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    Love is Love

    Bette and Tina couldn’t get over the fact that Angus and Kit were an item, but they were cute together and so far, the relationship had not interfered with Angus’ responsibilities as their nanny. Both Bette and Tina were ready to go back to work so Angie’s care was of the utmost importance. Provided his full attention to Angie wasn’t compromised, they were fine with the arrangement. As a matter of fact, it worked out in their favor because of all the extra time Angie got to spend with her Auntie Kit.

    Kit’s son David was the other consideration. He’d acclimated to living in Los Angeles. His internship at USC was going great. He was making a name for himself in the Southern California medical community. He loved his family, and he like everyone else was enthralled with Angie. Naturally he spent a fair amount of time with Angus in his capacity as the nanny, but Kit didn’t want it to be awkward for David to see her and Angus together as a couple.

    By now David had purchased his own home and moved out of Kit’s but they spent as much time together as his scheduled allowed. On this day she’d invited him to lunch after a long rotation that kept him busy for weeks. During the meal mother and son caught up on their day to day happenings. She cleared the table and served coffee then invited David sit with her in the living room. Kit had been nervous about telling David about her relationship with Angus, but when she finally did, he was very supportive.

    “Look Mom, I’m not one to judge. I only really know him as the nanny, but any guy that loves my niece as much as he does must have a good heart. If he really cares about yours then I would trust him not to deliberately break it.”

    “So, the age difference doesn’t bother you?” Kit asked.

    “Not at all. He’s more like an older brother than step-father material, but you could do worse.”
    David said thinking about the deadbeat Dad that didn’t want him and whom he never even met.

    “Am I over thinking this?”

    “I don’t know Mom. Does he make you happy?”

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    1. Hi Zhenya, I know David being gay is a stretch, but I am just putting a twist on some of the original storylines for this fanfic. Who would believe that Melvin would be paying for Bette and Tina’s wedding, but in this story he has completely changed. I also won’t have Angus cheat so Kit can have a good partner. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    2. The GenQ writers either lack creative imaginations or they are out to destroy some of the original characters by putting them in the worst light possible!!

      You are so right with the above comment. That is why i am so happy that you and other authors keep Tibette alive in your stories.

      Wow, never thought David would be gay, but i love how he and Kit are so supportive of each other!

      Thank you for this chapter!

      • Feel like if the Writers didn’t want to deal with the UNanswered ???? and persons from the original “L Word” , then just name this new show by a new name and go for it!!

        Even those of us who are Tina fans wonder if its likely that she’ll enter into another relationship with Bette in the GenQ series bc Bette clearly has propensity to blow up any relationship!!! Her “love” doesn’t include fidelity.

    3. A Kit story is refreshing! Thank You!

      I dont think t strange that David could have had a change of heart and come to a point where his heart came to love the person called Daniel who lives on this earth as a male in gender.

      And yes, I too felt like Angus was Kits’ sweetest partner

    4. I love this story…the purpose of this fan fiction site is to express alternative universes for the original The L Word and other stories and characters. And for the most part, various writers have written alternative stories on every situation and character in the story. And in my opinion, some have been far superior to the those who were paid for by Showtime.

      I think we all have a conception of each of the main characters based upon the original presentation. But each writer may start with that as base but will change some personality characteristic or choice which they have made which allows their story to take on a life of its own.

      Stories like this one are entertaining because the characters are different and make different choices which to me are more positive and more life enriching. Having Melvin come to terms that his daughter loves another woman and are planning and creating a family is really entertaining twist on the original.

      These type of stories give us hope when most of us live in a dreary, cumbersome and not always happy world.

      I love it that David is gay. I love it that Melvin is a big part of Angie’s life. I love it that Bette and Tina are working to make a strong and sound relationship.

      Thanks for this story….keep it coming.

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