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    Reprisal Chapter 11

    Three thousand miles away, a tall, lean blonde stared out the window of an estate sitting on the shore of Palm Beach.  She blew through her lips the smoke from her cigarette in a slow measured breath.  In her hand she held a glass of brown liquid from which she drank, alternating with inhales from her cigarette that she held in the other. 

    Her cold eyes focused on the tower of Mar-a-Lago that could be seen in the distance.  She had stayed at the historical resort many times prior to losing her financial position and no longer being in a position to write checks to support the current owner. Marjorie Post must be turning in her grave with the knowledge of the asshole who now owns the beloved property she built, the woman thought as she turned towards the sound coming from an outer room.

    The room in which she stood, an office, was lavishly furnished with a large oak desk, bookshelves across two walls filled with books collected by her long-deceased first spouse and a deep leather chair placed in the corner for quiet reading that she never did. The only thing that did not fit were several boxes scattered on the floor with one acting like a depository laden with volumes in disarray of constant use.

    The house was all that was left of a fortune she had amassed from three marriages.  A fortune that was taken from her by her now nemesis, Bette Porter.  She still could not understand how the court could have ruled in Bette’s favor and awarded punitive damages that for the most part stripped her of most of her wealth. 

    Now, at last, Kelly, felt she had begun to forge together a plan that would bring back her fortune and provide her the vengeance on the person who put her in this situation.

    Kelly lifted her eyes to the sound of an elderly woman walking into the office carrying a phone. 

    ”Yes?” Kelly inquired in an icy cold voice.

    The woman gave an unsure smile as she handed over the phone. ”It keeps ringing.”

    Kelly put out her cigarette and took the phone. She gave a nod dismissing the woman as she began to pace. ”Yes,” Kelly commanded the voice to speak, sounding pleased to hear from the person who’s name she recognized on the screen.

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    1. Hey SK,

      Although Elizabeth Berkley was stunningly beautiful as Kelly Wentworth in OG, However, I do despise the character of Kelly! Pure evil!

      To think that she’s going to instigate troubles for Tibette by using Tina as her weapon. I suppose she never truly understood the unique relationship between Tina & Bette to begin with. Tina is far more complex than she knows. But I’m sure Kelly will play on TK’s vulnerability with Bette.

      Looking forward to more.


    2. oh Kelly Kelly Kelly. SMH. She is no match for Tina, this will not end well for her at all. Also, agree with Bibi I didn’t think Kelly was all that attractive, meh
      good chapter! thanks

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