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    LOCKDOWN Chapter 5: BYE, BYE

    Bette: “the doctor said that it depends on the evolution of her treatment, if she gets worse we may need to take her to the hospital, but I don’t want to think on that possibility”

    Tina: “neither I want”

    As they were talking, Tina’s phone rings, she looks at the screen it’s Carrie; her face changes, from peaceful and calm to angry.

    Bette: “is there something wrong?”

    Tina: “yeah…, it’s Carrie; I have to talk to her”

    Bette: “okay, I will be inside the bedroom with Angie”

    Tina went downstairs to talk.

    Tina: “hello, Carrie”

    Carrie: “hello, baby, how is your day going?”

    Tina: “what do you want, Carrie?”

    Carrie: “Tina, I’m sorry about yesterday, but I was set up by your ex”

    Tina: “what?”

    Carrie: “yeah, she started talking with me in a very menacing way and I have to tell what I did, besides, Angie is better, right?”

    Tina: “listen, Carrie, I think you have crossed the line and it’s not the first time, you did the same days ago with Helena, and I don’t like that, I can’t understand why you are doing this, but if this is how it would be if we marry I prefer to call off the wedding, I will send for my belongs in Toronto, just don’t touch my things”

    Carrie: “Tina, baby, what are you saying, I love you, I think your friend and Bette, both are filling your head with lies”

    Tina: “Carrie, please don’t make this worse, I’m not going to marry you”

    Carrie: “but you love me; that’s why you accepted to be my wife”

    Tina: “I accepted before I knew you were possessive and a bully, look, I don’t want to make another big mistake in my life, I just can’t marry you”

    Carrie: “damn, Tina, you can’t do that to me, the invitations have been sent, the party, my transfer to L.A., what I’m going to do if you call off the wedding, Tina?”

    Tina: “I don’t know, Carrie, but I won’t marry you, you don’t even have compassion for my daughter who is very ill, you don’t have respect for her mother, Bette, who, like me, was in deep pain for our daughter and you don’t have any consideration for my work and my friends calling them behind my back, who do you think you are to disrespect all of us? I’m sorry, Carrie, I won’t marry you and you can do with your life whatever you want”

    Tina hangs up the phone and seats in the kitchen crying with anger and sadness; after a few minutes, she composes herself and goes upstairs to take care of Angie.

    Bette sees her entering the bedroom; Tina’s eyes are still red.

    Bette: “hey, are you okay?”

    Tina: “yeah…, I will”

    Bette looked at her and for the first time in the last 12 years, she feels that she needs to console her ex, yes, her memory lane traveled back on time when Tina, left Henry and she consoled her, when Jodi broke with her and it was Tina who consoled and advised her, what good friends and lovers were them those years, that feeling never disappeared, it was there under their skin, and in the last three days the feeling has surfaced again.

    Bette: “do you wanna talk about that?”

    Tina: “uh-hu, I don’t understand her, why she did that yesterday, she didn’t have the right to talk to you in that way”

    Bette: “Tina, apparently she feels that she has the right”

    Tina: “but she doesn’t and she never before showed that possessive and stupid behavior… I can’t understand what’s happening with her…,”

    Tina was looking down and Bette watching her.

    Bette: “is this the first time?”

    Tina: “that she calls someone to talk about me behind my back? No, the first time was this past week, she called Helena and told her not to tell me, but Helena had to tell me, she’s my friend”

    Bette: “and that time, did you ask Carrie why she did that?”

    Tina: “I was going to, I was really angry with her, but she has this way to talk and evade the subject, she said that we’ll talk when I go back there and asked me to advance my flight, and yesterday she did the same calling you behind my back, who does she think she is?”

    Bette: “Tina, can I ask you a question?”

    Tina: “yeah”

    Bette: “do you love Carrie?”






    1. Doubt Carrie will leave Tina alone but glad Tina told her off. I am glad Bette and Tina tested negative and looks like Angie’s case is on the milder to serious side. Jordie is much more serious and I hope she survives. Have two dear friends battling COVID right now. Bette and Tina working as a team. This is good! Everything gets set aside when you have a sick child. Carrie was so done the nano second she failed to recognize that fact!

    2. Carrie is now on notice that Tina is not going to marry her. And she was trying to make amends by trying to blame Helena and Bette for her conversation with them. And on top of that she visit her ex for a little sex while Tina is away. It is a good thing that Tina is finding out all of this now. She could have found out once she was married.

      I wonder if Carrie is going to actually move to LA when Tina has said no to the marriage? The big raise statement was probably a lie. It seems that most everything she has said is a lie. This woman is trouble on steroids.

      Bette and Tina are probably going to be in quarantine for another month at least. And longer if they come down with it. I hope that Angie gets over this without having to go into the hospital.

      I really like this story. I like that Carrie is being revealed by her own actions. And I like that Bette and Tina are quarantined together. And one thing is for sure, they will have 14 days together in which Angie will be able to sleep without being supervised and assisted. That will give Bette and Tina time to talk and to discover what they want for their future and perhaps resolve some of their past. Nothing like spending continuous time with someone to force conversations. I just hope that they can reach the understanding that they are better off together than they are apart.

      Thanks for this chapter….. write more soon…

    3. Hey P,
      Oh, I so love how you have shown Carrie to be the monster we all knew she was going to be. Please let Tina find out about her dirty affair. Also, I couldn’t be happier with a quarantine story with these two. It’s like the ultimate reset for them. Especially over their love for Angelica. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds!


    4. Hi proteonomics,

      Great chapter!

      That Carrie bitch is one crazy woman, lying, bullying and cheating her way through life! I am glad Tina broke the wedding of. I do feel a little sympathie for Tina, she tought she found a woman who in her eyes was complete different from Bette and it turns out she isn’t.

      Louise is a good friend and advicer to Bette, i don’t completely agree with everything because i still think Bette did change and tried to give Tina the space to go after her own dreams. When a marriage ends there are always two people involved and i still feel that Bette got the blame more than Tina.

      Lets see if they are going to talk and hash out all of the things that ended their relationship. I am a diehard Tibette fan, so i would like to see them back together again.

      Poor Angie, still so sick and terrified for Jordi, i hope that they both will recover to full health.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    5. Hey P,

      Great chapter even though it’s a tough one with Angie being sick. We know you’ll take very good care of her!!!

      Just hope Jordi gets better too.

      So glad that Tina told Carrie off & good riddance. Although I’m sure we haven;t heard the last of her. She’s a sneaking bitch!!!!

      And Maya – well what did Bette expect??? Obviously she doesn’t feel the way about Maya because she’s still in love with Tina too!!!!!!!

      Thanks so much for your post & keeping us updated.

      Take care & stay well.


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