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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 19: FOR A FEW SECONDS

    SoHo – Manhattan Bank – Thursday midmorning – Supervisor office


    Tina sees the supervisor leaving his office toward a commercial refrigerator outside; at that moment she receives Helena’s call through her earbuds.

    Helena: “Tina, listen, Melvin, Aaron and the others are leaving the building I believe they’re going to the bank”

    Tina: “fine”

    At the same moment, as the supervisor is looking for the drink, the blonde texted Bette, and this one called immediately to Carmen through her cell phone.

    Bette: “Melvin and Aaron are in their way, are you done?”

    Carmen looks inside the vault and sees that Shane and Dana are taking the documents from the box and putting them on a suitcase.

    Carmen: “almost”

    Bette: “hurry up”

    Bette needs to talk with Tina, but the time is short, the supervisor is coming back with an ice-tea bottle in a tray, a clean empty glass, a napkin, and some mint candies; he put them in front of Bette.

    Supervisor: “please help yourself, I apologize for leaving you here, my assistant is busy right now”

    Bette: “oh don’t worry; I’m the one intruding in your office…”

    The ring of her cell phone interrupted the conversation; Bette took the phone from her purse and looked at the screen.

    Bette: “I’m sorry, one second, I have to take this”

    Tina: “they are leaving the vault; I’m going to start the show”

    Bette: (pretending) “thank you, I’ll take it in account bye”

    The brunette smiles at the supervisor who smiles back.

    Outside the office, Tina sees that Shane, Dana, and Carmen are coming out from the vault; ‘time for fun’, the blonde makes a three-way call using her phone.

    Tina: “you two, be ready it’ll be like a stampede”

    The blonde pushes a button in her cell phone-like devise and a cloud of fumes appears on the opposite side of the hall and a stinky smell fills the space between the men’s room and the emergency door.

    Meanwhile in the supervisor’s office, the last act of the show.

    Supervisor: “tell me Miss…, what you said is your name?”

    Bette: “oh, I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself, I am…”

    Suddenly the bank fire alarms rang throughout the premises, and the supervisor stands up with a terrified face.

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    1. Oh no….Melvin is about to see Tina! This does not sound good. I still do not know why Melvin should not know that Tina is at the company, but that is what everyone including Bette has indicated. What a drama!!!

      This was a very good chapter. Glad the girls got away from the bank without being detected. The plan worked well.

      Now, what in the hell is Fay Buckley been up to? Buckley, Fremont and Learner have been trailing after Bette for six months. What are they up to? It appears that Aaron has been working for Buckley instead of the other way around.

      This is an intriguing story and I want to know more. Thank you for this chapter and I hope the you can give us more soon.

      • Hi Martha:

        Yes, we still don’t know what is the problem with Melvin seeing Tina, but the concern is different with Bette than with Kit and the old generation. Bette fears that her father will use Tina against her, but Kit, Peggy have other motivations to avoid Melvin to see Tina, that is taylored with Melvin and Maxine’s pasts.

        Buckley is an important piece in this puzzle, and she will reveal something to Malvin very soon.

        Thank you for reading and commenting.


    2. Hi proteonomics,

      What a fantastic chapter!

      Glad the girls were out of the building before Melvin and his man got to the bank. They are so clever!

      I am almost feeling sorry for Aaron, he surely will not survive this. So, he is the one working for Faye Buckley? We already knew Kelly and Jodi work for her. The bitches, i hope they get what they deserve. Stupid woman.

      Please let Tina stay hidden from Melvin, they can’t meet. Melvin will do anything to protect him self and if he can use Tina to get Bette he will do it.

      Please update asap!

      • Hi Bibi:

        I’m glad you like the chapter.

        Yes, Tina should stay in the closet, but who is going to help her?

        The good thing is that Bette is on her way to her office.

        I believe that Aaron will survive, he is receiving a dose of his own concoction.

        I hope to post soon the next chapter.

        Thanks, my friend for reading and commenting.


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