heard from the board. The investigation into Roberta Collier’s conduct resulted in several other couples collaborating the bad behavior. Surprisingly Roberta showed preference for gay father’s adoptions but exhibited significant bias against lesbian mothers. The outcome was the board taking disciplinary action and recommending that her license be revoked which meant she could no longer work as a social worker in any jurisdiction.

    With that out of the way the couple focused on getting their lives back together. Once fully moved into the West Hollywood home, Tina gave up the lease on the beach house. Bette and Tina exchanged engagement rings over a romantic weekend and set the date for the wedding.

    Melvin had proven he was a changed man in the months since he moved to Los Angeles, but nothing he’d said or done other than how enamored he was of Angelica was as touching as his reaction to Bette and Tina’s wedding announcement.

    “This makes me so happy Baby. I always regretted that I never walked either of my beautiful daughters down the aisle in matrimony. It’s what a father looks forward to, and now I hope you will give me a chance to fulfill that role.”

    “Of course, Daddy. I had hoped that you’d want to, but I had my doubts.”

    “No doubts Elizabeth. I meant every word I said. I’m here for you and Christina and Angelica. That bigoted old man is gone. And as the father of the bride, I hope you will allow me to pay for the wedding and gift you the honeymoon trip of your choice. I will spare no expense to fulfill every dream that you and Christina have for this wondrous occasion.”

    “Daddy, that’s really not necessary. Just having you accept Tina as my wife, attending our wedding and walking me down the aisle is all I’ve ever wanted.”

    “Let me do this Baby. Please. Your mother would have wanted this for you.”

    “OK Daddy. Tina and I will discuss it and let you know what we decide. I’m sorry Mom isn’t here. I miss her so much sometimes, especially now that we have Angie.”

    “I know honey. Me too but I’m sure she’s watching over all of us.”

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    1. Oh, I always liked Kit with Angus….menopause! Oh, yea…..I remember it well. The hot flashes particularly…the heat starts deep in your core and the spreads through your body like a volcanic eruptions – last a few minutes and you sitting there wondering where the hell did that come from? After two or three you realize what is happening.

      Nice chapter…. romance between Melvin and Peggy? Wow…who knew? I was wondering who you would have escort Tina down the isle. Good choice!

      Can’t wait for the next chapter… the mean time Happy New Year.

      • May i ask you about Kit and Angus – really? Don’t you think that age difference between them too large? How much – 20-25 years? And with older woman and younger man (we know that in generally men have more sexual relationship, than women.) So 30 years man and 55 years woman – i just can’t see them in long period.

        • According to this story its 15 years….Once you are an adult, I think that is up to you who you want to date. Will there be problems? More than likely but in this case, its the younger person going after the older one. I have a lot more problem with older folks trying to entice younger ones. That to me feels like one cannot accept their age and want a sweet young thing. At least they are not hiding anything from each other. So if both are willing, why not!

          • Maybe in this story Angus 40 or nearly years old than.

            In TLW i must say their story – it’s one of most believable story in this show for me (usually relationship like this ended with younger half cheated with person their age)

            • Menopause in most women happens in their late 40s and early 50s. For me it was age 50. So that would make Angus 35? So when Kit is 65, Angus will be 50. When Kit is 75, Angus will be 60. And when Kit passes on, Angus will still be able to marry again.

              In love, there are always risk that it will not turn out the way you would like. But if you see the risk as being worthwhile, then you go for it. For you never know, it could just work out!

    2. So happy that you find your pleaure and inspiration to finish this story!

      I like Angus and Kit together, they make a cute couple.

      And wow, i love how much Melvin changed and is now so supportive of Bette & Tina. He and Peggy found each other as friends, awesome!

      Happy New Year BAT2012!!!

    3. I always thought that Kit and Angus were made for each other, better then Ivan or that horrible Benjamin whatshisname …

      Can’t wait to read more from you in 2020, Happy New Year to you !

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