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    Love in Control – Chapter XVI – Who You With?

    Describing what was going on was difficult. Conscious thought receded as Tiler landed kiss after kiss on skin that tingled soon after contact, stoking lust that radiated outward in waves of heat, as Jia felt her breath hitch and catch on her throat. I need words to remember this. Words I should try to gather, soon, to write all of this down, so that when I’m old and grey and nodding by the fire, as Yeats wrote once, I’ll take down that book, and slowly read, and dream of the soft look her eyes hold now, and of (sorry Mr. Yeats) her passion deep. Will you still be around, then, to read that book with me Tiler? I hope so. Please. Please. Please, Tiler, be there and never leave.

    Nearly two hours ago, they’d crashed through the door of the first bedroom they’d found after using the keys Aerin had tossed at Tiler so that they could unlock the sliding doors to the second floor. They’d haphazardly grabbed at each other’s clothing, but Tiler had been barely able to stand. She’d mumbled about feeling sleepy, overcome by exhaustion. Sounds from the party still going strong downstairs were muffled and then completely shut out as Jia closed the door. A confused series of actions followed: Tiler pointing at the bed, and Jia being nudged in that direction, then falling on the bed first, followed by Tiler, who’d collapsed on top of her. Amidst the still and darkness of the room, Tiler drifted off to sleep enveloped in a warm, welcome body-embrace from Jia. Stars in the night sky visible through the bedroom windows flickered on and off lazily, adding to a timeless hush and quiet in the room.

    Jia had slipped out from under a lightly snoring Tiler, to use the bathroom, confused by what had happened. She’d washed her hands and splashed cold water on her face, reconciled to the reality that Tiler was not waking. She’d crept back to bed, unbuckled her “blade” and then had laid next to the sleeping stud. Confused about how quickly things had changed, she looked long and hard at the sleeping figure faced-down and spread-eagled on the bed. At length, she’d reached out automatically to caress the broad, muscular flanks of her back. Never did sleep wrapped in a sexy human look so good.  As she brushed Tiler’s bangs off of her face, tucking the longest strands over a well-shaped ear, she sighed again. Without the magnetism of those deep blue eyes holding her captive, the rest of Tiler’s features in repose had rearranged themselves into a sweetness and unguarded innocence, akin to a baby’s, not at all the veneer of a swaggering stud. Surely, at long last, this is a lover who wouldn’t hurt me, Jia had thought to herself, leaning forward to tenderly kiss Tiler’s forehead. Shortly thereafter she’d fallen asleep, too.

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    1. skydancer says

      The book is ending soon, and that was the lead-in or appetizer for the next chapter, which will s-s-s-sizzle! Am debating whether I wrap the book up then or break the ending into two chapters. What say you? If I end it in one, the last chapter will make for a longer read.

      Btw: I was advised recently that maybe I should consider writing in other places. I tend to write what I would read, and I look for rhythm, style, flow, voice, nuance, etc. in what I read so aspire to that when I write. These may not be the same things others here look for when they read, hence the advice. Since it takes some work and time to write, in the first place, (time I don’t have much of), maybe the advice-giver is right: it may we’ll be true that my idiosyncratic approach is not a good fit for readers here. Which is fine, btw.

      Meanwhile, thanks for the comments @ssgogo93 and @Bibi28 ! I hope you’ll like how the book ends.

      • ssgogo93 says

        Long reads never bother me, it just means more wine.

        This site has a rich history of writers of all styles and skill levels. Your particular style is unique, polished, creative, and very entertaining. I’m assuming this is the first and only site you post your stories. The FanFiction lane is an excellent entree into the world of writing, as it has a built-in audience eager for more creative stories that revolve around their favorite characters. You’ve evolved well beyond that. You’ve created your own world of interesting characters, each very colorful, distinctive, and lovable. You’re very talented and you obviously have many stories to tell. While I’d hate to see you go, you should definitely continue writing and perhaps explore different forums to share your work. Whatever you decide, please don’t forget your peeps here and let us know where we can find more @Skydancer musings.

      • Tibetter001 says

        Sky dancer!
        Please continue with Bette and Tina’s storey and a little insight as to what happened to the gold and their lives together. Arron and Harley need to become the love of each other again!
        I’m a. Believer!

          • Tibetter001 says

            Hi S.
            Completely ecstatic that you replied, in fact I was so thrilled with the love and affection these two women have for each other I have continued with poems as well as lyrics to songs once again. I’ve always had an amorous nature and I have been blessed with a wonderful women who appreciates the romantic side of me.
            B & T need more children to love on. I am depending on your good sense and writing talent to make their futures long and productive!
            In Florida now but will get back to the snow and cold of Toronto soon.
            Stay well my friend,

    2. a l g says

      You may end this story in short form or long. Up, down, or sideways. Just as long as it makes you comfortable. If you are comfortable, we get more creative imagination. More imagination the better the read, and with your talent you would entertain the idea of moving on. We will certainly miss you here. Your material is so very appropriate here, This site was always good for bigger discussions and better arguments about all things L word. And when no one could decide what the production staff writers were thinking some one else would write a better edition and appease the masses. If you leave here please remember you will always have a fan club!

      • skydancer says

        Thanks for your comment! I’m thinking of writing differently, after this one concludes. Not so public; more intimate; and delivered specifically for a reader or small group of readers. Like a handcrafted cocktail, done omikase-style, by a bartender whose style you like. The drink takes some time to craft, has many layers of taste and flavor, but you wait patiently for your bartender to fix your drink because you know that she has time to do only a few such cocktails in the bar you’re in, then she’s off to do other bars. You’ll have to tell her if you like the drink, of course.

        Let me know if you want to be one of them (one of the readers, I mean. Although I fully support drinking a cocktail, a handcrafted, well-prepared one, while you read. And only if you don’t drive after, of course!)

        ‘Til then, take care!


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