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    Oh Deer

    “That’s a wrap for today, everyone,” Tina said to the crew. “Thank you! Great work this week. See y’all at 5am Monday. Get some rest. Next week is going to be bananas.”

    “B-A-N-A-N-A-S,” they all chanted.

    Laughing, Tina rolled her eyes. Before she left the set, she stopped briefly to speak with her assistant.

    “Liz, where are we on the new set designer?”

    “Still working on it. But the studio said they’d definitely have someone here on Monday,” the eager redhead replied.

    “Okay. Just make sure they are aware of the situation and can handle it. We cannot afford any issues or setbacks. Schedule some time for me to meet with them Monday afternoon, please.”

    “Will do. Now go home.” Home? Tina thought about the significance of that word. She wasn’t going home. She was going to an empty apartment 1300 miles away from her home. 1300 miles away from…Bette.

    Tina smiled at Liz sweetly and waved her hand in the air as she walked off. She could still hear the crew whooping and clapping. This made Tina’s heart swell.

    Tina was so proud of what she had accomplished since arriving three months ago. Short of a miracle, she wasn’t sure if this film was going to see the light of day. They were way over budget. Morale was low. Tempers ran high. Simply put, it was a disastrously mishandled situation of epic proportions. The powers that be only touched on how dire the situation was in Vancouver. When Tina volunteered, she had no idea it was this bad. She welcomed the challenge though. It gave her something to focus on other than obsessing over her decision, the ramifications of her decision and the way she knew Bette was feeling. Her sole mission was to get everyone on the same page and make sure this movie became a huge success. Nothing else mattered she kept lying to herself.

    “Our new movie, The Shortest Way Home, is tanking,” Bill roared. “We have the hottest director, the hottest stars and it is fucking TANKING.” The studio head stood there with his hands raised over his head in frustration showing the sweat stains under both arms.

    Although Tina was physically in the room, she was preoccupied with visions of Bette and Candace burning the edges of her mind. “She kissed me. I fired her that night. Please…” Bette’s words played on loop. At the urging of Alice, Tina decided to give Bette a chance to explain what she had walked in on at the gallery the other night. Bette knelt beside Tina with tears threatening to fall and reached for her hand tentatively. Tina saw the remorse and she believed the brunette but she couldn’t shake the images. Mostly, she was upset because she had expressed her concerns and Bette ignored her. Candace may have kissed Bette but the brunette created an environment where Candace thought it was ok to do just that. Bette’s gaze was intense. They stayed that way for several heartbeats. Tina almost tucked a curl behind Bette’s ear but resisted the urge. Instead, she stood, released her hand and told her she needed more time. Bette dropped her head and those lovely, dark curls cascaded around her face and down her back.

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