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    The Contracts

    “This was just delivered for you,” Liz said, handing Tina a large envelope.

    “What is it?” Tina asked

    “Dunno. But the courier said it was urgent. Looks like it’s from the Studio.”

    Tina raised an eyebrow and looked at Liz. Tina hadn’t told Liz about Bill agreeing to her terms. She wanted to make sure it was legit before getting Liz’s hopes up. Bill could be a dick. She was hoping the contract was what they agreed upon during their last conversation. Her lawyers had to review before she signed anything to make sure the Studio didn’t slip in any crazy loopholes. Tina rolled her eyes.

    “Ugh. Okay. I’ll look at it later,” Tina put the envelope under her arms.

    “Tom wants to meet with you this morning.”

    “Shit, what is it now? I hope Blake hasn’t been giving him problems. I don’t have time for their sophomoric bullshit. We’ve got to stay on schedule. Preferably ahead of schedule.”

    Tina exhaled and rolled her eyes. Liz knew Tina’s demeanor had more to do with Bette than anything happening on set. Tina hadn’t been cross but she was definitely anxious. 

    “He wouldn’t say what he wanted to talk about but he didn’t seem upset.”

    “Ok. Well, that’s good. Have you checked the schedule?”

    “Yes, already put him on your call sheet for 10:30 during the morning break.”

    “Thanks, Liz. Do you have any other exciting news to share with me?” Tina rolled her eyes.

    “Nope. That’s it for now.”

    “How much time before the crew meeting?”

    “Like 15 minutes.”

    “Okay. I’m going to go put this in my trailer,” Tina raised the envelope. Please make sure everyone is on time. We have a lot to do and making sure we manage every aspect of time is going to help make us successful. We need to…”

    “…wrap this movie in 11 days.” Liz finished Tina’s sentence. 

    Tina stopped and looked over her shoulder.

    “Yes, Tina, I know. And we will. I will have the crew ready when you get back.”

    “Thanks, Liz! I really appreciate all you do,” she said as she continued walking towards her trailer.

    “I know,” Liz winked at Tina before she turned to round up the troops.

    Tina opened the envelope and it was her contract from the Studio. She closed the door to her trailer and sat on the couch. 

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    1. What a difference a phone call can make…. great chapter. Glad to see Tina is a little more patient and in control with respect to Bette. Too bad she did wait and get the complete story from Tom but at least she got Rose Touché’ to come in as quickly as she did. Rose will be a very nice asset for her. I am a little worried about Tina’s future relationship with Bill and her future traveling commitments for the studio. For some reason, I just cannot see the studio giving Tina a “one and done” assignment where she is on scene for months at a time pulling the production through to meet budget and to meet schedule. When someone recues a project, they suddenly become the go to person for all similar situations.

      Nice chapter… glad to see you back… cannot wait to see what happens at Kiki’s show.

      • Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Tina is doing her best to be patient with Bette. Tina’s relationship with the studio is going to be an interesting one. I have some ideas of how that’s going to play out but we will see. The key for them is to keep talking. So, if she does have to leave, it won’t be as a shock.

        There will be fireworks at KiKi’s show. LOL!

    2. Tibette4EE,
      U’re so frickin’ exceptional at weaving “memories” into your stories. Just like Bette had to snap out of the “massage” memory, we find U have to sharply mention our names as we melt into your story.

      Oh the r’ship btwn Julia and Tina has me bent ovah hollering!!!

      Pg14. Tina: “How do I stop charging?”
      Julia: “What do you mean?”
      Tina: “My director just informed me that he has to leave for a few days . . . . .
      Julia: “Okay. And where does the charging come in?”
      Tina: “I fired him on the spot and told him to get off my fucking set”.
      And Julia: “. I see. That might have been a bit rash.” Ya think????!!!!!

      So how do I stop? How do I stop making EVERYTHING about M E?

      Love these characters!!

      • DumplinT, thank you!! I love a good flashback. I’m glad you are enjoying them too. Plus, that gives me a reason to add in some sexy time since they aren’t together right now. ;-)

        HAHAHA, I love how Julia keeps Tina honest.

        Thanks so much for reading.

    3. And again – i was so happy a new chapter was on – Thank you for charing this beautyful world with us!
      I get goosebumps again and again – like we say in Germany “Holla die Waldfee!” – Just Love it and can´t wait how it all will turn out! (Best thing – no need to be sad that this storry could come to an end – there is another one in the pipeline!!!! Yehaaaa!)

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