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    Meat Tagged

    The girls had begged Bette to meet them at The Planet for brunch for weeks. Bette didn’t feel like putting on a brave face and pretending everything was okay. Although she never had to put on anything for her inner circle. They knew her. And Bette loved them for that. Something was different this morning. With the news of KiKi Smith wanting to showcase her work at the BPG, Bette decided to finally take them up on their offer to celebrate something good. She was ecstatic about her upcoming meeting.

    It had been a while since Bette was excited about anything. She needed this and needed to be around the people she loved and who loved her. She’d had a void in her soul and been in the depths of despair since the day Tina informed her she was leaving. Bette was not going to let her emptiness get the better of her. Not today. “Today, I brunch,” she said to no one as she stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror.

    Bette wanted to look special for her first social outing since the love of her life walked out…of her life. She had something to prove to her friends and more importantly, to herself. She took her time. Picking out her outfit with extra care. After throwing several options on the bed, she knew exactly what she needed to wear. She pulled out her favorite pair of jeans. They rode low on her hips and made her ass pop. Her mind wandered to the last time she wore them.

    “Babe, you are killing me. You know what those jeans do to me,” Tina moaned when Bette sauntered out of the bathroom. Bette looked at Tina innocently with an expression that said whatever do you mean. She walked over to the tall brunette standing by the dresser, circled an arm around her waist and snaked her way in front of her love so that they were standing face to face. She pulled Bette as close as could so that their bodies were flush against each other. Bette’s hands on either side of the blonde anchoring them to the dresser. A perfect fit. Looking into her chocolate eyes, Tina’s hands slowly travelled down Bette’s back and over the curve. She paused. Bette loved it when Tina teased her. Tina smiled, cupped two big handfuls of Bette’s ass and squeezed. They never lost eye contact. Bette leaned in. Tina pulled back slightly and squeezed harder. Bette let out the smallest whimper. Tina kept squeezing and releasing until Bette bit her lip and her eyes rolled back. Bette’s hips began to grind on the blonde keeping time with the squeezes. Tina tilted her head up with her lips slightly parted.

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