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    Day 2


    March, 8th, Toronto Pearson International Airport


    Before going to her office, Carrie has dropped Tina at the Toronto Airport.

    Tina: “I’ll call you as soon as I get in the hotel”

    Carrie: (sneezing) “okay, don’t forget to send my greetings to Angie”

    Tina: “I’ll do…, are you okay?”

    Carrie: “yeah, is just my allergy”

    Tina: “hmm, be careful, your asthma may come back”

    Carrie: “I doubt it but I’ll check with the doctor”

    Tina: (kissing her fiancé on the cheek) “okay, bye, see you in one week”

    Carrie: “I hope so”

    Tina is waiting at the departure gate; the flight from Toronto to Los Angeles will take five hours with fifteen minutes; after a short wait, Tina boarded the plane which was almost full; fortunately for her, she traveled in executive class, now she has to find what to do to survive the five boring hours to Los Angeles.

    The flight wasn’t that bad, she used the time to review some of her files with the first proposed episodes of her new show. Arriving at Los Angeles International Airport, she rented a car, and drove to her five stars hotel; she took a bath and changed clothes to go to Helena’s studio.


    Los Angeles – Peabody Entertaining Productions Studio


    Helena had already ordered the security staff that Tina will come, and they assigned her a parking place. Tina was guided by Helena’s assistant to her office on the tenth floor, where the brunette was waiting for her with open arms.

    Helena: “Tina, darling, what a wonderful pleasure to have you here”

    Tina: “Helena, I’m happy to see you again”

    Helena: “and I’m happy to get my friend and the best producer of Canada working in this company”

    Tina: “thank you, but I think you’re exaggerating”

    Helena: “no, I don’t think so, why don’t I show you your new office where we could fill all the paperwork and you can meet your staff…, what are your plans for today, could we have dinner?”

    Tina: “I’m sorry, Helena, I already made plans with Angie”

    Helena: “oh, that’s very nice, and how is my niece?”

    Tina: “she’s fine, growing crazily”

    Helena: “and how is Bette?”

    Tina: “I guess she’s okay”

    Helena: (entering to a beautiful suite) “here we are”

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    1. So good to read a new chapter so soon after the first one!

      Hmm, has Jordi the virus? She must be careful and go see a doctor asap. Hope she didn’t spread the virus to Bette, Angie and Tina.

      What a coincedence that Maya has to leave for a week too, and how serious is Bette and her relationship, that she said love you to Bette?

      Tina doesn’t seem to be very enthousiast about her coming wedding and Carrie invited Angie and Bette, they made the top of the list? Wow, does she expect that Bette want to be a witness to see Tina marry another woman?

      I found the interaction Between Bette and Tina a little cool on Bette’s side, and i understand that, she had her heart broken, first the divorce and again by Tina’s upcoming wedding.

      Tina on the other hand has doubts i think and isn’t very caring or loving towards Carrie, it looks like she is a little closed of to her, by not calling when she arrived in LA, the kiss on the cheek and braking of their phone call so soon. On the other hand she gives Bette compliments, touching her hand and shoulder, is she regretting the walking away from Bette?

      Many questions and i have faith you will answer some in the next chapters.

      Great chapter and i look forward to the next one!

      • Hi Bibi:

        Let’s put the things n this way, this is a little sci-fi story, there is a disease going around and some people are aware and others not about it. Reporters and workers who work with people like, medical personnel, teachers, professors, authorities, and a few more, are of course aware at this point; most of the rest of the population are not aware or they hardly believe in any major danger.
        Bette and Maya are among people who are aware and conscious that something no good is coming. That is the reason why Maya is leaving in a commission to follow some clues.

        About Maya, so far we have seen in many scenes in the show and many stories here, that many girls and women say the “L” word to Bette, that is a classic, so, no worries about the seriousness of Bette relationships with other females different than Tina.

        Tina is… Tina, she left Bette, for reasons that we are going to see here in the next chapters, however, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love Bette, I’m telling you, by experience and by seeing other couples, some times love and living together are not coming along, but we’ll see that life brings.

        Yes, Bette is defending herself, that is why she is apparently a little cool, especially after Tina told her about her coming wedding with Carrie.

        Well about Tina’s behavior with her ex-wife, that is my point, and you will see soon; however, I will tell you that in GQ, Tina was very nervous when she arrived at Bette’s house that night in S1-Ep6, you could see in her face (damn Laurel Holloman is excellent on this type of scenes) she was almost begging and putting the excuse first “Angie called me” (I almost laugh, but I was emotional seeing her in the new show). So, it is there.

        Thank you, my friend, for your nice comment and for following this story.


      • Hi Billy

        Well, I know someone friends who have allergies (strong ones) and have gone multiple times to the doctor and have done more than one test and they still negative, apparently many symptoms of allergies are not similar to COVID-19.

        So, I doubt Carrie has COVID-19.

        Thanks, for your comment.


    2. Tina is a bit tired too. Did she not take a nap after Helena gave her the afternoon off? I suspect that Tina has it too. And if so Angie will have it soon. Not a good thing.

      Myra is going to get stuck in Sacramento. Tina is going get stuck in LA and Carrie is going to be sick in Toronto..

      This is going to be a big drama. Got my attention. Just wish Bette and Tina could straighten some things out between them. But they have to be in the mood to talk and be in a position to talk without interruption.

      Thanks for this chapter…. love to see more….

      • Hi Martha:

        Yes, Tina is tired, and even though she got the afternoon to rest, she had to unpack and get ready to go to Bette’s house, perhaps it was more the stress to see her ex-wife than the ride for picking up Angie and Jordi.

        I wish Maya could get stuck there, but she’s a reporter and they always find their way to sneak around and leave when it’s needed.

        Yes, drama always, but we’ll see.

        Thanks, for reading and commenting on this story.


    3. Never planned to share this. May have to check out this story backwards and read the comments before deciding on moving forward with a chapter. I am recovering from a pretty serious case of COVID 19 and that’s what got me started reading these stories. Part of my neurological therapy. Difficult to read long passages. Fatigue is still a factor. Sleep on average of 10-12 hours per day. Lungs impacted but no pneumonia and that saved my life. I know I have absolutely no right to ask this – but I beg you be respectful in your use of COVID 19 as a plot device. You are quite direct in your notes about this story and I appreciate that. I do not want to but I may have to pass on this story.Will wait and see for now.

      • Hi Billy:

        I am really sorry that you got COVID-19, it is very hard, I know some people even died, and in one way or another that disease has touched many of us, some (the lucky ones) with mild conditions and other with acute symptoms, some of us even have lost relatives and/or friends, I respect and care very much for all the COVID-19 victims some of them very close to me, I have cried for the weak ones.

        However, my intension here is not to talk about the disease itself; here in this site I love to write about TIBETTE, and that is what I plan to do, and because I know that it could be painful for some readers, like you, I will use more my Sci-Fi hobby and I will call this disease by a different name and I will change some of the facts to make them different from the current COVID-19.

        What I want to do in this story is find a way to put Tina and Bette together and talk about what happened and why they divorced and perhaps analyze if there is any hope to retrace their wrong steps. So, it’s going to be a quarantine, and Tina and Bette will have to quarantine together, and I will focus the story on them together; I hope the story won’t make you sad and on the contrary, you could read it without pain but joy.

        Thanks, again for reading this story, and for your comment, it was very valuable for me.


    4. Gosh, this story is killing me. First, Bette and Tina’s conversation and behavior is odd as the least. They really need to talk.

      Tina will always have a soulmate in Bette. Carrie is a rebound. Tina is realizing this marriage is not really In love but fear of loneliness. With close proximity, Tina will realize Carrie is not the one to marry. Angie seems not enthusiastic about Carrie or Maya.

      • Hey Deanna:

        Yes, you’re right, this is a rebound (Laurel Holloman commented about this in her DIVA magazine interview this last April) and we’ll see because as you said before, rebounds most the times don’t work.

        Yes, Angie has her own world, she loves her moms and wants them together but she is not the one to push them in a relationship that may not work, she’s not fond of Carrie and Maya, as you said.

        I hope that Bette and Tina could talk before Tina leaves LA.

        Thank you, Deanna, for your nice comment.


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