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    You have always been a slave,

    you just couldn’t see the chains

    (W W-P from Angel)


    Chicago Friday evening – the ‘Seven Day’s Nights’ bar-dance club


    The blonde is sitting at the bar as every night in the last month, she has followed the trace of blood she was looking for since a long time ago, and she’s determined to end with the evil plague that three years ago destroyed what was left of her family, her twin sister, Julia. However when she arrived at this bar something else took her attention, it was a group of five girls almost of Tina’s age or perhaps a little older, who, every night, boldly take the best table in front of the stage, ordering food and drinks without looking around as if they were superior to the rest of the costumers; one or two of them usually took the stage dancing, and sometimes even singing a couple of songs to come back to their seats. Boys and girls in the bar were attracted to them, as the moths are attracted by the light of the fire as disoriented victims. The girls usually despise most of the boys but kept the young girls around, who they usually took with them when they left. Tina wasn’t an exception; she was several times distracted by the specific performance of one of the girls, the tanned skin tall brunette, an authentic beauty a gorgeous girl.

    Initially, the blonde didn’t understand that feeling, she was never attracted to any boy or girl in particular, in high school she was shy and focused on her studies. When her parents passed in a mysterious accident five years ago and the family lawyer Fay Buckley talked to them about the accident and their inheritance, since then it was only her and her twin sister Julia; they both attended together at the university; while Julia had a normal social life, Tina never put her eyes seriously in any boy or girl, though she recognizes that she always like the company of other girls, but now, she was feeling this need to watch dancing this beautiful tall brunette.

    Sometimes in her apartment, after a night in the bar, she fell asleep having those dreams with the brunette dancing on the stage and suddenly, looking at her making sensual swings with her hips while walking toward her; in her dreams, just seeing the brunette advancing to her, every time, Tina felt the fire burning inside her body and her hands sweating; with each step, the brunette made toward her grew an itching, a sweet pain between her legs, and those butterflies on the lower part of her belly; in those dreams always the brunette kept walking toward her and she waited for her with eagerness and anxiety to touch her, but that was all, the dream always fade and Tina always woke up wet.

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    1. Wow… a really sweet story… of course there is room for more.. to give Faye Barkley her walking papers and to get back all that she stole from her and her family…

      My question is why didn’t Tina realize that Bette and her friends save her from the group of vampires – they were six to one with superior strength and experience in such attacks. Tina would have been dead if it weren’t for Bette and company. That alone was worth a conversation. Six months is a long time to finally come to her senses. She should have also realized that Bette had plenty of opportunity to harm Tina the night she went home with Bette if that was her purpose. It was obvious on so many levels that Bette and her friends were not run of the mill vampires.

      Oh well, Bette and Tina end up together. Hopefully Peggy’s doctors will find the cure. But until they do, Bette and Tina will be very happy together….

      Thank you for your one-shot story… want to see some more of your other stories…

      • Hi Martha:

        Glad to read your comment.

        Tina is traumatized by the murder of her sister, and Buckley has bittered her even more, Remember Tina and Julia lost their parents in a mysterious accident and Julia was her twin sister; twins are especial, most times they are like two parts of a whole (that comes from their mother’s womb.

        Buckley used the naivety of Tina and her loneliness as an orphan and loner to influence her. Tina got carried away by Buckley and dropped everything to avenge her sister, she believes that vampires are the culprits of her sister’s death; well, of course, they are but it was all planned by Buckley and her accomplice Franklin who is also a vampire.

        Tina didn’t pay attention to what Louise told her about the two types of vampires.

        Tina wasn’t an experimented lesbian, on the contrary, she didn’t even know she was a lesbian, and she didn’t fall in love until she saw Bette.
        Martha, I’m not going to discuss what first love is; indeed it’s different for everybody, especially if no previous relationship existed. Fortunately, there is not rules or behavior model for heartbreaking; people react in a different way according to their previous experience and other genetic and environmental factors (I love that diversity even though sometimes breaks my heart). I thought for the background of this Tina, that reaction (6 months ruminating her grief) was a good possibility, especially if she wants to change her life.

        I believe Tina thought that she was like booty or trophy in dispute between two packs of vampires, Now, Tina also saved Bette’s life when the two female vampires attacked her.

        Remember, Tina didn’t know Bette and her friends were vampires of any kind; when she saw Bette’s fangs she felt deceived

        That is why I set like 6 months for her to find out the truth and grow apart from Buckley and close to Louise.

        Of course, this could be a much longer story and even a bock, but I already have two stories to write and I don’t want to confuse myself with many different storylines. Maybe in the future when I finish my other two stories (still a long way) I could write more short stories about the vampire and the slayer, that is why I’ve left some loose ends.

        I am currently finishing the next chapter of Lockdown and organizing the new one of B.I.T.C.H. hopefully, I will post soon if my zoom meetings and other obligations don’t burry me as usual.

        Thank you for your comments, always instructive.


    2. What a great story which cannot be just a one off, please.

      Pure escapism which is what we need in the World that we live in today.

      Please, my friend, write more and post the next Chapter as soon as possible.

      Meantime stay safe and well

      • Hey, my friend, how are you.

        Yes, I know the potential of more, but I need to finish the other two stories.
        We’ll see in the future.

        Thank you for your comment and for keeping reading my stories.

        Take care, Bibi, and stay safe and well.


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