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    Everything falling into place

    Tina walked into the WeHo Family and Youth Center pushing Angie in the baby carriage. Last time she’d been at the center was nine months earlier when Oscar and her colleagues had thrown a surprise baby shower after which she’d gone on an extended maternity leave. Today was her first day back to work.

    She’d brought Angie with her, but just for a few hours until Angus and Kit came by to pick her up. Tina had emailed and texted pictures of the baby to her friends and she’d had visits from Oscar at their home since Angie was born but Pat, Hilma and Gloria would not have forgiven the new mom if she didn’t bring the baby to the center to show her off.

    Tina left the carriage in her office and made the rounds carrying Angie, first stopping at Oscar’s office. His assistant Gloria hopped up from her desk and squealed when she saw Tina approaching. She gave Tina a quick hug and kiss on the cheek welcoming her back then held out her arms for Angie.

    At seven months Angie was a beauty; the perfect combination of physical features and personality traits from both her mothers. “Oh my God Tina could she be any cuter?” Gloria exclaimed as the baby stretched her arms to the other woman without any fuss flashing the now famous Porter smile. Her hazel green eyes twinkled as she reached for Gloria’s sparkly earrings. Being a mother of three, the older woman knew how to dodge the curious fingers and soon distracted Angie from pulling on her jewelry.

    Hearing the voices outside of his office, Oscar peaked through the open door and flashed a brilliant smile when he saw what all the commotion was about.

    “Hey Tina welcome back. We’ve missed you around here.”

    “Thank you, Oscar. Glad to be back.” Tina loved being a wife and mother but working at the center gave her purpose and fulfilled a need that being home just didn’t offer.

    “How’s my favorite little angel?” Oscar asked, turning his attention to Angie and walking up to where Gloria stood holding her. Hearing the familiar voice Angie turned towards him and extended her arms to be passed over. Gloria reluctantly gave up the baby after squeezing her in a tight hug and kissing her cheek.

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    1. Wow….what a nice gift! I know Bette is going to be beyond thrilled. And since she has the rest of the collection, she is going to be overwhelmed..

      A wedding in the snow….how wonderful. That’s a lot of money for a wedding and only 50 guest? That’s a lot of money. Melvin is being generous. Really generous.

      Lovely chapter. Glad that Franklin, Leo and Helena have all been retired.. good luck getting a new job.

      Thank you for this….Keep it coming.

      • Thank you Martha. $250k is excessive amount isn’t it. I have no idea what it would cost, just wanted to emphasize Melvin’s generosity. I appreciate all your support of the authors on this site. I’m also enjoying reading your story.

    2. That is a lot of money for the wedding! But i love how you portait Melvin in this story, he is so different and i actually like him!

      So happy that Franklin and Leo were fired, they deserve it.

      Sad that this story is almost finished ☹️

      I hope you will continu to write!

      • Bibi28. Yeah after I posted I realized that was probably too much money for a wedding with only 50 guests, however I was more emphasizing Melvin’s generosity and that he was sparing no expense for the wedding and honeymoon. Complete change from how he was portrayed in the show. I am ending the story but hope to finish my other stories and maybe come up with a concept for a new one that hasn’t already been done. Thank you for being such a loyal reader and supporter here.

      • Thank you SassyGran. Your great support is what keeps me writing. I am working on the epilogue. I’m trying something a bit different in how I write it so may take a bit of time to get it right.

    3. Yeah, not in many stories Melvin plays for “good guys”.

      By the way – interesting fact – only two actors from TLW won individual awards for acting. It’s Laurel and actor who plays Melvin. Weird, isn’t it about second?

      • Zhenya, I know it was hard to like Melvin but it would have been nice to see him come around and accept Bette and Tina’s relationship in the show.

        I didn’t know about the awards but Ossie Davis is legendary and he was a great actor so not too surprised he was awarded. I’m a big Laurel fan too. Now more for her art than acting but she did a great job on the show as well.

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