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    Inconceivable Chapter 10

    Bette looked out the window up at the sky.  It would be sundown soon she thought as she turned and walked around her desk. She looked around her office, she loved this room. Lined with bookshelves, with a couch reminiscent of the one in their old WeHo home, cozy but not claustrophobic even with the boxes stacked to the side of the desk. It had been a quiet sanctuary during some very difficult and dark times she thought as her mood became somber. The pandemic had taken its toll on the Porter-Kennard family.  They were now in the middle of summer.  All of Tina’s productions were at a standstill.  The studio was reassessing to determine if it should continue to put money into various projects.  Luckily for Tina, she was given the task of sorting through the productions on all levels, so her job was secure.  At least for now.  Fortunately, money was not a problem for the Porter-Kennard family.  With Bette’s inheritance and both of their investments, they were in a good financial situation to come safely through this crisis whether either of them worked or not.  Bette was very well aware they were lucky because that was not the case for many families across the country.  The News had reported that the pandemic had triggered one of the worst jobs crisis since the Great Depression.  The majority of jobs lost had been in industries that pay low to average wages.   Nonetheless, companies that paid higher wages like the Peabody Corporation did feel the impact.  Bette had to furlough much of her staff. The lockdown left the Peabody Corporation and all its subsidiaries at a standstill. She and Helena tried to keep people on payroll as long as they could, but with no income it was impossible to sustain. As of now they had a skeleton crew on both the East and West Coast offices, but the international offices and all the Galleries had been shut down completely.

    Angie missed weeks of school.  It took Los Angeles public schools time to come up with a remote learning plan. Nevertheless, most teachers in the Spring chose to not do live feeds for instruction which greatly impacted Angie.  She basically lost the last semester of her senior year in High School.  Even though Angie had difficulties with learning online, it had been better than nothing.  Angie talked about how her peers lamented about the loss of graduation, prom and a normal school day, but she focused on the issues of her studies.  She had applied to very competitive colleges and scholarships to go along with admission.  She feared the problems with her final classes would impact her ability to compete for both.  In addition, there was no word on how the colleges across the country would manage the new term.  The thought of online learning for her first year of college was just another issue amongst all the others related to entering into college during this pandemic.  Transiting into young adulthood is stressful enough.  When adding all the school problem, friend problems and family problems; Angie was starting to feel the impact emotionally.  Bette sighed as she reflected on the conversation with Tina about Angie’s graduation.  They had early on abandoned hope of watching their only child walk across the stage.  Tina had voiced in frustration, that High School shouldn’t have ended this hard or this sad for Angie.  As time moved closer to the term end Angie became increasingly depressed and began talking about all the losses and fears for her future.   She finally broke and cried in both Tina’s and Bette’s arms ”Why did this have to happen to us?”  The pandemic had upended the final months for the Class of 2020 in tiny and profound ways academic, economic, social and emotional and Angie was caught in the middle of it.

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    1. SK,

      Great update. More clues coming to light, but the mystery is still looming over Bette.

      Agree that Covid was/is tough to deal with & feel for all that Angie’s missed because of it. I’m sure Tina will have lots to say to Bette about the plan for her & James’ little trip!!!

      Happy to read that Tibette is still progressing in their reconciliation – never an easy process.

      Wish you luck with your writing. The updates are much appreciated.

      Stay safe & stay cool!

    2. Great chapter, thank you.

      Like Collins says, it’s good that they’re still talking about their problems and gradually moving on.

      The pandemic stole a lot of important moments in a lot of people’s lives, my son graduated as a vet and couldn’t be honored with his peers, so sad…

      Anyway, I’m glad some writers are still posting even if it’s sporadic because while I understand it’s a hobby for most writers, there’s nothing more frustrating than reading great stories that will probably never be finished, so thanks again for posting.

      • Congratulations to your son Izzie. So many milestones not honored, celebrated at a smaller scale. Happened in my little world too with college graduations and a med school celebration cut down in scale. It’s a moment in history that will be studied and analyzed for decades to come.

      So happy to see this update. You are weaving all the strands tighter and tighter, answering some questions, creating some new ones. I love it. Like Collins said anytime I can read about Tibette reconnecting I am ALL IN. We need this content.
      Looking forward to seeing how the mystery is revealed. I know you will have a great ending to this story. Keep writing!

    4. So glad to see a new chapter!

      I was a little busy and had to save it for the weekend but wow it’s still a great story!

      Whenever you have the time to write and post, i will wait patiently!

      It’s is and still can be hard to live with the pandemic . For now i was able to fly to Zakynthos for a vacation and are going by train to London in July for the exhibition from Laurel and meet there some other fans and women i met via Social Media. So i am lucky i can do that but still i am cautious because Covid isn’t away and will flare up again, in the Netherlands the people with Covid infections are increasing again.

      Your story tells exactly what most people feel about the pandemic, being forced to sit at home, taking online classes, not being able to be with your friends, etc.

      It’s great that Bette and Tina are talking quietly and doing everything they can to keep their relationship on the right track and that Angie can see why others say they belong together.

      Uh oh, I think Bette is up for some heavy talking with Tina about her plan to go on a trip because of the painting.

      Thanks again for the update.

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