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    Life is Short

    “Dana, cut the chocolates in half,” Bette heard Alice yelling from the kitchen.

    “Why am I cutting them in half?”

    “Cuz Bette’s a fucking weirdo.”

    “That’s not very nice, Alice.”

    Alice and Dana jumped at the sound of Bette’s voice. They looked at each other as Bette and Shane walked in from the living room. 

    “You’re hoooome!” Alice beamed. 

    Dana busied herself with the chocolates.

    “I am home and you…are…here.”

    “I told you we were already here. Kit and James are on their way.”

    “More people. Great.”

    “They aren’t just ‘people’,” Alice said.

    “I know. I know. It’s just I wanted to be alone but obviously you had other plans.”

    Tina had other plans, Alice and Shane both thought.

    “But it’s Sunday,” Dana said as she stopped cutting the chocolates.

    “It is Sunday,” Shane looked at Bette with a grin.

    “Family Sunday,” Dana emphasized.

    “What was I thinking?”

    “Exactly. What the fuck were you thinking?” Alice chimed in.

    Bette rolled her eyes. Dana looked around the room at each of them. Then she continued cutting the chocolates in half after she was satisfied her point was made. 

    “What is all of this anyway?” Bette looked around noticing the flowers. 

    “Just a little Welcome Home pool party. We figured you’d probably need to swim after the emotional rollercoaster you’ve been on.”

    “Saying it was an emotional rollercoaster is the fucking understatement of the century,” Bette laughed nervously. 

    Bette took a deep breath and finally heard Joni Mitchell playing softly in the background.

    “Is this one of my playlists?”


    “Number 4?”

    “Umm…yeah, I think so,” Alice said nervously, knowing it was definitely playlist #4.

    “Hmph,” Bette looked at Alice. 

    Alice did not break eye contact. She braced herself in case Bette was about to explode.

    Instead, Bette tilted her head to the side and closed her eyes. She absolutely loved Joni Mitchell. She was definitely one of Bette’s favorite artists. Alice, Shane and Dana looked at each other as Bette began to sway. Alice mouthed “Tina” and pointed around the room. Shane nodded and shrugged her shoulders. 

    “Baby Girl!” Kit sang as she wrapped her arms around the younger Porter sister.

    Bette opened her eyes briefly. Then she crumbled into Kit’s arms and squeezed as tightly as she possibly could. 

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    1. So glad you decided not to let us wait long for another chapter.

      Wow, Dana, opening Bette’s eyes, yes life can be too short sometimes. I hope you don’t let Dana suffer and die, we need a happy Dana and Alice.

      Both Bette and Tina will be very busy the next weeks and i am glad they both decided to talk after they wrap up, only Bette will be hopefully pleasant surprised if Tina makes it on time for the Kiki exhibition. Still wondering what the secret masterpiece of Kiki will be.

      Thanks for an great story!

    2. Nice chapter…. I didn’t think this would work for Bette. I figured it would just piss Bette off that Tina was trying to force her presence into Bette’s life when she specifically asked her not to. Bette would recognize that everything that had been arranged had Tina’s signature all over it. Particularly the chocolates cut in half…. who else but Tina would know about that. Bette took it all in somewhat a nostalgic and welcoming way. That nice…

      Thanks for the update…

    3. I applaud Dana. I know Tina f****d up, but Bette does need to figure out a way to get over herself and forgive. Tina needs to give her space and continue working with her therapist. It takes guts to look at your flaws and work on them. Much easier to blame other people. Love the story. Thanks for writing it.

    4. Just got caught up with your chapters.
      I love this story & how you are portraying these two lovely women.

      You ared so right about life being too short & letting our fears overshadow our sensibilities. Taking a cleansing deep breath & refocusing on what truly is important in one’s life takes courage & persistence.

      Progress is made with little steps sometimes. Hope our two ladies will get to that same place together.

      Hope Dana survives – such a huge mistake that IC made in the show with allowing her to die.

      Thank you for this enjoyment. Looking forward to more.

    5. This is so good I’m just getting caught up you are a terrific writer I have felt all the emotions through out this story thank you for taking the time to write each of these chapters, very much enjoying it.

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