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    Loyalty Defined

    Last night’s opening far exceeded Bette’s projections. Definitely a smashing success by all counts. The high profile turnout. The media coverage. The amount of artwork sold. All of it. Bette was pleased and she didn’t stop smiling the entire night. Alice pulled some strings at her magazine to land Bette on the next cover trying to make up for the meat tagged debacle. Even though the brunette was still annoyed with Alice, Bette knew she didn’t mean any harm. She had actually already forgiven her foolish friend. But still, Bette decided to let her suffer for a little while longer because watching Alice squirm was entertaining and she could use some entertaining.

    Bette was delighted that the opening occurred on a Saturday because that meant the people she called family would flock to her house for their weekly gathering the next day. She loved Sundays and was happy they started this new tradition. It was exactly what Bette needed to fill the void. She even invited James this week. He was a big reason why the opening went off without a hitch. It flowed seamlessly.

    “You forgive me, right?” Alice asked Bette in the kitchen.

    “Fine. Yes, Alice. I forgive you.”

    Alice hugged Bette and they both laughed.

    “I knew you couldn’t stay mad at me because I’m…well…me.”

    Shane walked in just as Alice hugged Bette again and was happy they’d made up.

    “And all is right with the world,” Shane said.

    Bette rolled her eyes in a playful manner and the trio couldn’t control the fits of laughter. The type of laughter that caused tears and stomach cramps.

    Spirits were high which was what the doctor ordered after an emotional night. She breathed in their love during a time where her breath was pilfered from her. She was so grateful for each of them. Bette knew that the only reason she was able to somewhat function these last few months was because of them. She had thrown herself into her work. That part was easy. They helped her with the rest of her life. And she would be forever indebted.


    Carpe Diem was vastly different from Provocations but equally as impactful. The art world proved to be extremely fickle and could turn on you at any moment. This was why certain gallery owners were always trying to steal projects. The Bette Porter Gallery was fortunate with its current status and this was the exact installation it needed to keep the momentum going. And with the prospect of procuring a KiKi Smith show on the horizon, Bette was floating. She allowed herself to be present. For a brief two hours, Tina did not occupy every corner of her mind. Until…

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    1. Oh I was worried with your opening statement that it was going to be really bad but this was expected Bette’s thinking you couldn’t come to the show but after I break you finally call. Yeah I wouldn’t have answered either.

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